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AliExpress Deals – Technology #1

Don’t we all love AliExpress, specially AliExpress Deals? They have everything and I really mean, EVERYTHING! If you need a cable for a computer, a part for your car, some new shirts or make up, you can find it at AliExpress. Sometimes it is hard to find the good deals between everything they sell. Well, we will make it easy for you! We present to you the AliExpress Deals – Technology!


Deal #1: MacBook (Air & Pro) Casing

If you buy a MacBook, it is a big investment. You want to protect your lovely MacBook against scratches as long as possible, right? Cases at the Apple Store can be really expensive and even in Europe webshops you will pay a high price. AliExpress is there to help you get a cheap case to protect your MacBook! This case is available in your model MacBook and in different colors! This way it can match your iPhone and style of the day.

MacBook Casing

Want to buy this good case? Just click on the link below. Product – New Transparent Case For Apple macbook Air 11.6 13.3/ Pro 13.3 15.4 Pro Retina 13 15 inch Protector For Mac book

Deal #2: iPhone 7-8-X case

Wauw, did you guys watch the Apple keynote? Isn’t the iPhone X a beautifull piece of technology? (Yes, it is expensive but it looks good!)
This is the same with the MacBook case above, you want to protect your iPhone against drops or something like that. Again, the cases at the Apple Store are expensive and offer the same protecting (something even better) then cases from AliExpress. This case looks really pretty and is lightweight, but with protection! It is available in different colors to match your style.


Want the case? Just click on the link below. Product – FLOVEME Breathe Freely Case For iPhone 7 6 6S Plus 5S 5 SE For Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Heat Resistant Phone Shells Accessories

Deal #3: Wide Angle Lens

We take more and more photos with just our phone and I totally understand why. They take amazing photos and we love to share our beautifull moments on Instagram, right? Well, we share all the technology that we review on our page, but there are a lot of pages with really amazing pictures taken bij smartphones!

With this wide angle lens you capture even more of the beautifull settings you want to share online. The lens is available in different colors, Black – Gold and Silver.


Take more and better pictures? Click on the link below. Product – 2 in 1 Professional HD 37mm 0.45X Super Wide Angle + 12.5X Macro Lens for iPhone Samsung HTC LG Mobile Phone Camera Lens LP1588

Deal #4: Smartphone Stand

Work work work, we are working longer and longer and even work on our smartphone. We take it out of our pocket at least a 100 times during a work day. With this phone stand you can place your phone next to your computer/laptop and always look at it when a notification comes in, without reaching for your pocket.

With the opening in the stand you can charge your phone and still have it placed in the stand. I call this a great deal!

But there is more! This stand is not just for your smartphone, it is also usable with and tablet! And all those features for that price? That is why we love AliExpress!


Use your phone in this stand? Click on the link below. Product – KISSCASE Aluminum Alloy Phone Stand Holder For iPhone 6 7 6S Plus Samsung S8 Plus All Smart Phone Tablets Desk Universal Holder

Deal #5: Xiaomi Mini Speaker

I currently own this speaker myself and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It is small in size but the sound is really good (for the price). It fits in your pocket and is really lightweight. If you like to hang in the park, beach or the skate ramp, this is the speaker to take with you. It is easy to connect and you can ply music for you and your friends. Really happy with this speaker, so why not share it with you?


Listen to music on the go? Click in the link below. Product – 2016 New Original Xiaomi speaker Portable mini Wireless Bluetooth stereo Mini Square Box Outdoor For Smart hone Tablet PC

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