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Affordable Technology #1: Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

We all love new tech things and want to have the fastest phone, the best camera and the newest features, right? Some people don’t but there are a lot of people who are getting the new iPhone or Samsung when it comes out. But why? It is really expensive, but is it that much better then an other, cheaper phone from an unknown brand? Let’s find out! For today we will look at the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3!

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Introduction of Xiaomi

What does MI stand for?

There are different meanings for that. Mobile Internet is one of the meanings. Xiaomi uses this MI to make new hardware for mobile devices. Another meaning is Mossion Impossible. This is I think a better meaning of the logo. Xiaomi makes affordable, high tech products, which seems like an mission impossible.

Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun. Lei Jun believes that high-quality electronics doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Xiaomi creates new and remarkable hardware, software and internet services for and with the Xiaomi users.

Xiaomi really change the products with the feedback given. Some examples of those products are: Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, Xiaomi Mi TV and Xiaomi Mi Band.

In 2014 Xiaomi sold 61 million handsets units! Which is a enormous number if you consider that the products are officially only sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Brazil. But, luckily for us, Xiaomi is expanding and becoming a global brand.

Today we have a look at the Xiaomi MI Pad 3

The Mi Pad 3 is a 7.9″ inch tablet from Xiaomi. The screen has 2048×1536 pixels which is good! On the inside you find 4GB of RAM storage and 64GB of eMMC flash storage. The processor is a MediaTek MT8176-soc. This is a hexacore processor. Two of those are running ARM Cortex-A72 kernals on 2,1 GHz, the other four are power efficiency A53-cores on 1,7 GHz.

Specification wise this is a really good tablet to own, if the price is right. And Xiaomi made the price right! For €215 you van get yourself one of these beautiful tablets! Isn’t that so much better then almost €500 for a iPad Mini?

Why not an iPad Mini? Or any other Android Tablet?

Indeed there are many other cheap Android brands with tablets, but are they as good as the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3? Xiaomi a great team behind it and will update the products. This is not the case in some other cheap Android tablet brands. That is just one of the many reasons to buy an Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. Another good reason, for me, is the option to run DualOS. Yes, two different OS on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. In this case you can run Windows 10 and Android on it, isn’t that so great?! Have all the apps you love on Android and all the work related stuff on Windows. And that on the same tablet, simply amazing!

Is a iPad Mini an option? Ofcourse! If you have some other products of Apple like a MacBook or iMac. The eco-system of Apple is way better then any other brand. If you can connect them all togheter, sure! An iPad Mini might be the best option for you, but if you want to tweak your tablet with different launchers, icon packs or a different OS? Then the iPad is not an option. Take a Android tablet and tweak all you want!


If I have to choose between the iPad Mini or the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3, I would go with the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 at all times. Even thought the specs of the iPad Mini are not bad at all, I love to tweak my tablet with launchers and icon packs. The specs of the Xiaomi are also really good.

Thank you for reading! There will be way more affordable tech posts, so follow me and stay up to date on affordable tech :)! Save money by owning new tech, doesn’t that sound great?