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Review: Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer – Just Perfect!

We all know the old fashion thermometer which we have to stick in somewhere we don’t want to stick things in. You can use them under your arm pit or in your mouth as well, but I will not stick something in my mouth that has the potential to have visited a place where the sun does not shine. 🙂 Now there are also newer models which are measuring the temperature via the ear, but that is not very accurate. Xiaomi made a new device which will make measuring your temperature super easy and quick. Let’s have a look at the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth.

Introduction & Specifications

When I was a little kid and I felt ill, I never wanted my temperature measured. I knew my mom would come to me with the thermometer that (I think) nobody likes. We did not have a thermometer that can be used on the ears. I must admit it was an accurate way of measuring your temperature, but I rather have something like the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth for my kids. It is fast, easy and accurate as well! Just point at the forehead, click the button, wait 1 to 2 seconds and you have the temperature. Amazing!



The box is really simple, like we always see with Xiaomi products. The classic white color of the box and the minimal information, just a picture on the front and very few specs at the back. All the information on the box, and the manual in the box, is in Chinese. I hope Xiaomi will include English as well.

When we open the box we see the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth. Underneath are the 2x AAA batteries and in the box are the manuals as well. That is it! Nothing more, just the basics but that is all you need.

Hardware & Design

I really like the design and the feeling of the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth. It is very lightweight and it fits my hand perfectly.

At the back of the device they installed the German Heimann Theropile Sensor. This is to measure the actual temperature. Since it is really light, it does not feel like a premium product, but it works really wel and it fits my hand really good.

What is nice as well is that the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth does not give a sound or a loud vibration when it measured the temperature. You can silently measure the temperature of your child without waking them up by the beeping sound. It does not give a sound at all and the vibration is super light so it won’t wake your kid up.

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Display Readability

This is really good. I thought white on white was hard to read, but that is not the case at all. It is very clear to read even when the sun is shining. In house I expect no issue at all when reading the display.

Battery Life

This is good, seen how many times you use a thermometer. With the AAA batteries, you can use the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth around 3000 times before you need to change them. Using the device once a day, you will last with the pair of battery for 8 years! Of course there are are other factors, like normal drainage, but it was just to give you an idea.

Being able to last for at least a year and knowing that it will power on when I want it to, feels really good.

How does it work?

How does the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth work? I had no idea how it measured my temperature. It uses infrared to measure the temperature a 100 times in a second. Can any infrared sensor do that? No. In the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth is the German Heimann Theropile Sensor. By pointing the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth to your forehead and leave it there for 1 to 2 seconds, it will measure the temperature via the infrared sensor.

How accurate is the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth?

This is always something I doubt when it comes to tech that is measuring something. Luckily the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth has a CFDA certificate for accuracy. This stands for the “China Food and Drugs Administration”. Having that certificate, I have faith that the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth is giving me some pretty accurate rating.

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In the specs of the thermometer, they say they can be off by 0.2 Degree Celsius by range of 35 to 42 Degree Celsius. For me that is accurate enough and I’m confident that Xiaomi shows me the temperature I currently have.


I love the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth. It is certified, easy to handle, has a good battery life and does not have to touch the person that is sick. What else do we want? This device has the whole package and it looks good too!

Being able to measure my temperature without noise or loud vibration and within 2 seconds is just amazing. The only downside is that there are AAA batteries needed instead of an internal battery that you can charge.

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