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Review: AFans TWS EarBuds – Apple AirPods Alternative

Apple made some very good performing wireless earbuds. The QCY Q29 Pro are performing very good as well and work on both operating systems! Here we have the Apple AirPods alternative from Go Wireless, the AFans TWS!

Introduction & Specification

I reviewed the HBQ-i7 before and I liked how they performed. Now we are a couple of months later and there are other models available, like the AFans from Go Wireless. Thanks for sending me a pair to review. (TIP: At the bottom of the review you find a discount coupon of 25% if you order one from the Go Wireless website!)

The specifications are good and they can last 10 hours with calling and 4-5 hours while listening to music, if we believe AFans! That sounds to good to be true. Let’s see if we can get those results as well.

Charging Box Size:5.5*6.5cm
Headphone charging:About 1 hour
Listening Time:About 4-6 hours
Call Time:About 10 hours
Standby time:About 10 days
Battery Capacity:65 mAh


The box looks like we are unpacking something Xiaomi made. A simple white box with a picture of the product on front and some specifications of the product at the back. When we open the package, we find the AFans charging case, wrapped in blue tape. Inside the case we have the AFans EarBuds of course.

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When we remove the white plastic in the box, we find a lightning cable to charge the case, some protectors for the AFans EarBuds with ear support, a cable to attach the AFans so you can wear them behind your neck without losing them and a manual. The extra ear support is not needed since the AFans stay in place really good if you ask me.

The AFANS are not available anymore. Want a better version? The i7s are just €7.50!

Hardware & Design

The case feels and looks premium and just like the Apple AirPods case. There is one button at the back of the case to see (if open) what the status of the battery is. At the bottom we find the lighting port, which feels good and solid as well. That is all there is about the case.

Opening the case goes smooth as well and it clicks back in the locked position really easy. It is locked and not easily opened when in your back pocket. Inside we find a little LED in the middle, which will blink if you press the button at the back of the case.

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In the case we also find the AFans. They look just like the Apple AirPods and qualify as a decent Apple AirPods alternative. The only thing that is different is the button on the sides of the AFans and the blinking blue light when turned on (which give it away that they are fake). Besides that, they are just the same. Unlike the HBQ-i7 which were charged with some sort of 3.5mm connector, the AFans are charged like Apple AirPods. Just click them in the case (which does not have some sort of 3.5mm connectors inside) and you are good to go! They will be charged automatically.

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How to connect?

Connecting the AFans is pretty simple and I did it without the manual. What I did was the following:

Turn on both AFans. They will make the connection with each other automatically. When you hear them say that they are connected, go to you bluetooth settings on your phone and find “Afans” and connect with that. Now the AFans will say that the connection is complete and you are good to go!

See, the connection process is really simple!


The battery life of the earbuds itself is not the best, but not bad either. You will get around 3-4 hours of battery life out of it. With the battery case however, you will be able to use it for at least 8 hours per day. The only thing you have to do, is charge the battery case at night and you are good for a complete day!

AFans Button


In the box we find a Lightning cable to charge the case. This can be done in the Lightning port at the bottom of the case. This is exactly the same was as the Apple AirPods. In that perspective this is a true Apple AirPods alternative.

AFans Charge

Audio Quality

The audio quality is average and you are able to listen to music with comfort, but not if you are really into audio. It is comparable with the TWS10, which is good enough for me.

Listening to different genres is fine and you are able to listen to hip-hop, dance, rap or hardcore and it sounds average to good. I’m suprised by the volume of the AFans, they can go pretty loud. You will hear some more crackling sound when going louder. Listening a little bit lower then max is perfect.

The AFANS are not available anymore. Want a better version? The i7s are just €7.50!

Call Quality

It is also possible to make phone calls with the AFans TWS. It does this, like many other wireless EarBuds, only via one earbud. The AFans TWS are using the right earbud to make the phone calls. This is totally fine by me since I can hear the other person really well using the AFans.

The quality of the conversation is good. I tried it a few times myself and it sounds like you are on speaker phone, which is acceptable quality if you ask me. Being able to make a phone call without wires and holding the phone to my ear is a big benefit. Luckily the AFans sound good doing it, unlike the TWS10, which have other qualities.

The AFANS are not available anymore. Want a better version? The i7s are just €7.50!


Go Wireless offers a great product which gives you a very good Apple AirPods alternative. You are able to listen to music comfortably but not with the greatest sound experience. The battery life is good with 3-4 hours and the battery case is a must. With the case you will be able to listen on your way to work and back to home without charging in the meantime.

The connection process is super simple and the voice in the AFans TWS will tell you if you are connected. Overall the AFans TWS are a good Apple AirPods alternative but the sound quality is not the same.

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