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Review: X2T – Truly Wireless, For Hours!

I’m very familiar with wireless earbuds, like the QCY Q29 Pro, TWS10, HBQ-i7 TWS, Vontar EH01 or the Meizu EP51. The newest pair is the X2T and I’m really excited to test these earbuds!

Introduction & Specifications

I was really impressed by the QCY Q29 Pro and the comfort of the TWS10. Now I hope the X2T is a mix of both and has great audio quality and perfect comfort. Here are some specifications of the X2T:


The box is a little different then we used to see. The front is not a picture of the product, it is the actual product! The front of the box is transparant and you are able to see the earbuds and the charging case without unpacking the box.

When we open the box, we find more then just the earbuds and the charging case. There are 3 extra sets of ear tips to fit perfectly, a Chinese manual, a Micro-USB cable to charge the case and a protective bag, to protect the charging case.

Hardware & Design

I like the design and feeling of the EarBuds. They feel solid and give a premium feeling. You can easily press the button without getting all the pressure on your ear canal, they designed it that you will press just outside your canal. Super smart and it makes it very comfortable to wear.

The buttons on the EarBuds feel good and they click easily, which is a good thing in this case. There are no ghosts clicks, but you don’t have to press hard. This is different then with the Meizu EP51, which you have to press really hard.

The case feels good and give me the feeling I’m holding a Secrid wallet (which is worth it to check out) and I want to store it the back pocket of my jeans when I’m done listeing to it.

The Charging Case

I like the different approach in the charging case. We have seen somewhat the same cases with the QCY Q29 Pro, TWS10, HBQ-i7 TWS, Vontar EH01 and this design is really different. The Earbuds connect really easy to the magnets and the charging pins, they really thought about the design.

X2T 008

There are 4 lights on the charging case, each stand for 25% battery. This gives you an indication when you need to charge the battery case. While charging it will blink on the LED light and give you an idea on how many percent the battery level is at that time.

Do They Fit?

For me they fit and I have no issue with moving my head or running with the X2T. I think I have easy ears since I never had an issue with EarBuds. The X2t fit me as well and they actually fit really wel. They close out all the other sounds, like noise cancelling.

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How to connect?

First you take one earbud out of the charging case and hold it power button down for around 5-7 seconds. First it will say “Power On” but keep holding the button. It will say “Pairing” now.
Take the second earbud and press the button for around 3-4 seconds until you hear “Power On”. They will make the connection with each other automiatcally.
Now take your smartphone and open the Bluetooth settings. Here you will find the earbuds as “X2T”.
Click on it and it will make the connection and you can enjoy your music, podcast of video.


The functions stay the same in almost all wireless earbuds I’ve reviewed. You can answer, declined or hang up. You can pause or play the song or go to the next or previous one if you want.

Call Handeling

If you get an imcoming call, press the button once to accept it. Want to hang up? Press it once again to end the call.
Want to decline the incoming call? Press the button twice.

Music Handeling

You can pause/play a song by pressing the button once.
If you want to skip the song and go to the next one, press the button twice.
Really enjoyed the previous song? Press the button three times to go back a song.

Power On/Off

By holding the button for 3-4 second, you will turn the earbud on or off. The action will be confirmed by a speaking voice.

Noise Cancelling

Now I must admin that I do not hear much of the outside noises when I use the X2T, but I don’t think that is because of the noise cancelling. Since they go pretty deep into your ears, it will block the sounds automatically. When you add music to it, you will almost hear nothing anymore.

If you want to only hear the music, the X2T will do just fine, but I don’t think there is active noise cancelling.

Sound Quality

I’m really surprised by this! It sounds really good and bass is really good. This is not the quality I expected from the X2T, I expected them to be more like the TWS10. Now that we know that the sound quality is good, they are instantly more interesting then for example the TWS10 or the Vontar EH01.

I tested them with several different genres and all of them sounded good. Specially hip-hop is good with the X2T since the bass is really good. Test it out yourself and I’m your will be surprised!

Call Quality

This is not bad at all but the other person at the other end of the line will hear a lot of outside noises if you are outside. The X2T does not know how to filter it out. When you are in a quiet space, like a livingroom, you will be fine. It may sound like you are 1 or 2 meters away from your phone, but overall it is not bad at all and the other person will hear your clearly.

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This is not good in combination with my Xiaomi Mi Note 3. When I walk, it keeps losing the connection. When I cover the back of my Mi Note 3, it loses connection. It seems like it send out weaker WiFi then other pairs. As soon as I sit still behind my computer, everything is fine. This may be different when you use a different smartphone, but I do not know the cause of this issue. I know a lot of people experience something like this with all different kind of headphones. It could very well be that you are not having the issue with this pair.

Battery Life

This is not as good as I hoped. You can last, if you are lucky, 3 to 3,5 hours. This is not super bad, but there are better alternatives available with better battery life. Now the X2T has a charging case, which will extend the battery life enormous. This is a must if you ask me for wireless earbuds! With the charging case you are able to last a complete day and you have to charge the case every 2-3 days. Depending on how many hours you use it per day.

X2T 009


The X2T are not the best wireless headphone that I have seen and own. They are good and the sound is really good, when you are sitting still. When I walk or cover my phone, it loses connection. This can be due to my phone since I read about this issue with all different kind of wireless headphones, but I do not know the cause of this.

If you just want a pair of wireless EarBuds for sitting still, these are really good. The bass is amazing for the size.

The battery life is 3 to 3,5 hours, which is enough but I rather see longer. Luckily there is a charging case, which looks really good and will charge the X2T EarBuds for around 5-6 times completely.

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Audio Quality






Connection (With Xiaomi Mi Note 3)



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