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Review: Mifa F10 – Great Waterproof Outdoor Speaker

We all love to listen to music and share your favorite song with friends and family. Now with the Mifa F10 you can enjoy your music with this wireless bluetooth speaker! It is slapsh resisitant which means you don’t have to panic when a little summer rain is falling down on you!

Introduction & Specifications

The warm weather is coming and we love to go outdoors. No we don’t want to enjoy the sunny days with the crappy speakers of our smartphones, right?! We want some good wireless speakers for that! We just reviewed the JKR KR1000 which is a really good option. Today we are having a look at the Mifa F10. This speaker has an IP rating of IP56, which means it can handle dust and some heavy rain fall. Are you an outdoor sports type? This the wireless speaker for you!

Speaker Type:Portable, Wireless
Speaker System:Single
Bluetooth Version:V4.0
Battery Capacity:1200 mAh
Power Voltage:DC 5V-500mA
Speaker Unit:1.5 inch + Large lace suspended Siamese passive radiator
Output Power:3W 4Ω
Frequency Response:80Hz - 18kHz
USB Type:USB2.0, Compatible with 1.1
Size (W x D x H):86 x 97 x 38 mm
Weight: 166g


The box is really heavy. I did not expect the speaker to weigh that much. I really like the transparant box, you can see product right away. On the back some minor information and I’m missing the specifications. When we remove the black back cover, we see an warranty page and a multi language book with some information and specifications. There is also an yellow Micro-USB cable to charge the Mifa F10.

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Hardware & Design

It give it a good feeling as well and like you are holding an real speaker and can handle a drop of bump. The buttons are well sealed to protect it from rain. They are still easy to click which they did really well.

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At the bottom we have the Micro-USB port, the Micro-SD card slot and a reset hole which is again well protected from the rain. The Micro-USB port is used to charge the Mifa F10 and the Micro-SD card slot is used to store and SD card with music on it so you can play directly from the Mifa F10! You can place up to 32GB SD card inside, which should be enough music to last the 10 hour battery life.

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How to connect?

Connecing the device is really simple. Just turn it on by pressing the first button, the one with the circle and stripe in it. Wait till you hear the sound, that means it is turned on and ready to pair. Now look in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and find “Mifa_F10”. Click on it and the connection is made. Super easy! Now get ready to be amazed with the sound quality!

Connect to computer

You can connect the Mifa F10 to your computer, which I really like! You can connect it via Bluetooth of course, or you can use the USB cable that is provided to do so. If you turn it on by pressing the circle and the stripe in it, you hear it turn on. When it is turned on, it will search for a bluetooth devivce to connect with. If you quickly press the same button twice, you will switch mode and you are able to connect it via de USB cable.

This same action is needed to switch from Bluetooth to SD card mode.


The main feature of a wireless speaker is to play music. It is handy if you can control the music as well. Here are the controls and features of the Mifa F10.

Power On/Off

There are three buttons on the Mifa F10. There are two volume buttons and one power button. You can turn it on by pressing the power button (top button) for around 3-5 seconds. The same action is required to turn it off. Hold the button for 3-5 seconds and the Mifa F10 powers down.

Music Control

For the music control we need all three the buttons. You have the + and – button for the volume.
If you long press the + button, you go to the next song and if you press the – long, you go to the previous song.
With the power button, you can pause of play song by pressing it once, quickly.

The controls are all there and super simple.

Built-In Microphone

There is a built-in microphone so you can easily make a phone call using the Mifa F10. This a good feature and I like that they built it in the speaker. Now you don’t have to switch the source you are using to make a phone call, just take it on the speaker and you are good to go!

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Sound Quality

For the price and the size, the sound quality is really good. Since this is an outdoor speaker, it has to have some volume and the Mifa F10 sure does have volume! It can go pretty loud, but stay clear as well. If you are with friends outside, everybody is able to listen to some quality music with the Mifa F10. It does not matter if you listen to Hip-Hop, R&B, Classic or just the Spotify World Top, almost every genre sounds good.

There is a good bass in the Mifa F10, so if you listen to a lot of music with heavy bass, this might be a good outdoor speaker for you!

Battery Life

The Mifa F10 has a 1200 mAh battery inside. This is not super big but the battery life is amazing! For this size speaker, you are able to listen for up to 10 hours on a single charge! This is big enough for a day in the park or the beach, but if you are going to a multi day hike, you might want to pack an extra powerbank to charge it again!


The Mifa F10 is a great product for the coming summer. Enjoying some quality music while you are in the park or on the beach. You don’t have to panic when a little rain is failling down, because the Mifa F10 is splash resistant with a IP rating of IP56. Which means it is dust proof and can handle some rain fall, but not completely waterproof.

The sound quality is really good and I like to listen to music with it. Even when I’m home! The bass is good and the volume is really good as well. If you are with friends outside, you are all able to hear the music really good. The design of the Mifa F10 is really good and super handy to clip onto your backpack or something.

The controls are super easy and everybody will know how to use this when using it for the first time.

Mifa F10


Product Design




Sound Quality


Battery Life


Product Weight



  • Battery Life
  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Features


  • Heavy

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