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Review: fnf Ifive Mini 4S Tablet – iPad Mini with Android?

Personally I loved the size of the iPad Mini when I owned one. I sold it because I almost never used it. But now, living together and want to watch a different thing on TV at the same time, it suddenly becomes really handy. She can watch what she wants on the TV and I just watch my show on the Ifive Mini. But can you get a real iPad Mini with Android for under a hundred euro’s?

iFive Mini 4S 001

Specifications & Introduction

I really love Android, you can make it really your personal device with changing the size of the icons, how many icon you want to see or where you want to place the icons, this was not possible with the iPad and that is why is always wanted to own an Android tab which can meet my needs (watching TV, share my Agenda and just to watch and browse on vacation). I think the Ifive Mini 4S is able to meet the needs I have and maybe go a little over it. I expected a tablet which runs smoothly but with some lag here and there, but the Ifivi Mini surprised me! No lag at all, everything is really fast and the sound is good for the tablet. The camera is not good, but who buys a tablet for the camera, right? Nobody!

Type:Tablet PC
Operating System:Android 6.0
CPU Brand:Rockchip
Core:1.6GHz, Quad Core
External Memory:TF card up to 128GB
TF Card Slot:Yes
Micro USB Slot:Yes
Screen Type:Capacitive (10-points), IPS
Screen Size:7.9"
Screen Resolution:2048 x 1536 (QXGA)
WiFi:802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wireless Internet
Camera Type:Dual Camera (one front, one back)
Back Camera:8.0MP
Front Camera:2.0MP
General Information:
Battery Capacity (mAh):4.35V / 4800 mAh Lithium Polymer
Battery Run Time (up to):4 hours
Charging Time:3 hours
Material of Back Cover:All Metal
Speaker:Built-in Dual Channel Speaker
Google Play Store:Yes
3.5mm Headphone Jack:Yes
Product Size: 19.80 x 13.30 x 0.70 cm / 7.8 x 5.24 x 0.28 inches
Package Size:4.00 x 17.90 x 5.50 cm / 9.45 x 7.05 x 2.17 inches
Product Weight:0.3400 kg
Package Weight:0.6880 kg


The Ifive Mini 4S comes in a box with a picture of the tablet on the front side. On the back there is some basic information about the tablet, which is standard with most products.
Inside the box is an quick start guide. Inside is the EU charger with cable as well. With my order I received an World Adapter as well, which I do not need since I live in Europe.

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Hardware & Design

If we have a look at the specifications again, it is not the best tablet around. There are better and faster tablets, but they will be more expensive. If we consider the price as well, this is a good tablet for daily tasks. If you want to game for hours on the tablet and watch TV after that, then this might not be tablet for you. The hardware itself is good and the tablet feel good in your hand. It has a full metal body which feels premium. The speakers in the iFive Mini 4S give a good sound if you watch TV or play a game. If you want to listen to some music, there is a 3.5mm jack! I still prefer the wireless way, there are plenty of wireless headphones available. (link naar blog post).

The design is good, it is not too bulky and it is kind of thin. I like the design and it looks different from the iPad Mini, which is good. Finally a brand that does not copy Apple. Of course there are similarities, but that is expected in a small tablet. The logo on the back is clearly visible, which is fine by me. The iFive Mini 4S has two camera, one one the front and one on the back. I still wonder why you want a camera on a tablet, but that could be just me.

On top of the tablet, near the power button, you will find the charger port (micro-USB) and the 3.5mm jack. There is also a slot for a storage card, which is really handy. Want more storage? Just place a Micro-SD card in there!

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iFive Mini 4S Display

There is 7.9″ display on the iFive Mini 4S. This is the same size as the iPad Mini and I think this is the perfect size. It is easy to carry with you, it is not too big to handle and you can see everything on the display even if you are close to the tablet. I would always choose a 7.9″ tablet over any other size.

The display has some beautiful colors and this makes it ideal for watching a movie. I’ve not seen any colors that are wrong of not bright enough, it just makes it a pleasure to look at it.

As you can see on the video above, the display is very good. Especially if you look at the price of the tablet, which is just below the €100,-. I must say I’m more then happy with the tablet and would recommend it to people who will use it the same as I do.


Like I said before, the speaker is good enough for watching TV or playing some games. I would not listen to music on there because the quality of the speakers is not the best, but you can always plug in your wired or wireless headphones. Here you can find some really good options: Click!

I really enjoy watching some TV on there or just play a simple game with the sounds coming through just fine.


A camera in a tablet, why? I will not take my tablet out of my bag to take a photo of something, I will use my phone for that. But maybe for video calling? Well, maybe you can skip that with the iFive Mini 4S. The camera quality is not good. The rear camera takes shitty pictures and is hazy. The colors are off and if you move a little with the tablet, the photo comes out even worse. Normally this would be a major downside of a product, but with the iFive Mini 4S I cna live with it. (This is just because I know I will never use the camera on my tablet).

The front camera is something you might use more often for video calling, it is not good as well but you are able to make a video call and the other person is able to see you. Which is the bare minimal of the use for the front camera.

iFive Mini 4S Front Camera

As you can see, the pictures are not good at all. If you want to take pictures with it or record something (please never record a concert with a tablet!), this is not the tablet for you.

Selfies and video calling, is manageable, but it does not look very good. If you want to video chat someone and it can not wait till you reach your phone, you can use the iFive Mini 4S, but I would not recommend it. If the camera works, in my case the front camera is not taking photo’s. When I try to, it freezes and I have to restart.


I read a lot of negative information about the battery of the iFive Mini 4S. This is not something I can confirm. I read a lot of stories where the battery will last at most 4 hours, which is pretty fast. I’m able to get a good 5-6 hours out of the 4800 mAh battery. I use to mostly to watch TV or browse the internet and I’m very happy with the battery life. I expected 4 hours at most, but I got more. Here are some photo’s of the battery life of the iFive Mini 4S:

iFive Mini Battery

As you can see, the battery life is not bad. I’m happy with the battery life, I can watch hours of TV on the couch or wherever I’m and not have to charge my device or being scared that my phone won’t last the rest of the day.

The charge time of the iFive Mini 4S is not super fast. It will take a good 2 hours to be at 100%. It is a large batter inside, 4800 mAh, but it still is a long time to charge it. Almost every time I charge it, I do it right before I go to bed. So when I wake up, the battery is 100% and good for a new day of fun.


If you are looking for a tablet to watch some TV on, play a game sometimes or browse the internet? The iFive Mini 4S is a good option to consider. The tablet has a good battery life and the display has some rich colors, which makes it perfect for watching a movie (or 2). The sound of the tablet is good enough, but not the best for listen to music with it. You better connect your 3.5mm or wireless headphones to the iFive Mini 4S.

The iFive Mini 4S did everything that I wanted for a very reasonable price, less then €100,-! If we leave out the camera, this tablet has it all. The only downside is the camera, but that is fine by me. I will not use the tablet for video calling or take it with me to take personal photo’s.

fnf iFive Mini 4S






Build quality







  • Display
  • (Stock) Android
  • Battery
  • Audio/Speakers


  • Camera

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