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Blog: The 5 Wireless EarBuds – Alternatives for the Apple AirPods?

We all want to listen to a Podcast or your favorite music artist. For a long time we all had that frustrating cable which will become a big knot in your pocket. Luckily there are wireless alternatives now, but which one do you need?

Techrvw made a list of the 5 best Wireless EarBuds. Currently I own 2 sets (which are in the list) and I do not want to go back to wired earphones again! you never have to untangle them again if you want to use them, isn’t that great?
This is not a top 5 list, they are in random order

Number 1: HBQ-i7 (Twin version)

The HBQ-i7 looks just like the Apple AirPods. A lot of people think that they are real Apple AirPods because they are so similar. But when you take a good look, they are different in many ways. The way of charging is different. With the HBQ-i7 you have to charge it at the bottom of the EarBuds. This for me in not the most ideal way of charging, but it works. There is a physical button on both EarBuds to turn them on or off. There is also an indicator light which shows if it is connected, turned on or off. So there are some things different then from the Apple AirPods, but they look the same. If you wear them in public, I guarantee that people will think you own Apple AirPods.

The HBQ-i7 have a run time of around 3-4 hours, which is great seen the price and quality. I don’t expect to have wireless headphone for 7-8 hours. 4 hours is fine and if I’m at my location (which never takes me 4 hours) I can always charge them. Charging takes around 1 hour, which is really nice. That means that if you connect it to the charger 30 minutes before you leave home, you should be able to make it home with the HBQ-i7.

The AirPods Clone are missing some features I think are really needed. The HBQ-i7 does not have noise cancellation or sweat proof! If you want to go for a run, cars and other outside loud noises might overcome the music and it is not sweat proof. (The sound is good, but I would like to see the sweat proof feature build in in future models).


Number 2: TWS10 Bluetooth Earphones

They look a little different from the HBQ-i7 but that does not mean they are less useful. I’ve noticed that a lot of people look weird at people wearing wireless earphones. Especially if they look different from the Apple’s AirPods (which seems to be the standard of how wireless earphones needs to look like?). Personally I do like them. They are different but are good looking in it’s own way.
What I really like about the TWS10 is that there is battery charging case with it. When you are done listing to your podcast or album, just place them in the charging case and it is a 100% again when you need them a few hours later! This is a huge benefit over wireless earphones which do not have this case by default. You will never loose the wireless earbuds and have a charged pair when you need them.

Of course the sounds needs to be good as well and they managed to get it right. The sound is good, but you have to keep in mind that they are really small and the sound is not like a Bose QC35. But, considering the price and the looks this is a must have on the list of wireless earphones!

Read the full review here!

The TWS10 has the basic needs for wireless earbuds. I think all wireless earbuds need to have at least: Sweat proof feature and Noise Cancellation. Luckily the TWS10 have them both!


Number 3: DACOM GF7 Twins

This is, I think, the most Apple AirPods clone like earphones on the market. They come with case and have a similar design overall. Again there are some changes, but if you have them in your ear, they look the same. They come with a charging case which should lead to 120 hours stand-by time, which is amazingly long seen the other wireless earbuds. The playtime on the website is 4 hours and my experience with wireless headphones is that it is always less then they advertise on the website. So don’t expect a long battery life from this one, but who knows, maybe they are able to get 4 hours out of it.

The design of the piece that goes into your ear is different with this model, and I do not like this kind of plug. How the AirPods of the HBQ-i7 are design, that is the best and never gives me an issue with falling out of my ears. They are a bit more expensive, but you get a good battery case with it.

for the price the DACOM is sold, it lacks a basic feature, sweat proof. The DACOM has noise cancellation, but I rather saw Sweat Proof.


Number 4: Mini X2T

This design looks like the TWS10. Which is a good design but people will look at you think what kind of future robot you are.
The battery run-time is around 2.5 hours (on the website) and the standby time is 60 hours! This is because of the battery case that you get with the product. The battery case is different then those from the AirPods or the DACOM GF7, but look very good. I really like the “out of the box” thinking they did when they designed the charging case here.

The Mini X2T is available in different colors, which makes it special. You can buy the color you like the most instead of the boring black or white. The Mini X2T is Sweat Proof and has Noise Cancellation. Great deal if you ask me!

Mini X2T

Number 5: IP010

The IP010 looks like the Mini X2T, but are totally different at the same time. They come with yet another charging station and have roughly the same stand-by time of 60 hours and play time of 2,5 hours. Which less then the earlier mentioned HBQ-i7. The design is a bit more bubble like and I don’t think this will be very comfortable, but everybody is different and wants something else.

The IP010 has Noise Cancellation, which is a great feature, but lacks other features like sweat proof.


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