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Review: No.1 F6 – Smart Casio G-Shock Clone!

There are people who hate smartwatches and there are people who love them. I’m the person who love to track my health, sleep and get notifications on my wrist. Right now I do that with the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which meets all my needs. Now I saw the No.1 F6 and I loved it right away! It looks like the Casio G-Shock, which I own as well. They look great but if they are smart, they would be 10 times better! Let’s have a look how the No.1 F6 is performing.

Introduction & Specification

Having a smartwatch that looks like a G-Shock is really nice and I love to wear it. People won’t recognize it as a smartwatch or gadget, but it can track everything I want for over 2 months without charging. That sounds too good to be true. There must be something hiding which makes this watch unattractive, right? Let’s have a closer look at this amazing looking smartwatch!

Bluetooth Version:4.0
Built-in Chip:NRF51822
IP Rating:IP68

Alert Type:Ring, Vibration
Bluetooth Calling:Call Reminder
Messaging:Message Reminder
Find Phone:Yes
Groups of Alarm:5
Health Tracker:Heart Rate monitor, Sleep monitor, Activity monitor
Notification Types:Facebook, Gmail, Line, QQ, Skype, Twitter, WeChat, Whatsapp
Other Functions:Alarm, Bluetooth, Calendar, Waterproof
Remote Camera:Yes

Operating Mode:Press Button

Battery Capacity:350 mAh
Charging Time:Around 2 Hours
Standby Time:120 days
Battery Type:Polymer Lithium

Dial & Band
Band Material:Silicone
Case Material:Silicone, Stainless Steel
Shape of Dial:Round

Software Compatibility:Android 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+

Weight & Size
Dial Size:5.3 x 5.0 x 2cm
Package Size (L x W x H):10.00 x 8.00 x 7.00 cm / 3.94 x 3.15 x 2.76 inches
Package Weight:0.1800 kg
Product Size (L x W x H):23.00 x 5.30 x 2.00 cm / 9.06 x 2.09 x 0.79 inches
Product Weight:0.0376 kg
Band Size:2.2cm

Package Content:1 x Smart Watch, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x Multi-language User Manual ( Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian



The box itself is the same as the No.1 F3. The logo of the compnay is on front, nothing on the sides and minimal specs at the bottom.

When opening the box, we see No.1 F6. We have to take it out to find the manual and the charging cable. There is nothing more in the box, that is it! Super simpel, no extra’s, just the things that you need.

Hardware & Design

I think everybody knows the Casio G-Shock watches and this No.1 F6 looks very similar. The looks are really nice and I love the design of it. I owned a couple of G-Shock watches but I really wanted a smart watch.

This looks really nice, right?!

The watch itself feels really good and solid, like the Casio G-Shock. Because the body of the watch is a bit bigger, the glass will not be touched when it is dropped. This makes it very durable and available for outdoor sports, like hiking or climbing.
No.1 made this watch waterproof as well, so swimming or taking a shower is not a problem. At the back of the watch we have the heart rate sensor and the charger, which are well covered and protected against water as well.

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I think due to the swimming and showers that I took, I managed to get some of the text off the watch. Now that is not a big deal for me, I think it looks better when it is all black. Just keep in mind that the text will fade over time. At the bottom of the watch it should say: “Water Resist” and on top it should say: “Sport”.

No.1 F6 Fade


When I opened the box and placed the watch on my wrist, I checked the manual which app I needed to use the No.1 F6. Now there is another app that you need to install to use this model. So the No.1 F3 and the No.1 F5 both uses a different app and this model has a different app as well! This is something No.1 can do better and create an app that support all of their models. This is getting a bit annoying.

For this model we need the FunDo Pro app, which is free. (Android Download Link & Apple Download Link)

How to set up?

The No.1 F6 watch is turned on by holding down the red “Stop” button. When it is turned on, open the FunDo Pro (Android Download Link & Apple Download Link) app and click on the “More” tab. In this menu you can click on “Add device” as the first menu item. It will search for the smartwatch now and make the connection.

Automatically it will take the time and date of your phone so it is in the right time zone right away.

That is basically it. There are no further things needed to make the connection between your smartphone and smartwatch. Super easy and well done by No.1!


You need the FunDo Pro app (Android Download Link & Apple Download Link) to use this watch. The app itself looks really cool if you ask me. It has a clear overview of all the things I want to see. On the home page your see your steps taken first. On the left of the steps, you have the record activity shown. This will motivate you to break the record every time you see it. Right from the steps we have the sleep date and right of the sleep date we have the heart data.

At the bottom you have several menu’s, like: “Me”, “Analysis”, “Report” and “More”.

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The first menu speaks for itself. This is your profile page. Here you see your name, your activity and more.
The Analysis tab will show you the statistics of the last 7 days. Compare your activity and your sleep of a week can really show some insights in your daily activity.
The Report tab it showing the captured data of that day. Steps, Sleep and Heart rate are shown here in a very nice way.
In the More tab we can change some settings and decide which app is allowed to give notifications for example.

Play around with the settings a bit, you will be surprised how easy this app is.

Battery Life

The No.1 F6 does not only look good, but also the battery life is good! No.1 says that the battery can last 120 days, which is not realistic if you use the GPS function. I was able to get a good 2 months of battery life out of it. I used the GPS function for 1 hour per week and was able to use it for around 60 days, which is pretty good if you ask me.

Luckily you can charge the No.1 F6. Unlike the No.1 F3, which require a coin cell, you can use a special cable to charge it and use it for another 60 days.


I really like the design of the No.1 F6. It reminds me of the Casio G-Shock watches. The No.1 F6 has all the features I look for in a smartwatch and they work pretty good! The heart rate sensor works well, the activity tracking works well and you can see the results in the app very clearly. The notifications are only working when the app is opened on your smartphone, which is a downside.

The No.1 F6 is a little bit bigger then the Casio G-Shock and that makes it not suitable for everybody. If you do outdoor sports, this watch is fine but if you have an office job, this might be a bit too bulky. Specially if you are a women, this could be a watch that looks a bit too big. For me, as a pretty big guy, this is watch that is feels big on my wrist as well.

The battery life of 2 months is really good. You can use it with GPS and the battery life is still good for 2 months. That surprised me a little bit and I’m really happy with that.

No.1 F6


Product Size/Design








Notifications (Only when app is opened)



  • Design
  • Battery Life
  • Price


  • Notifications only when the app is opened
  • A little bit big
  • Text on front is fading

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