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Review: Yeelight Smart Light Strip – Phillips Hue Strip Alternative?

Yeelight is already a known brand for me. I own the normal light bulbs and they work super good! I love the smart light and the next logical thing is to pimp up my house even more with the Yeelight Smart Light Strip! This light strip will make your house even smarter and you are in control over the settings. Super cool!

Specifications & Introduction

I love smart lights. My house is almost completely filled with smart lights, but I want more! The Yeelight Smart Light Strip is able to give me take extra touch. Placing it behind the TV, underneath the dining table, at the kitchen or behind the couch. There are so many possibilities to place the Yeelight Smart Light Strip in your house and it will look amazing! Before reviewing, just look at some of the examples:

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Amazing isn’t it? Let’s have a look at the specs.

Type:LED Strip
Features: Cuttable, IP-65, Low Power Consumption, Remote Control, Waterproof
Optional Colors:RGB
Charger:CN PLug
Input Voltage:AC100-240
Output Voltage:DC 12V
Rated Power (W):12W
Rated Current (A):1A
Compatible with:Android 4.4+ / iOS 7.0+

Dimension & Weight
Product Weight:0.1500 kg
Package Weight:0.4700 kg
Package Size (L x W x H):20.00 x 15.00 x 10.00 cm / 7.87 x 5.91 x 3.94 inches

Package Content:
Package Content:1x Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip, 1x Manual


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In the box we find only the bare minimal. We find the Yeelight Smart Light Strip of course and a manual in Chinese (You can find the English version here). That’s it!

Hardware & Design

The Yeelight Strip is covered in some sort of plastic but still very flexible. This protects the LED lights on the strip which increases the durability. You can find LED strip on the market without this kind of protection, but my feeling is that they wont last as long as the Yeelight Smart Light Strip does. The other really nice thing about this protective layer is that it is barely visible. From a small distance it is almost invisible to see, very nice done by Xiaomi! This protective layer protects the strip and that is, my geuss, why it has a rating of IP65. This means it is dust tight and it is protected against water jets.

At the back of the LED strip is a adhesive coating. This is super easy now you can just place it behind your desk, at the stairs, behind your TV or in the kitchen without gluing it on there or using duct tape to make it hold it’s place.

I really like the simple design. It is something that we see more often with Xiaomi products, they keep it all the same. There are not extra buttons on the controller or other extra stuff, just the LED strip and the controller. Simple but effective.

The charger is a Chinese charger, so if you live in Europe or somewhere else, make sure to buy a converter with it as well.

Yeelight Smart Light Strip feels good and I think I will really enjoy this product. The design is nice, you can stick it anywhere you and pimp your house even more.

Want to buy the Yeelight Smart Light Strip? Click here!


You can use the Yeelight Smart Light Strip with two different applications, the Mi Home app and the Yeelight app. I use both apps for different purposes. For example I control all my lights with the Yeelight app but I check my other smart home devices in the Mi Home app, like my windows/door security.

How to set up the Yeelight Smart Light Strip?

It is super simple to make the connection between the Yeelight Smart Light Strip and the Yeelight app. If you connect the Yeelight Strip to your power outlet and turn it on via the remote, you only have to click on the “+” sign in the top right corner of the Yeelight app and select the Yeelight Smart Light Strip. Now it will search for the Yeelight Strip and the connection is made! That’s it, super simple.

Now you can control the brightness, color and turn it on or off.

Mi Home App

Personally I wouldn’t recommend using the Mi Home app to control your smart lights. The Yeelight app, for me, works better. It has a clear overview of the smart lights available and you can easily change the colors, brightness or turn them on or off. The Mi Home app gives you a clear overview of all your Xiaomi Smart Home devices, but for light control I recommend the Yeelight app.

Android link: Click here.
iOS link: Click here.

Yeelight App

The Yeelight app is so simple but it works really well with controlling the Yeelight Smart Lights. I own a couple of E27 Yeelights and they are all connected to the Yeelight app. In this app you can create different rooms, different scenes or control the light individually.

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You can completely customize the way the lights are controlled by creating a custom scene.

Android link: Click here.
iOS link: Click here.


We are changing our home to become smarter and smarter. A robotic vacuum cleaner, lights that are automatically turned off when there is no movement or we talk to our speaker and the lights will turn on. Well, that is possible with the Yeelight Smart Light Strip! Just say: “Hey Google, turn on my kitchen light” for example and the Yeelight Smart Light Strip will turn on! Of course you have to name it “Kitchen Light” and configure it in IFTTT but then it works super easy and smooth!

The Yeelight Smart Light Strip is also comptabile with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT & Open API.


IFTTT is an app where you can automate processes. For example send the weather forecast for the day to you, everyday at 07:00AM or turn on the lights from Monday till Friday at 06:59AM and turn them off 07:30AM. It is super easy to automate tasks that you normally do, every single time. It has a lot of compatible apps and it does make your live easier if you configure this right. I can recommend this app to anybody who loves to automate processes.

Android link: Click here.
iOS link: Click here.

Want to buy the Yeelight Smart Light Strip? Click here!


Just the performance alone I must say that the Yeelight is delivering a really good product. It connected at the first try, it turns on/off almost instantly when I press the button on the Yeelight app. Changing the color is super easy and also reacts really smooth and almost instantly.
On the Yeelight website they claim a lifetime of 25000 hours, which over a 1000 days if you leave them on, always, for a 1000 days! If you just use them at night, you should be good for the coming years!


It is a super fun and amazingly simple smart LED strip. The connection is super easy, the Yeelight app makes it easy to turn it on or change colors and it looks amazing inside your house. With the IP65 rating it is protected again dust and water, which makes it more durable. With the 25000 lifetime hours we should be fine for a couple of years.

This is just a great product that you can buy to make your house smarter and more attractive. You can change the scene just by changing the color of the lights. I definitely recommend this product to everybody.

Yeelight Smart Light Strip


Quality & Design









  • IP65 Rating
  • IFTTT, Open API, Amazon Alexa & Google Home Support
  • Yeelight App
  • Controls (Manual & App)


  • Chinese charger (no EU adapter)

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