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Review: Edifier W800BT – Affordable Powerfull Headphones

The Bose QC35 is still one of my favortie headphones to listen to music or podcasts. Being able to focus on just the music/voices is really nice. Now the Bose headphones are really expensive, but luckily there are alternatives, like the Edifier W800BT. These cheaper over-ear headphones have the same look, but they are completely different.

Introduction & Specifications

Finding an affordable alternative for the Bose QC35 brought me to the Edifier W800BT. Can this headphone compete with the Bose headphone? Let’s have a look!

BRAND: Edifier
BLUETOOTH:Version 4.2

Hardware & Design

The hardware of the Edifier W800BT feels a but plastic, but not cheap. It is very lightweight which is a good thing and a bad thing. You almost don’t feel that it is on your head, which can be pleasent, but I like to feel something as well. The buttons are good, they click easily and feel durable. The cushion is nice and soft and makes it really comfortable to wear.

There is not much clamp force on Edifier W800BT, which is a shame. I like the feeling of it clamping to my head, like the Bose QC35.


There are just 3 buttons on the Edifier W800BT. You have the multi-function button. Which is located on the right side of the headphone. The volume buttons are on the right side as well, but they are located on the side of the Edifier W800BT. That is it! There are no more button to press. SUper simple to control.

Edifier W800BT 003

Are They Comfortable?

Yes! I like using the Edifier W800BT. They do miss a bit more clampforce, but it is not the worse. They fit my ears really well and since they are lightweight, you don’t have the feeling they you are wearing something heavy on your head. I easily can wear the Edifier W800BT for several hours without removing them.

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The Edifier W800BT has some basic features, here are the basic features.

Edifier W800BT Functions

Music Handeling

Sometimes you want to pause the music, this can be done by clicking the function button once.
If you want to play the music again, click the button again once.

If you want to go to the next song, you have to press and hold the volume up button.
Want to listen to the previous song? Press and hold the volume down button.

Call Handeling

When a call is incoming, you can answer it by clicking the function button once. The same action is needed when you want to end the call.
Don’t want to answer the call? Press hand hold the function button.
Forgot to say something to the person you just spoke? Press and hold the function until there is an extended beep tone. This will trigger the redial option.

3.5mm Cable

If the battery is empty, you can connect a 3.5mm cable to your smartphone and to the Edifier W800BT and listen via the cable. This is really nice extra feature that is a must if you ask me. Now you can keep using the Edifier, even when the battery is empty.

Keep in mind that when the 3.5mm cable is in use, the Edifier is in OFF status. This means that the function button is not working at all.

Battery Life

This is amazing. Being able to last at least 30 hours on a single charge is amazing. We don’t need a charging case for that!
If you travel 2 hours a day, you are able to last over 2 weeks on a single charge! That is something other brands can learn from and I realy like it.


Charging the battery, takes around 3 hours. Which is perfectly fine if you ask me. 3 hours charging and listen over 30 hours!

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Sound Quality

I like the quality of the over ear Edifier W800BT. It is not the best that I’ve seen, but it is definitely not the worst. You can hear some really good bass and the tones are not too high that it becomes irritating.

I tested the Edifier W800BT with different genres, like hip-hop, classic, hardstyle and the Top 40 hits of the World on Spotify. All the different genres are good in their own way on the Edifier W800BT. Hip-Hop and hardstyle benefit from the good bass in it and classic music sound really smooth without sharp edges. You can listen for hours to the music without any discomfort.

Call Quality

The call quality is medium for the Edifier W800BT. You can have a converstation, but there will be a lot of noise from your surrounding. If you make it, pick a quite place to have the phone call. This will make it better for the other person to listen to you.

Overall the call quality is good enough to make a phone call.


Overall the Edifier W800BT is a cheaper alternative for example the Bose QC35. The sound quality is good, but not the best out there. You can listen to some good bass and the tones are good as well. I don’t like the fact that there is no clampforce on the earbuds, it feels really loose on your head. It is not loose enough so it would fall off, but I like the feeling that it is holding on to my head more tight.

If you like to listen to music without in-ear earbuds, this is a very afforable option.

You can find the manual here: Click Here!

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Edifier W800BT


Battery Life




Sound Quality







  • Light Weight
  • Product Design
  • Battery Life
  • Sound Quality


  • No Clampforce

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