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Review: Aukey Powerbank (16000 mAh) – Enough Power!

When we are on vacation, we want enough power in our phone so that we stay connected at all times. But what do you do if you run out of battery on the beach? Or in the jungle? Or even worse, on the plane?! Right, you take a powerbank! Now there are plenty of option available. You can buy a 2000 mAh powerbank for just a quick boost or you can buy the Aukey Powerbank, which will give you enough power to charge your device multiple times (depending on what device you have). Let’s have a quick look at the Aukey Powerbank!

Introduction & Specifications

A good powerbank makes our live so much easier. Even at home we use the Aukey Powerbank regularly. When sitting on the couch watching some TV you don’t want to have your smartphone in another room charging. In that case, just take the powerbank and charge your device while you are on the couch. Super easy.

But the true value of the powerbank for me is on vacation. When you travel to a different country, you have to sit in the plane for hours and hours. With an empty phone this journey takes so much longer. With the Aukey Powerbank you are able to charge your device multiple times on your flight and still use your phone to play games or watch a movie. When you are travelling in the foreign country, a powerbank can save your phone as well. I always pack at least one when I go on a trip.

Type:Emergency / Portable Battery
Quality Certifications:FCC, CE, RoHS
Battery Type:Li-polymer
Battery LED:Yes
Battery Capacity:15001-20000 mAh
Technology:AiPower & QC Quick Charge 3.0 Technology
Input:DC 5V/2A
Output 1:DC 5V/2.4A
Output 2:DC 5V/2.4A 9V/1.67A 12V/1.25A
Dimension:165x73x18.8mm / 6.5x2.9x0.74in
Input Interface:Micro USB/DC


The box is in a typical cardboard color. It has information about the Aukey Powerbank on the front and the back. When we open the box we see two card/books. One is the warranty card and one is the manual. Underneath that is the Aukey Powerbank. The only other thing in there is the Micro USB cable. There are no unneeded things in the box, just the bare minimum.

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Hardware & Design

The design is good although it is a bit big. For the mAh size it is still reasonable and it is easy to carry. It feels very solid and the buttons and ports do feel good as well. It is just a premium product for the price.

Due to the big capacity of the Aukey Powerbank it is pretty heavy, but that is nothing strange seen the 16000 mAh they put in there.

Buttons & Ports

There are not that many buttons or ports on the Aukey Powerbank. That makes it an super easy product to use. There is only one button, the power button. This is location on top of the Aukey Powerbank and is used to start the charging or power on/off the flash light. When you press the button once, you will see the color of the LED indicating how charged the Aukey Powerbank is.

Then there are 3 ports on there: 2x USB port and 1x Micro USB. There is a green and orange port, both being able to charge your device.
The green port is able to give the maximum power available, 5V/2.4A. This is used for quick charging. The other port just gives out normal power and it takes a little longer to charge.

The Micro USB port is used to charge the Aukey Powerbank.

Aukey Hardware 002


There are not that many features on a powerbank, but on the Aukey Powerbank there are some features that I want to mention.

Battery Indicator

Luckily there is a battery indicator of the Aukey Powerbank, but it does not give a clear overview of the current percentage if you ask me. The LED light on the Aukey Powerbank can give three colors: White, Green & Red. Red means 0% – 30%, Green means 30% – 70% and White means 70% – 100%.


This can give you an indication, but when the light is red I have no idea if I can charge my device or not. I rather see a small display that shows the current percentage of the Aukey Powerbank.

Flash Light

This is a fun feature that is not really necessary on the Aukey Powerbank but it is handy when there is a power outage or on vacation in the night. I think it will drain the battery faster, but you won’t use the flash light that often.

You can activate the flash light by holding the power button for approximately 3 seconds.

Over-Current Protection

The Aukey Powerbank also protects your smartphone battery with the Over-Current Protection. This means that when the battery of your smartphone is 100% charged, it will stop charging. This saves battery for the Aukey Powerbank and protects the battery of your smartphone. I wish all the powerbanks had this feature.

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With the Aukey Powerbank I was able to charge my Xiaomi Mi Note 3 for more then 2 times. Also the Xiaomi Mi A1 is being charged more then 2 times with this Aukey Powerbank. It takes around 6 to 7 hours to charge the powerbank when it is completely empty if you use a normal wall outlet. If you use anything less then the wall outlet, the charging time might double!

Luckily the Aukey Powerbank is providing enough power to charge my smartphone multiple times.


This is great product and you will be able to charge your smartphone a couple of times without charging the Aukey Powerbank. Being able to charge wherever and whenever I want is just great with this powerbank. Now there are many other options available, but I bought the Aukey Powerbank since it has a big battery inside which I needed for my vacation. For the amount of power given (16000 mAh), the Aukey Powerbank is a reasonable size. Perfect to pack on vacation.

Aukey Powerbank (16000 mAh)






Battery Size (mAh)


Product Size





  • Price
  • Features
  • Battery Size (mAh)
  • Size
  • Charge 2 devices at the same time


  • Indicator Light

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