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HBQ-i7 Twins – Apple AirPods clone!

The Apple AirPods are amazing if you ask me. Apple managed to get so much tech in such a small earbud, but we all know that within weeks there will be a fake Chinese alternative. HBQ-i7 Twins did it, and they did it well! Let’s have a look at the fake Apple AirPods clone.


I already own the Bose QC35, but this headset looks so good that I had to try. I know a lot of people who own the Apple AirPods and they are really happy with the product. For the amazingly low price of 23 Euro’s, I had to give it a try.

Introduction & Specs

As always let’s start with the specs of the HBQ-i7 Twins:

  • Model:HBQ-i7TWS
  • Colors:White, Black, Red, Gold, Bronze
  • Bluetooth version:V4.2 + EDR
  • Microphone sensitivity:42Db
  • Working temperature:10 – 50 Degree Celcius
  • Charging voltage:DC5V
  • Transmission distance:12 Meters
  • Battery capacity:65mAh
  • Playing time:5-6 Hours
  • Charing time:1-2 Hours
  • Standby time:100 Hours
  • Compatible with:iOS & Android devices (I also connected with Windows!)

These are the specs if we have to believe the box it comes in, but these are of course under ideal circumstances. Like the working temperature seems a little weird to me, right? If it is below 10 degrees it won’t work? Maybe this is the range they tested the HBQ-i7 in, but I don’t see a reason why the HBQ-i7 won’t work if it is 5-degree Celsius. Well, winter is coming so we will find out.

The HBQ-i7 are really something that is worth a try. If I compare the prices from other wireless earbuds on AliExpress of Gearbest, the HBQ-i7 sticks out. For just 23 Euro’s you have yourself a wireless pair of earbuds! (Without charging dock, but still!)


We find a lot of information about the HBQ-i7 on the box already, which I like. Maze, Bluboo and Xiaomi all have very basic packaging, which is also nice! But with the HBQ-i7 I just have to look at the box and know all the specs.

Because all the specs and information is on the box, there is not anything special in the box itself. There is a manual in there, which is in ENGLISH and (I think) Chinese, but I’m so happy that there is an English manual. Even with Xiaomi I sometimes get a package with just Chinese information in there. Then there are just the two HBQ-i7 EarBuds in there and at the bottom of the box is the charging cable.

HBQ-i7 hardware

There is not much hardware to talk about, but even these small EarBuds are a technical masterpiece. The speaker (of course) is there, there is a multifunctional button, there is a microphone and there is a charger port, all on this small piece of plastic, amazing.


There is also an indicator light underneath the button, this button will turn red when you charge it. What surprised me the most is that it is roughly the same size as the Apple AirPods, but they managed to get a charger port in there instead of wireless charging. It almost has all the features the AirPods has, but you can not open Siri or Assistant. If you want to lower the volume, get your phone out because it is not possible to do it from the HBQ-i7.

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The button

So if we can not manage the volume with the button, what can we do? We can pause and play music. This worked on Android for me, but not on Windows using YouTube. Even my Bose QC35 can not pause YouTube so that is not a big deal.

If you press the button twice, you will call the person you called for the last time.

If you long press the button, it will turn off or on. Depending on the state it is in when you press the button.

What I do miss is the explanation of the button? There is no manual so far that explains what the button does. I had figured a function out the hard way. Accidentally pressing the button twice, I called my cousin at 12:30 in the night! Oops!

Form Factor. Does it fit?

Yes, it does fit in my ear and it stays there. But the size of the EarBud that you put in your ear is slightly bigger and the EarPods or AirPods from Apple, making it a little bit harder to fit and easier to fall out. If you wiggle around a little and make sure they are well placed in your ear, you can wiggle your head hard and they won’t fall or come loose, but it is a little bit harder then with the AirPods.

Besides that, I love the size and weight of the product. I don’t know the exact weight, but it is not much. You almost (if the EarBuds were a little bit smaller) won’t notice that they are in your ear!


Sound quailty

I went on a week vacation to Madeira and forgot by Bose QC35 (F*CK) and we bought some cheap 15 Euro headphone for the flight. The sound quality was really shit, but it provided some distraction from the horrible engine noise.

I expected the sound to be the same but the sound is a lot better than expected. It is not Bose quality, but it does the trick and it let me listen to the songs I want with a quality which is better than the cheap 15 Euro wired EarBuds.

I tried it with different kind of music genres (hip-hop, hardcore, classic, rap) and they all were pretty good. It is not the best sound of course but it gives me enough quality to listen to it comfortably when going to work or just for a walk. Would I buy them as my one and only pair of headphones? I don’t think so. The quality for that is not enough. For a second pair or for fun? Yes, buy them right now!

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Battery life

On the box, it says 5-6 hours? No, I was not able to get the 5-6 hours of battery life with it. At most I was able to use it for 4 hours, which is fine by me. I don’t expect to use the HBQ-i7 for more then 4 hours and, if the situation is there, I will charge them after 4 hours. The charging time is estimated at 1-2 hours, which is less for me. At most, it takes 1 hour to charge, which is great!

The only occasion I might need them for more than 4 hours is when I go to Poland with the bus for vacation. In that scenario, I’m on the bus for a good 20 hours, but I sleep a lot then! 4 hours of listening is perfect for me. If you have to travel 2,5 hours from and to work you can just charge it for 45 minutes before you travel back and you will not run out of battery.

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Apple AirPods look amazing, but the HBQ-i7 is almost a complete copy of it. The sound quality is good but might improve in a further version.
Also, the battery life is good for me, 4 hours on a single charge, but can improve on future models as well. The connection with your phone, tablet or computer is super simple and works right from the start. I got more than expected and really enjoy the HBQ-i7. The look on peoples faces when I use my android device with (what they think is Apple AirPods) is great. It really gets the conversation going.

If you have 25 Euro’s left, give it a try. I think you won’t regret it.

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