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Review: KZ ZS6 Hybrid Earphones – Amazing Audio Quality

A reach from 7Hz to 40KHz, that is something I need and want to test! Are we able to hear the difference between normal headphone and 40KHz headphones? Let’s have a look at the KZ ZS6!

Introdcution & Specification

Gearbest offered me a pair of the KZ ZS6 to review and I’m really excited to see if we are able to notice the difference between “normal” headphones and 40KHz headphone. The looks are great and the sound quality is pretty good when I tried them when they arrived.

Function:Answering Phone, HiFi, Microphone, Song Switching
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Wearing Type:In-Ear

Product Details
Cable Length (m):1.2m
Computer, Mobile PHone, MP3
Driver Unit:8mm
Frequency Response:7Hz - 40KHz
Driver Type:Hybrid
Plug Type:3.5mm, L-Bend

Dimension & Weight
Package Size (L x W x H):8.20 x 11.20 x 4.20 cm / 3.23 x 4.41 x 1.65 inches
Package Weight:0.0950 kg
Product Weight:0.0250 kg

Package Content
Package Content:1x Earphones, 1x Cable, 1x Ear Pieces, 1x Manual


The KZ ZS6 comes in a simple box and it has a picture on front with information on the front as well as the back. When we open the box, we find the KZ ZS6 earbuds, without cables. The cables are hidden underneath the packaging inside the package. When removing, we find the cable and a extra pair of earbuds to make it smaller/bigger so it fits in every ear.

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The KZ ZS6 feels good and they are heavier then I thought. Not too heavy, you just feel them in your hand. The design is something that stands out and I really like it.

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Hardware & Design

The design is somewhat different and you have to wear them somewhat different as well, but it is all worth it, believe me! The design looks really nice and though and it feels pretty heavy for earbuds. Instead of the boring look KZ choose something different with the KZ ZS6 and I like it. I think this design is more for men though, but I think it looks really nice.


It has a durable look and that is how it feels as well. Due to the weight it really gives you the premium look and feel. When you start the audio, you will be amazed!



I had a bit of a struggle find the right way to wear the KZ ZS6, but finally I found the picture above on how to wear them properly. It still is somewhat weird to have the cables like that, but the audio quality is so good that I want to wear the KZ ZS6! Sometimes the cable is in a hook that I feel like is not good for the cable, so be careful with that!

KZ ZS6 Wearing

When you found the proper way to wear them, they are comfortable and they don’t cause pain very fast. I used them for a good 2-3 hours without any issue at all. They designed it great and it works really well.

Now I’m a little concerned about the cables. Since they have to go around your ear, they make some pretty sharp turns especially just outside the earbuds and I hope the cables are durable. I’ve seen a lot of headphones break at the cable because it is always bending and I don’t hope this is the faith of the KZ ZS6. The cable is protected and has a extra layer of protection over it so I hope it will last. only the future will tell!

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Audio Quality

Wauw! Just wauw! The audio quality is really good. It feels like I’m wearing the Bose QC35, which is almost 10 times the price and over-ear! The bass is great, the clearness of the audio is very good and I can listen to this quality for hours.

I tried the KZ ZS6 with different genres, like hip-hop, rap, reggae, classic and hardstyle. All styles sound good and have their own strengths with the KZ ZS6. A lot of times you lose quality when the volume goes louder, that is not the case with the KZ ZS6, the quality stays on a constant level and it is a pleasure to listen to music with the KZ ZS6.

Call Quality

Making a phone call with earbuds can be a real pain in the ass. Sometimes it sounds like you are in a tube and a mile away and the other pair gives you clear audio and sounds like you are on the phone itself. With the KZ ZS6 it is the second one. The audio is clear and loud enough. It maybe sounds a bit like you are on speaker phone, but the audio quality is better then your speaker quality on your smartphone. I feel comfortable having a phone call with the KZ ZS6.

Luckily it is performing way better then the TWS10 and it is doing better then the QCY Q29 Pro as well!


I’m amazed by the KZ ZS6. If I be honest, I didn’t think much of the earbuds when I received them from Gearbest and I thought it was a sales thing the 40KHz, but the audio is really good and it feels like I’m wearing a premium over-ear headphone. The sound is so clear, the bass is there but it is not too much and everything sounds amazing. That combined with the great design, this is a great product which I love to wear instead of my wireless options.



Audio Quality


Product Size/Design




Call Quality



  • Design
  • Audio Quality
  • Comfort


  • Cables
  • Way to wear