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Review: Vontar TWS EH01 – Just Not Enough

Vontar is one of the many wireless EarBuds that I own. Luckily for me, I love to listen to podcasts and some music while I go to work. Enough time to test out the Vontar wireless EarBuds!

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Introduction & Specifications

Serie:TWS EH01
Waterproof:Yes, sweatproof
Functions:Answering Phone,Bluetooth,Microphone,Multi connection function,Noise Cancelling,Song Switching,Voice control,Voice Prompt
Language:English, Chinese

Product Detials
Connecting Interface (Charging):Micro USB
Application:Sport, Running, Working
Frequency Response:20-20000Hz
Impedance:32 Ohms
Sensitivity:104 dB
Talk Time:3 Hours
Music Time:2-3 Hours
Standy-by Time:40 Hours
Charging Time:1,5 Hours
Compatible with:Android, iOS

Bluetooth Information
Bluetooth Version:4.0
Bluetooth Distance:Without obstacle 10-15 meters
Bluetooth Protocol:A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP

Battery Information
Battery Type:Built-In
Battery Capacity (EarBuds):60 mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery Capacity (Case)300 mAh Li-ion Battery

Colors:Black/White, Black/Green, Black, Red, Black, White


As you can see, the box is has a lot of information on it. On the front of the box we see the logo and photo’s of the Vontar TWS EH01. On the right side wee see some features, like the IP rating, which is IPX5. Also the range of the EarBuds, which is 10-15 meters. At the left side of the box is just a simple picture of the Vontar TWS EH01. On top they marked what color you have, and on the bottom is nothing. At the back we find the specifics of the pair.

Hardware & Design

The EarBuds are made out of plastic, which makes them very lightweight. This is makes it more comfortable to wear. If placed right, you barely notice them. The way the hook is designed to make sure they don’t fall out, is really smart. I’ve seen some EarBuds where the hook itself would come loose pretty easy, but that is not the case with the Vontar. It is designed really well and the hook is really solid. This prevents the EarBuds from falling out of your ear. In the video review you can see me shake my head really hard, and they stay in my ear just fine.

The button on the Vontar TWS EH01 feels good as well. The only downside, which is not the case with the TWS10, is when you press the button, it will put more pressure on the inner ear canal. It gives an unpleasant feeling and sometimes even hurts a little bit. Luckily I don’t have to press the button that often while listening, but it may influence the choice you have to make.

The charging pins on the EH01 works perfectly. The way the charging dock is designed doesn’t allow you to misplace the EH01 in the case, it will always make the connection just fine.

The Charging Case

If we look at the case first, it is well designed and looks good. It is not too big, but not the smallest either. Ofcourse they placed their logo on top of the case and there is a “bar” on the right side of the case. I think this might be to attach it to your keychain or something, I’m not using it, but I can imagine that it would be handy for some people.

The button to open the charging case feels good. It never stuck or did not open, which is a good thing. The only bad thing is, is that there is no spring that opens the case when you press the button, it just unlocks and you have to open it manually. They could have easily made this better.

The power indicators at the back of the charging box are clear and give you a nice and easy to read overview of the battery life of the charging case. Also the Micro USB port is mounted in the right way. Sometimes you see that the charging port sticks out a little bit or is not lined out, but at the Vontar it looks really good and feels solid.

Do they fit?

Yes, like the TWS10 they fit pretty well. Even if you have bigger or smaller ears, there are some new protectors in the package to make it fit. And ofcourse there are the earhooks that make them stay in place, even if you move your head real hard, like you are running or riding a mountain bike.
They are a bit bigger then for example the TWS10, but they fit.

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How to connect?

If you want to use them in twin mode, you have to do the following:

Press the button on one of the EarBuds for 5 seconds. The led will flash red/blue. The voice will say: “Power On, Battery High” first, keep holding the button until the voice say: “Pairing”
Now do the same with the other EarBud. Hold the button for 5 seconds, this EarBud will say the same as the other one. If they are both in pairing mode, you will hear a beep that they made the connection with each other.
Now open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. Search for “AIR-TWS”.
Connect to “AIR-TWS”.

You are able to use the Vontar TWS EH01 now in twin mode.


The Vontar TWS EH01 is not packed with features, but it has all the features you would expect from wireless earbuds. Let’s quickly go through all the features:


With the button on the EH01 you can play or pause a song by pressing the button once. This can be done on both sides of the EH01.

Answering/Hang up phone call

If you are getting a phone call, you can answer the phone call by pressing the button once. When you want to end the conversation, you press the button once again.

Pause a call

If you want to pause a call, you double tap the key on the EH01. If you want to continue again, press the button twice again.

Switch language

If you want to switch the language of the Vontar TWS EH01, you can do so by placing the EarBuds into pairing mode. When they are in pairing mode, press the button 3 times and it will switch from Chinese to English or English to Chinese.

Sound Quality

The only medium/good thing about the Vontar TWS EH01 is the sound quality. This is a main reason to buy headphones, and they sound medium to pretty good. The quality of the a bit better then the TWS10. You are able to listen to music comfortably without all the outside noises. With the earhook on the EarBuds, they stay in place just fine. I’ve tested the Vontar TWS EH01 with multiple genres, like Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock and Classic. All the genres work pretty good with the EarBuds.

If we need to pick the best thing about this, it is by far the pretty good sound quality. All the other things are below average that it is not hard to stick out with one feature that is “okay”.

Call Quality

The call quality is not good at all. This is a little bit comparable with the TWS10 which sounds very bad. You have to repeat yourself multiple times, it sounds like you are far away from the microphone. It just does not work that well. Again, you are able to make a phone call and hear the other person, but it is not the most pleasant experience. I would prefer to make a phone call with my phone while I’m using the Vontar TWS EH01. If I’m using the QCY Q29 Pro I would love to make phone calls while using them! They sound way better.

Battery Life

The battery life is below average. It lasts around 2 to 3 hours while listening to music. This is not the best battery life we’ve seen so far with the wireless earbuds. For me, 2-3 hours is just a little bit too short. If I forget to charge the Vontar TWS EH01 while I’m at work, I won’t be able to make it home on a single charge.
With the battery case, you can charge it on the go, but I rather see a bigger battery life of the earbuds itself. The battery case can charge the Vontar TWS EH01 around 1,5 to 2 times before your need to charge the battery case itself. This is good enough and you get a clear indication of the battery level with the blue lights at the back of the case. There are 4 lights, which each indicates 25%.

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I would pass on the Vontar TWS EH01, the sound quality is good, but there are some very annoying things. If you move your head fast to the left or right, it will lose the connection for a second. When you cover the Bluetooth of your smartphone, it will stop transmitting the audio. When you remove your head, everything is back to normal. Very annoying. Connectivity is a real issue with the Vontar TWS EH01.

If we just look at the audio quality, it is doing good. The sound is better than expected but not as good as the QCY Q29 Pro. Calling is do-able, but does not give you the best experience. If this is the only option you have for wireless EarBuds, go for it but if you are able to choose something else, I would skip on these.

Vontar TWS EH01


Battery Life






Sound Quality


Call Quality



  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Battery Case
  • Sound Quality


  • Connectivity
  • Size
  • Call Quality
  • Battery Life

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