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Review: LERAVAN TENS Pulse – Get A “Massage” Anytime!

Don’t we all want a massage anytime of the day? I do! All the work, all the pressure, I would love to get a massage anytime of the day. Xiaomi knows that feeling as well and they created the LERAVAN Tens Pulse. This device can give you a massage for 15 days on a single charge for 15 minutes a day!

Introduction & Specifications

A massage for an hour can be really expensive in the Netherlands. Sometimes even more then 60€ an hour! Instead of doing that every week, you can also but this great device. Get a massage when you want, where you want and how long you want (maximum 1,5 hour). Xiaomi know we all want and need a massage sometimes and created the LERAVAN Tens Pulse. Of course I had to get this product and test it, so that you know what to expect. Let’s have a look at the specifications first:

Model:LF Magic Touch LR-H007
Type:Electronic message pad
Material:ABS plastic, washable waterproof cloth
Application:Shoulders, back, waist, arms, legs etc.
Massaging Skills:5 modes x 10-grade intensity, TENS technology
Operating Voltage:3.2—4.2V
Output Voltage:0—85V
Input Current:25mA
Pulse Width:200us
Battery Life:Up to 7 days
Package Content:1 x LF Magic Touch LR-H007 White, 1 x USB cable, 1 x manual


The box is in Xiaomi style. Simple, but with just enough information on it. We see a picture of the LERAVAN Tens Pulse at the front, with some Chinese signs and Magic Touch (in English). Only on the bottom side you will find some information. I have no idea what it means, but have a look for yourself, you might figure it out!

At the back of the box we find more information, in Chinese. There are some signs but it does not tell me anything about the product.

If we open the box we see the LERAVAN Tens Pulse at the bottom of the box. There are also some Chinese characters which I’m starting to understand due to the symbols. In the box above the LERAVAN Tens Pulse itself you can find the following items:

  • Massage Pad
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manuel (Great design if you ask me!)
  • All of the information is in Chinese, but the LERAVAN Tens Pulse itself is pretty easy to set up and use.

    Hardware & Design

    The size of the LERAVAN Tens Pulse is small and that is just what you need with a device like this. If it is too big or bulky it just won’t work. You can easily wear the LERAVAN Tens Pulse under your clothes without people noticing it. The design itself is pretty simple, just 3 buttons and a charging port, that is it. Really simple to use. I also find it very handy that you can replace the massage pads. If you use this device with more people, you can all buy your own pad and use it without the pad of the previous user.

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    There are three buttons on the LERAVAN Tens Pulse. There is a + and – button on there to power it up or down. On top is the power button, which also function to change the mode. And that is all the buttons do, but how do you know what mode you are in? Xiaomi thought of a smart of of letting you know in what mode you are. There is no display or something to show: “Mode 1” or something. They let you know with beeps. If you press the top button, it will give you 1 or 2 or 5 beeps. Which you can relate to the mode below in the picture. Super handy if you ask me!


    Luckily the LERAVAN Tens Pulse has 5 different types of massages and can also change the intensity of the massage. This can help you find the right and best massage mode for you. I personally like the “Pressing” mode the best, but not at the highest intensity.

    Mode 1: Auto

    This mode is giving you a steady massage all the time. It does not have peaks or lows in the massaging intensity. Just to relax, this might be the best option to choose.

    Mode 2: Massage

    The massage mode is a relaxing, not high intensity mode that you can choose. It has it’s peaks and lows, but it is not that intense which makes it a comfortable choose as well.

    Mode 3: Knead

    Kneading is a bit more rough, but it can actually really help if you have some muscles that just needs a rougher type of massage. Be careful, this might feel less comfortable if set on a higher volume.

    Mode 4: Pressing

    For me this is the best mode to choose. It gives you a real feeling that it does something to you muscles and it gives you a good feeling afterward. But be careful! Don’t set this mode to the highest intensity since it has some sharp spikes in it, which will become uncomfortably.

    Mode 5: Pound

    There is a good build up to the highest intensity on this mode, but it can also have some sharp edges if set on a high volume. I choose this option often, but on a low volume.

    Do you want a massage every day for 15 minutes? Click here!

    Battery Life

    For me the battery is good enough. You can use the LERAVAN Tens Pulse for 15 minutes a day, for 15 days straight! For me that is more than enough. If I want to use it for more then 15 minutes, that is fine, but I need to charge it sooner. That is totally fine by me.

    For a device so small to last so long is really good.


    You can use this to relax or to relieve some pain. But is it really comfortable? I can honestly say that I like it, but not full power. If it is set to 50% or below, I can enjoy it and even feel that the “pain” or “stress” is getting out of the muscle. If it set higher than 50%, it hurts. The shocks are very sharp and it becomes unpleasant.


    If I have to choose a mode that I like the most, I have to go with mode 3. This is for me the most consistent and less painful way of using the LERAVAN Tens Pulse. With the other modes I feel sometimes a sharp shock, even if it is set to 50% or lower. This is not the case with Mode 3, luckily.


    I don’t know if I find this comfortable or not. It works, but I think this is not the best massage to relax with. It is effective, but for a relaxing massage I still prefer some hands.
    The battery life of this device is very good and it can help you through a though day at work. You can easily place it in your neck or somewhere you like it without people noticing it. The device is so small that you might not even notice it under your clothes.

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    LERAVAN TENS Pulse Therapy Massage


    Battery Life


    Different "Massages"


    Build quality





    • Battery Life
    • Different "Massages"
    • Design


    • Not All Modes Are Comfortable

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