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Review: TWS10 Perfectly Fitting Wireless EarBuds!

I’ve reviewed some wireless earbuds before, like the HBQ-i7 and the QCY Q29 Pro, The HBQ copied the AirPods and QCY did it their own way. The TWS10 is different in design, but fits perfectly in my ear!

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Introduction & Specifications

Apple created the AirPods, HBQ created the i7 TWS, QCY created the Q29 Pro and these are the TWS10. We are not going back to the wired headphones anymore. Wireless is the new best thing and some of the manufactures are doing a really good job. For example, the QCY Q29 Pro has amazing sound/call quality.

The TWS10 are really cheap, but can cheap also be good? Let’s have a look at the TWS10!

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Functions:Answering phone, Bluetooth, ,Microphone,Noise Cancelling,Song Switching,Sweatproof,Voice control
Product Details
Application:Running, Sport
Plug Type:Micro USB
Impedance:18 ohms
Sensitivity:98dB ± 3dB
Talk Time:2.5 hours
Music Time:4 hours
Stand-by Time:200 hours
Charging Time:1 hour
Compatible with:Android, iOS
Extended Function
FM Radio:No
Bluetooth Version:4.2
Bluetooth Distance:Without obstacle, 10 meters
Bluetooth Protocol:A2DP,AVRCP,HFP,HSP
Battery Information:
Battery Capacity (mAh):55 mAh
Dimensions and Weight:
Product Weight:0.0520 KG
Package Weight:0.1570 KG
Product Size: 2.70 x 1.50 x 2.00 cm / 1.06 x 0.59 x 0.79 inches
Package Size:16.10 x 6.70 x 4.10 cm / 6.34 x 2.64 x 1.61 inches
Package Content:
Package Content:2 x Earphone, 1 x Charging Box, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Chinese and English User Manual


The box is pretty straight forward. On the front of the box we see the charging case with the EarBuds inside. There are a lot of Chinese signs on the box, but we do find some English words in there as well. On the left side we find some features, like the storage box with charging facility and the light body. On the bottom of the box is some information for the seller, nothing special for us and on the right side we find two pictures of the EarBuds. An ofcourse, at the back we find specifications on the product.

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When we open de box, we see the charging case and the EarBuds and that’s it! Once you remove the white plastic you find a Chinese manual, and English manual, a quick connecting guide in English and Chinese and a small charging cable.

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Hardware & Design

The TWS10 are made of plastic and feels a little cheap. They are light weight, which is a big benefit! The design is, for me, really good! They fit my ear perfectly and they are not too bulky that they stick out, like the QCY Q29 Pro. If you press the button, it does not give extra pressure on your ear canal. This is the case with the QCY Q29 Pro which annoys me after some time of using. With the TWS10 you can press the button without putting extra pressure, which is a relieve!

The Charging Case

This case looks good, has a very large stand-by time and it charges really quick. The button to open the case feels solid and it not stuck or something. It opens and closes smoothly.
When you place the TWS10 in the charging case, there are multiple colors that you can see.
If you place the TWS10 in the charging case after some use, it will show a red light on the EarBuds. That means that they are charging. When they completely charged, they show a green light.
At the back of the charging dock, we find a small blue light, indicating that the charging case is charging the EarBuds.

Do they fit?

Yes! They fit perfectly and are to sticking out or too big. The size is just right, it feels good in my ear and doesn’t bother me at all. When you wear them more then 3 hours, you are going to get itchy, but just for a ride to work or some relax walking, these TWS10 are perfect.

Due to the “different” design, they might look a little strange if you compare them to the Apple AirPods, or the HBQ i7. Is that the standard? No, I don’t think so but they are the best known wireless earbuds around now. Personally I like this design way better. When I place them in my ear, they almost become invisible. There is no extra pressure on the EarBuds when you wear a hat or something, which is the case with the QCY Q29 Pro, causing it to put pressure on my ear and make it less comfortable to wear.

How to connect?

It is really simple to connect the TWS10. The quick connecting guide works pretty accurate, but let me explain it to you step by step:

1. Press the button on the right EarBud for around 3 seconds.
2. Search in the Bluetooth settings on your phone for the “TWS10-R” and click “Connect”
3. It will come up with a request to pair. Press “Pair”.
4. Take out the left EarBud and hold the button for 3-4 seconds. It will turn on, but keep pressing until you reach the 3-4 seconds.
5. It will automatically pair now and it will say that it is connected.

Enjoy listening while they are paired as twins.


The TWS10 does not come with rare functions, but it has the functions I expect from EarBuds.

Answer/Decline a call

If you are listening to music and there is an inmocing call, you can answer it by pressing the button once.
If you want to decline the call, press the button twice.
Once you are done with the phone call, press the button once again and it end the phone call. It will resume to it’s previous state, for example listening to music.

Control the music

If you selected a song on Spotify, you can pause it by clicking the button once. If you want it to play again, press it once again.
If you want to go to the next song, you have to push the button twice.

Turn on/off

This is almost the same on every set of wireless EarBuds.
If you want to turn them on/off you have to hold the button 2-3 seconds.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality of the TWS10 is not super great. If placed right in your ear, you are able to hear some good sounds and it feels like noise cancelling, but overall the sound quality is not the best. For example the QCY Q29 Pro are way better, but are more expensive as well.
For the price the sound quality of the TWS10 is acceptable, you are able to listen to music comfortably, but not if you love great audio. These are not the wireless earbuds for you.

Just to watch some movies, listen to a podcast or music in the train these are perfect. They fit really well and the audio is on an acceptable level. Perfect for a budget pair of wireless earbuds.

Call Quality

This is not good. The call quality is really bad of the TWS10. If you want to make phone calls using a wireless pair of earbuds, don’t buy the TWS10. It sounds like you are in a tube, on 20 meters from the microphone. This is not only annoying for the recipient, but also for you since you have to say everything multiple times. The QCY Q29 Pro is doing way better on call quality, but is more expensive.

I’ve made several phone calls, to test the quality, but each and every one of them was not good. I had to repeat myself multiple times or even stop using the TWS 10 and go via the normal receiver on the smartphone.

Battery Life

On average I can listen around 2-3 hours with the TWS10. This is more then I every had with wireless earbuds. This not only makes them very useful for people who live further from work or have to take a flight every now and then. The TWS10 also have a huge stand-by time with the charging dock, around 200 hours! This is amazing! The battery life is preforming way better then any other wireless earbuds I had so far.

If you like comfortable wireless earbuds that last for hours, the TWS10 are the pair you need. If you don’t call often….

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The size and the way they fit in my are are the two biggest benefits of these EarBuds. The TWS10 fit perfectly and have a good battery life. If you are on a long flight, travelling somewhere by bus or just want to listen for hours, the TWS10 are the one you need.
The sound quality is not the best. You are able to listen to music comfortably, but the sound of the QCY Q29 Pro is way better. The call quality is really bad, just don’t call with the TWS10. It is possible, but please, don’t do it.

Overall the TWS10 is perfect for listening to music, podcasts or watching a video. Just don’t buy them for calling.

TWS10 Wireless Bluetooth EarBuds


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