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Review: JKR KR 1000 – Wireless Speaker For Everybody

Enjoying some music on the beach, in the park or just at home. The JKR KR 1000 is a portable speaker, with NFC that is able to provide 4 hours of music on a single charge. Want to start the summer with some good music? Read all about the review here!

Introduction & Specification

The JKR KR 1000 is a elegant speaker which will look good in your house. Since it is wireless, you can also carry it around and enjoy the music while you go to the beach, the park or on a picknick. You can connect to the JKR KR 1000 with NFC or Bluetooth and listen to music without wires. Planning to go to the beach for 3 or 4 hours? This speaker will be turned on the complete time you are there and never leave you without music. Here are some more specifications on the JKR KR 1000:

Model:KR 1000
Compatible with:iOS, Android, Micro-SD
Supports:Bluetooth, NFC, Micro-SD
Connection:Bluetooth, NFC, 3.5mm Plug
Interface:AUX, Micro-USB, Micro-SD
Color:Black, Gold

Technical Specifications
Bluetooth Version:4.1
Micro-SD Support:32GB Max
Number of Speakers:2
Power Output:20W
Standby Time:48 hours
Frequency:150Hz - 18KHz
Impedance:4 ohm

Power Specifications
Power Source:Battery
Working Voltage:6.6V
Battery Capacity:4400mAh
Charging Time:4 - 5 hours
Working Time:4 hours
Battery Type:Lithiom-ion Battery

Dimension & Weight
Product Weight:0.5590 kg
Package Weight:0.8550 kg
Product Size (L x W x H):28.50 x 5.50 x 4.50 cm / 11.22 x 2.17 x 1.77 inches
Package Size (L x W x H):32.50 x 10.00 x 8.00 cm / 12.8 x 3.94 x 3.15 inches

Package Content
Package Content:1 x JKR KR - 1000 NFC Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Loudspeaker, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Bilingual User Manual in English and Chinese, 1 x 3.5mm AUX Cable


The box of the JKR KR 1000 is a little bit big, but that is bacause of the size of the speaker. There is nothing on the box besides the brand name and some specifications at the back. When we open the box, the first thing we see is the speaker and I love the design of the JKR KR 1000. You can easily place it somewhere in your house and it will look good.

Further more we find a Micro-USB cable to charge the device, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to connect it to your smartphone and a small book with instructions.

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Hardware & Design

The JKR KR 1000 really looks and feels like an premium speaker that could easily be a Bose. The design is great and it has an elegant and stylish look over it. The materials used feel good and give you the feeling you are holding an expensive speaker.

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Buttons & Controls

JKR KR 1000  Controls

On the JKR KR 1000 there are several buttons and controls to work with. Let have a look at the buttons/controls on top of the JKR KR 1000. You have the volume up and volume down button, the pauze and play button and the sound effect button.

  • If you press the volume up/down button once, you will change the volume, but if you hold the + button, you will go to the next song. When you hold the – button, you will go back to the start of the song. If you are already at the start of the song, you will go to the previous song.
  • If you press the sound effect button, you will change the sound effect and your music will come out better choosing the right sound effect.
  • The pause/play button does not need an explanation, but if you hold it longer, you are switching audio source. For example between 3.5mm Jack or Bluetooth or Micro-SD slot.
  • At the back of the JKR KR 1000 we have 4 more buttons/controls. First we have the power button. Just press it once to turn it on or off. The Micro-SD card slot is there as well. You can place an Micro-SD card in there with music on it and by switching the source play directly from the Micro-SD slot. Below that we find the charging port, which is a Micro-USB port. At the bottom we find the 3.5mm jack where you can connect a cable to.

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    You can always connect to a speaker with 3.5mm jack, right? Well the JKR KR 1000 has some other ways as well to connect with the speaker. For example you can use NFC to make the connection. Don’t have NFC? Use Bluetooth. Do you want to listen without using your smartphone? Place a Micro-SD card in the speaker to listen directly from the Micro-SD card. That makes it a very accessible speaker for everybody.


    Of course there is the option to connect with Bluetooth. A wireless speaker must have a wireless option to connect. The JKR KR 1000 has Bluetooth v4.1 so you should have no issue connection your smartphone to the speaker. In the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone, you will find the JKR KR 1000 speaker as “KR-1000”. By tapping the name, you will make the connection and you can listen to your favorite music.


    This is a way of connecting I have not seen very often on speaker. NFC is not supported on all mobile smartphones, but JKR built the connection into their speaker. I like it and it makes it really easy to connect. Just enable NFC on your smartphone first, hold your smartphone next to the NFC pad on the speaker and the connection is made automatically. Super simple and easy.

    JKR KR 1000 007

    Micro SD Card Slot

    I can understand that you don’t want to waste your smartphone battery by streaming music to the wireless speaker. Lucikly JKR thought about this and they built in the option to use the speaker with a Micro-SD card. The maximum size of the Micro-SD card is 32GB.

    Sound Quality

    The sound quality of the JKR KR 1000 is good, but not the best. If you want to listen to music on the beach or in the park, this speaker will do just fine! You are able to listen different genres, which all sound good. There are no sharp edges to the sounds coming from the JKR KR 1000. It feels somewhat smooth and that makes it pleasurable to listen to.

    It is not the best speaker I’ve seen or had, like I said before. If you are looking for something that you will use for hours at the time and for several days in the week, I should go for something else. There are other, better speakers available, but the price will be higher. If we keep an eye on the price, we must conclude that the speaker is performing really well.

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    Battery Life

    The battery of the JKR KR 1000 is a 4400 mAh Li-Ion battery which will give you around 4 hours of play time. To power a wireless speaker with 2 speakers inside requires a lot of power, now the JKR KR 1000 managed to give us around 4 hour of play time, which is enough if you ask me. Charging the speaker once and listen to it for the rest of your outdoor stay is really good. Combined with the sound quality, this is a must have for the coming summer days.

    Charging takes around 4-5 hours as well. If you are planning to use it two days in a row, I recommend charging it over night. Due to the long charge time you won’t be affected by it at night.


    Even though the speaker does not give the best sound available, this is a very good option if you want to enjoy wireless music The design is great, the hardware feels durable and the sound is good enough for me. Don’t expect to fill your living room with loud clear music, that is not going to happen for this price.
    This speaker is perfect for on the beach or in the park when you want to relax with some music. You can use this speaker at home as well, but the louder it goes, the more quality you lose in audio. At 75% volume this speaker is a good option to use at home and it will look good.

    I really like the design of the JKR KR 1000, combined with the price and sound quality, this is a very good option.

    JKR KR 1000




    Sound Quality






    Charging Time



    • Sound Quality
    • Battery Life
    • Design
    • Features


    • Not super loud
    • Bluetooth reach
    • Charge time

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