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Review: Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear – Comfortable Noise Cancelling

Wired earphones from Xiaomi? Yes! The Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear earphones are the only wired pair with Active Noise Cancellation in my house. I still have the KZ ZS6, but I always use the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear now. Being able to kill all the background noises with just a slides on the controls is amazing.

Introduction & Specifications

Taking a bus ride to work and hearing that annoying engine in the background or those people taking that you can hear over the music. I hate it! Now with the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear headphones that is no longer the case. Just turn on the Noise Cancellation function and it is gone! Enjoy your music without all the annoying background noises. Let’s have a look if it works as good as I hope it does!

Functions: Answering Phone, Microphone, Noise Cancelling, Song Switching, Voice control
Cable Length (m):1.25m
Compatible:Smartphone (USB-C)
Frequency Response:50Hz to 40KHz
Impedance:32 Ohms
Plug Type:USB-C
Package Size (L x W x H):10.00 x 7.00 x 3.00 cm / 3.94 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
Package Weight:0.1500 kg
Product Weight:0.0200 kg
Package Contents:1 x Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-ear Earphones Type-C Version, 1 x Ear Tips,


The box feels a bit heavy and I did not expect that from a pair of headphones. The box itself shows the pair of earbuds on front and the specifications of the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear headphones at the back, which we see in almost all Xiaomi products. When opening the box, we find a smaller box on the inside and a box that holds the pair of headphones. It made me think of the way Apple sells their headphones. In the small box we find new pairs of ear tips and a sleeve to protect the earbuds.

The case with the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear headphones in it, is pretty heavy but is easy to open. It feels really good and I like the cable that is protected with some sort of rope? That gives it a really durable feeling.

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Hardware & Design

Xiaomi made the design so that it would fit everybody. They gave a number of different ear tips so that it will fit your ears perfectly. The cable that is used, feels very flexible, which will greatly improve the durability of the cable and the headphones.

The controller has easy clickable buttons only the switch to turn on/off the Noise Cancelling goes a bit harder then I hoped. Sometimes you need 2 hands to make the switch, which can be annoying. The microphone is placed on a good spot and it will not be covered by your clothes, let’s hope that the microphone works good!

The earbuds itself are good and they feel solid as well. With the different ear tips you can easily make it perfect for your ears.

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Is Wired Still An Option?

Yes it is! There are so many good wired earbuds available and the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear pair is one of them. I still like the wireless options and I think we will see less and less wired pairs, but for now these are worth a shot. With the Noise Cancellation option you can just focus on what you want to listen or watch without all the background noises.

The wire of the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear is also protected with something that feels like a shoelace, which feels really well. I’ve had multiple “normal” wired headphones, which would always be tangled and I do not have that issue with these.

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USB-C Connector

The Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear uses the USB type C connector. This limits the market and it may won’t fit on your current smartphone, but I like the move to USB type C. I said it before and I still think that USB type C will become more and more popular under the smartphones that are coming the next few years. Xiaomi dared to create a pair of Noice Cancelling earbuds with USB Type C is something that I like and I hope we will see more and more USB type C compatible devices coming.

Xiaomi In-Ear USB-C

Xiaomi In-Ear USB-C

Sound Quality

At first I was not so impressed about the sound quality. In different genres it sounded a bit flat. I was really disappointed, until I found the option to set different profiles. With that option, which we talk about later, you can set it for a specific genre you are listening to and the sound quality improves very much!

If you want to listen to Hip-Hop, my Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will add more bass to it. Same for Hardstyle or any other bass driven genre. So every genre has a specific profile which will greatly improve the audio.

With that adjustment the sound quality is amazing. It is not less then the KZ ZS6, maybe even a bit better.

Active Noise Cancelling

I love this option on every headphone that I owned. I have it on my Bose QC35 and on the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear now. This is a feature that I can recommend to anybody who wants to buy a pair of headphones. With the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear you can turn it on or off, which is a big plus. I don’t always want it on or need it on.

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Call Quality

I’ve tried this on several different phone calls and all reported that I sounded very far away and there was a lot of noise. For phone calls this might not be the best set of headphones. When there is a little bit of wind, people will hear a lot of noise from it. I have to cover the microphone with my hand to reduce the wind noise, which is very annoying if, for example, you are riding your bike in the center of Amsterdam.

Different Profiles

If you use the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear headphones in combination with a Xiaomi smartphone, in this case the Xiaomi Mi Note 3, you can set a lot of different profiles, which will greatly improve the audio quality. All these profiles are based on the genre you are listening to and they are preset to perfectly match the genre. You can also change the settings yourself so that it is just how you like it.

As you can see in the images there is also a 3.5mm version. If you do not have a USB-C connector, no worries, there is a 3.5mm option for you!


The Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear work good and I love the Noise Cancellation option that you can turn on or off. It makes a big difference in using it in the bus or on a plane. It makes the ride or flight so much more comfortable, you can just zone out and focus on the music, the video or what ever you are doing.

The sound quality is good by default, but improves so much when the right profile is selected. You can set different profiles using your Xiaomi smartphone and select the genre you are listening to. I changed this after a week of usage and it was like I had a new pair of earbuds, amazing!

The quality of the cable is really good and it feels very durable. I have the feeling that this cable will last way longer than the standard Apple earbuds, which does not last long.

Overall I’m really happy with the headphones and I hope we get Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds from Xiaomi soon, that would be even better! For now, this is my primary wired pair.

Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear


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