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Review: Xiaomi Dafang 1080P Camera – Home Security With AI!

We all want our belongings to be safe. When we leave the house, it can be handy to have a quick look around the living room to see if everything is safe. Or do you just want to check if your pets are behaving? The Xiaomi Dafang 1080P camera is perfectly capable of providing that service. But how good or bad is this camera?

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Introduction & Specifications

I love to improve my home security. I live on the 4th floor so I think I’m safe, but just to be sure. So my house has 2 camera’s, door sensors on the front and back door and motion detectors. I get a call from the camera when movement is seen when I leave the house and I get a notification when the door is open for more than 60 seconds. How can I make that better? Place another camera!

The Xiaomi Dafang 1080P is a very interesting camera which I love to review. Thanks to GearBest I can! This camera offers a 360 degrees view and has AI in it, but later more on that. You can save the videos on your smartphone or on a USB stick/SD card. The specifications are good as well, here they are:

Shape:Box Camera
Technical Features:Infrared, 360 Degrees, AI, Two-way Audio, Remote Control
Motion Detection Distance:9m
Compatible:Android, iOS
App:Mi Home
Working Voltage:5V
WiFi Distance:10M

System & Hardware
Local Storage:SD card up to 32GB, USB stick
FOV:120 Degrees

Video/Image Quality
Video Resolution:1080P (1920x1080)
Frame Rate (FPS):15FPS

Night Vision
Infrared LED:6 LED's

Physical Enviornment
Operating Temperature (Celcius):0 Degrees Celcius - 40 Degrees Celcius

Dimension & Weight
Product Weight:0.2490 kg
Package Weight:0.5800 kg
Product Size:12.75 x 6.60 x 6.00 cm / 5.02 x 2.6 x 2.36 inches
Package Size:16.00 x 11.00 x 11.00 cm / 6.3 x 4.33 x 4.33 inches

Package Content
Package Content:1 x Camera, 1 x Cable, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Instruction


The box itself is pretty straight forward and it shows you a picture of almost the actual size of the Xiaomi Dafang 1080Pp camera that is inside. On the sides are some Chinese character, which I have no idea what they mean. At the back it is the same with the specifications of the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p.

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When we open the box, we see the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p and that is almost everything that is in the box. There is a cable in front of the box and a small manual in the box as well and that is it. The Xiaomi Dafang 1080p is pretty big, so if you want to hide the camera for people, this is not the one you want.

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The camera itself looks good, but like I said it is bigger then expected. I like the different design and the way the camera can rotate and the body too. Really clever and they built it really well.

Hardware & Design

The camera looks good but is a little bit big but feels really solid. I use to have camera’s which had a very cheep feeling over it, luckily that is not the case with this one. I like the design but you can not hide this camera. I would like to see a smaller camera which is easier to hide or place on the ceiling of your house. This camera is really made to be on a table or something.

The design fits the Xiaomi standard, simple but effective. Everything you expect in a camera is there and it looks really nice. See for yourself, here are some pictures taken with the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 of the Xiaomi Dafang 1080P:


You have to connect the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p to the Mi Home app. The connection process is really simple and the app is also simple to use. Here you can save and control all your Xiaomi smart devices, like the Yeelight Smart LED Strip or see when your front door was opened with the Smart Door Sensors. You can also link actions to all the Xiaomi devices, for example:

The movement sensor sees activity, the camera starts recording and taking a picture every 3 seconds and store all the captured data.
The movement sensor sees activity and turn on all the lights automatically and starts recording with the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p.
The front door sensor is opened, the camera(s) start to record everything and you get a notification on your phone.

I love this! This gives me full control over my house and I know exactly what is happening without me even being there.

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How to set up the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p

Settings up the Xiaomi Dafang 1080P is really easy. You first plug in the camera to the power. (If you live in Europe, please buy a China->Europe converter first. We recommend this convert: Click here.)

When it is plugged in, press the button on the bottom of the camera for 3 seconds. The camera will talk Chinese, which I can not understand so you have to guess what it says. When you pressed the button for 3 seconds, she will says something that she is ready to pair.
Click next in the app and you will get a QR code in your screen. Keep this in front of the camera till it recognize the QR code and you are done! The connection is made and the spying can begin!

Settings of the Xiaomi Dafang 1080P

You can change a lot of things in this camera if you ask me. The other two camera’s that guard my house does not have that many option.
In the first photo we see the main screen. Here you can control the camera, open the two-way audio or just listen to the microphone but also open the feature page with the 3 lines on the right side of the screen.
In that screen (second photo) you have the following features:

– Timelapse
– Small Window Play
– Moving Tracker
– Cruise
– Calibration
– Night Vision
– Motion Alarm
– Sleep

All of those features speak for itself but the movement tracker is a feature worth mentioning. You can activate this feature and it will follow you when you are moving in sight. Super handy if you are away and activate this option. The camera will automatically now follow the person entering the video.

In the third photo you have the settings menu and you can choose different options, for example the Camera Settings.
In the camera settings (fourth photo) you can activate the time stamp watermark, access the alarm settings. Play around with it, you will be amazed with the features in this camera!
In the general settings (fifth photo) you can update, remove or rename your Xiaomi Dafang 1080P.

Video Quality

The video quality is really good, if set to 1080P. You can manually change the video quality but lets assume you have it on 1080p. The video captured is really clear and you can even zoom in to see objects better. This can also be done in low day light, since the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p switched automatically to Night Mode when it is too dark. I can write more on how the quality is, but it is better to just show it. Here is a video of the quality of the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p: (make sure to set it to 1080p on YouTube)

Amazing isn’t it?


Just seeing what the camera is seeing is not enough anymore. We want a security camera packed with features. Now the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p has some really good features to offer. Here are a few of them explained:

AI (Movement Following)

This is a really nice feature which I did not see on any other camera so far. The Xiaomi Dafang 1080P is able to follow you when you are moving. If the camera is set to auto record when movement is seen, this is a really nice feature. Now the camera will not just capture the movement, but you are able to follow the person around while he/she moves through your house.

It does not work super great, but it is fun to play around with and hopefully in the future we will have some updates making this feature even better.

Real-time Two-way Audio

This is a must for me if I buy a new security camera. I must be able to send and receive audio when I want and need. With the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p you can have a conversation with someone over the camera, just like have a phone call. Ideal!

Speed Turning

Since the camera is able to cover 360 degrees, it would be nice to turn fast so you can follow someone around. With the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p camera, you can do that in 3 seconds! Never miss a moment of someone walking by.

USB/SD Card Support

A camera without a way to save the captured data is useless. Normally you can install an SD card to save all the data but with the Xiaomi Dafang 1080p you can also install a USB drive. BUT, the best way is to save it to your mobile phone.
If someone breaks into you have and takes the camera with the SD card or the USB drive, you have nothing. Better store it on your mobile phone so you have access to it at all times.

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If we look at the video quality, this camera is really good. Making a video in 1080P and being able to save it on your phone is just great. The features that we expect are there and it works really well. The AI function is a nice extra feature which works pretty good. Being able to follow someone without touching the controls is fun and great to see.
I still think the size is a bit too big, I rather see Xiaomi make a smaller camera with the same features so it can function as a real security camera. Now everybody is able to see this camera in a second.

Overall I’m really happy with the camera and it is a great addition to my home security. The price of the camera is low and the performance and features are very good. If you are thinking to buy a security camera, think of this camera!

Xiaomi Dafang 1080P


Video Quality











  • Video Quality
  • Features
  • Price/Quality
  • Software


  • Size
  • Chinese Charger
  • Chinese voice when set up

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