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Review: UIISII C200 – Cheap (€3!) And Goodlooking In-Ears

These in-ear earbuds look very nice! The looks are good, but how is the performance of the UIISII C200? Let’s have a look at these cheap earbuds!

Introduction & Specifications

How good can in-ear headphones be for less then €3? The specifications of the UIISII C200, as seen below, are surprisingly good. In combination with the design, these are some interesting reserve headphones.

Cable Length (m):1.2m
Connectivity:Wired, 3.5mm
Driver Unit:10,,
Frequency Response:20Hz - 20KHz
Package size (L x W x H):21.00 x 7.00 x 3.00 cm / 8.27 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
Package weight:0.0350 kg
Product weight:0.0130 kg
Package Contents1 x Earphones, 2 x Pair of Earbud Tips, 1x Manual


The UIISII C200 comes in a clear black box, but you can see the earbuds via a plastic at the back of the box. On front we see that these are the “Fighting Bird” version and they placed a Angry Bird character on the front as well. At the back we have minor specifications, but that is all the information we need from these pair.

Inside we find the UIISII C200 earbuds, a manual and 2 extra set of ear-tips. With those ear-tips you can easily make them perfect for your ears.

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Hardware & Design

The cable is made from the same material as Apple uses for their standard Apple EarPods. The UIISII C200 hopefully works longer then the Apple EarPods. The controller looks good and solid and the button is easily clickable. The microphone is a “super clear” microphone if we believe the box. In the Call Quality tab we will cover the quality of the audio during a phone call.

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The controls of the UIISII C200 are very simple. There is only one button which is used to answer or hang up a phone call and to pause or play the music. Both actions are done via a single click on the button. Very easy and simple to understand and use for everybody.

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Sound Quality

I’m surprised by the quality of the sound coming from the UIISII C200. It gives a clear sound, with good bass and it all sounds very smooth. Never expected this to be that good for the small price. With my Xiaomi Mi Note 3 I’m able to change the profile of the music as seen in the review of the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear and that makes the quality of the sound even better.

On the default settings, the UIISII C200 are performing good as well.

Call Quality

The call quality of the UIISII C200 is not super good. You are able to make a phone call but it will not be the best you ever had. There are noises from the background that are heard by the other person. We can not expect the best quality from a €3 pair of headphones. Luckily the microphone quality is good enough to make a phone call with them sometimes.

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For the price, less then €5, the UIISII C200 are performing really well. The design is nice, the sound quality is good if you like bass and they fit really well. There are not that many downsides. The call quality could have been a bit better, but for the price it is working really well. Overall I must say these are a good option for a pair of reserve earbuds. If you have a USB-C type smartphone, please don’t forgot to buy a converter HERE.

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  • Price
  • Design
  • Sound Quality


  • Controls are limited