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Review: Xiaomi Mijia Shoes – Is This The Future of Shoes?

We wear a smart bracelet that tracks our steps, but why are we not wearing smart shoes? This is the most accurate way of tracking your steps, right? Xiaomi made it and they are really comfortable!

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Specifications & Introduction

We are making out life smarter and smarter, but smart shoes? I never thought I would wear them! I already have my phone which is tracking my steps and my Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which tracks my steps as well. Why do I need them? Well, I don’t. But they are available and I love gadgets!

Features:Anti-slip, Breathable, Shock-absorbing
Season:Autumn, Spring, Summer
Sole Material:Rubber
Available sizes:39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46
Product weight:0.5700 kg
Package weight:0.8850 kg
Package size:32.00 x 23.00 x 13.00 cm / 12.6 x 9.06 x 5.12 inches


I would love to make an unboxing shoot and video, but there was nothing to unbox.
I just received the shoes in a bag and that’s it! The battery was tied to the side of the shoe with a small instruction manual.

Size Table

Every shoe is different, for Nike and Adidas you need different shoe sizes. With Xiaomi this could be very different, it is their first shoe and nobody really knows what size to wear. Luckily they made a size table where you can fill in your foot size and they will tell you what size you need. Normally I have 43/44 so I decided to buy 44. This was a perfect fit for me! It fits really well and feels soft on the inside.

EU SizeUS SizeFoot Length

It wraps around you feet ans closes really nice. It feels tight, but not too tight. The opening to place your feet is a bit small, it will take some squeezing to get it in, but when it is in, the shoe is really comfortable.

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Personally I’m not that much of a shoe lover, but a good design is always nice to have. The Xiaomi Smart Shoe for me is a great design. It looks sporty but not too sporty, you can wear it on a normal day as well and it still looks good. The shoe has a breathable front, which means wet socks if it rains! But I really like that it is so open, it makes your feel not too warm or sweaty, just nice and cool.

The bottom of the shoe is design so that is is not slippery. Winter is coming so that is a good thing!

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Install the battery & Battery life

The battery is pretty easy to install. It only fits in one way.

*insert photos with and without battery and of the battery itself*

For what I read only the battery could last for months. I did not replace the battery yet and have the shoes now for 2 months. It depends on how often you go for a walk and let it synchronize of course, but now I’m just happy that the battery is lasting for months.


I’ve bought shoes before on AliExpress, but those are not really comfortable. The Xiaomi Mijia shoes are totally different. I don’t know how they do it, but Xiaomi made some really comfortable and good looking shoes.

Where the back of your feet is touching the shoe, is a small cushion. This prevents you from getting blisters but also make it feel really comfy. I would love to wear it to work, but unfortunaly I’m not allowed to wear sneakers. Besides the fact that I would like to know my steps, I just love the design and feeling of the shoe.

The App

Instead of a new app, Xiaomi made the connection to the already existing MiFit app. You can connect your Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and your shoes. It will all be visible in one app, which is way better then having to open multiple apps to see your progress of the day.

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In the app you can see how many kilometers you’ve walked with the shoes. I’ve walked more then 60 kilometers now with them. A fun little thing they added is that it shows how many liters of gas you saved by walking.

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The app is like the upgraded version of Google Fit. You get a complete overview of your day. You will see the steps taken, the hours slept and how much you weigh (even if I don’t want to see it). In the screen of the Running Shoe, you will see the steps taken per day an per hour. You will see how many liters of gas you saved and how many calories burned.

With the app you can also strart several activities: Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Outdoor Cycling and Walking.

Connect Shoe & Synchronize

It is very easy to connect the shoe. After you placed the battery, you just need to shake the shoe and it will make the connection with your smartphone.
If you walked for hours and want to synchronize the shoe, you do the same. Take your shoe off and shake the shoe, of shake with your feet and the synchronization will start. It will take roughly a minute before the information is transferred and visible in MiFit.


Rarely I’ve been so happy with shoes. I like to make my life smarter and smarter. Even thinking of wearing glasses while my eyes are perfect, but shoes are something you wear all day and now I can track my steps very accurately. I can see what hour I was more active and how many gas I saved by walking.

The design is great and they are really comfortable. The only thing is that the opening is a little tight, but that is just a small thing. The shoe is available in different colors, so if you don’t like the grey version, get the blue or black or white version. They are amazing!

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Xiaomi Mijia Shoe






Build quality


Size (does it match?)



  • Design
  • Battery
  • App Connection


  • Tight to get in

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