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Review: Mifa A1 – Small, Goodlooking and Powerfull!

The warmer days are coming and we go out to relax at the park or the beach. Instead of using your smartphone to listen to music, you can use the JKR KR1000 or the Mifa F10, but what if you don’t want the outdoor looking speaker? The Mifa A1 is just the speaker for you in that case!

Introduction & Specifications

I love to listen to some music when I’m at the park or the beach. With the warmer days coming, a good speaker is a must. We already checked the Mifa F10 or the JKR KR1000, but now we have a look at the Mifa A1!


The box is black and yellow and that gives it a nice contrast. Let’s “Just Enjoy” the inside of the package!
First we see the speaker in a plastic bag, when we remove that, we find the manual below the speaker and a AUX cable, Micro-USB cable and a detachable strap in the yellow box inside with “MIFA” on it.

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Hardware & Design

The square Mifa A1 looks really good. It is easy to handle and has a waterproof design, like the Mifa F10. The buttons are completely sealed and the Micro-USB port, the SD card slot and the AUX port are completely sealed with a cover, which is easy to open.

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At the bottom we have some anti slip feet, which keep it in place. This is almost the same as the Mifa F10, but the F10 has a anti slip circle on the back.

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How to connect?

Making the connection is super simple. Just turn it on by holding the middle button for 2 to 3 seconds. Once you heard the sound of the Mifa A1 turning on, go to you Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and find the “Mifa_A1”, click on it to make the connection and you are done! Super easy, right?!

If you want to read the manual, click here to read it in English.

Connect to computer

You can connect the Mifa A1 to the computer with the AUX cable. Just place the cable at the back of the speaker and place the other end of the cable in the computer. Now switch mode twice by pressing the middle twice short to switch mode. The order of the modes are found below.

Once the right mode is selected, just play music on your computer and the Mifa A1 will play the music.


A speaker that just plays music is not good enough anymore. We already have the features given by the Mifa F10, so the Mifa A1 needs to top that, right? Let’s have a look at the features of the Mifa A1.

Power On/Off

There are three buttons on the Mifa A1. If you want to turn it on, you have to press the middle button for 2-3 seconds. Repeat the same action to turn it off.

Music Control

The other two buttons are the + and – button. If pressed once, shortly you will increase or decrease the volume.
If you press the – button longer, you will go the beginning of the song. When you press it longer at the beginning of the song, you will go to the previous song.
When you press the + button longer, you will go to the next song.

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AUX Connection/Micro-SD Slot

On the Mifa A1 there is the option to use the AUX connection, which is really handy sometimes. If you turn on the speaker, the default setting is Bluetooth mode, if you press the middle button twice, you will switch mode in the following order:

    1. Bluetooth
    2. Micro-SD
    3. AUX

If you connect a device using AUX, just switch mode to play from that connection. When you want to play from the inserted SD card, just switch the mode and you are good to go!

Sound Quality

I’m impressed. At first I never thought that the Mifa A1 was able to produce a decent quality of sound, but I was wrong. I’ve been using it now for a couple of weeks and I’m in love with it! The size is great and the volume and sound quality coming from such a small device is super!

The sound gets a bit crispy when the volume is at the max, but that is totally acceptable. When listening on 50% to 75% the sound is clear, sharp and very nice to listen to. This will be my speaker for this summer!

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Battery Life

Mifa placed a 1200 mAh battery inside, which is the same as the Mifa F10. The battery life of the Mifa A1 is slightly better. Where the Mifa F10 is able to provide you around 10 hours of listening time, the Mifa A1 is able to get you around 11 to 12 hours! Which is amazing if you ask me for such a small speaker. Really happy with the battery life.

Charging the Mifa A1 takes roughly 3 to 3.5 hours. Which is acceptable for a play time of 10 hours!


With the battery life of the Mifa A1, the sound quality and the volume this is maybe one of the best speaker I’ve tested. It is easy to hold and easy to control. Being able to use it with your computer is a nice feature as well. If we just look at the price, this is a a must buy for the coming warmer days.

Mifa A1


Battery Life


Sound Quality (Till 75%)






Sound Quality (After 75%)



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