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Review: Siroflo BH-01 – Cheapest Waterproof Sport Earphones

Not all wireless headsets are good for sports. We had the Meizu EP51 which were designed for sports and today we have the Siroflo BH-01. Let’s have a look at these cheaper alternative of the Meizu EP51.

Introduction & Specifications

The specifications are not widely known, even on the Siroflo website. We see some interesting specifications, but the frequency range for example is missing. Let’s hope we can get a clear view of the capability of the Sirfoly BH-01 while using it.

Bluetooth Version:V4.1
IP Rating:IP67
Transmission Distance:33ft / 10m
Battery:Lithium-ion Polymer 85mAh, 3.7V
Charging Port:Micro-USB
Charging Time:1,5 - 2 Hours
Playback Time:4 - 6 Hours
Standby Time:180 Hours
Cable Length: 50cm / 19.69inches


The box is solid black with an image of the Siroflo BH-01 on front and specifications on the back, like we see in almost all products.

Inside the box we find the a protection box for the Siroflo BH-01 and a manual. That is not all! Inside the protection box we have the Siroflo BH-01, a small Micro-USB cable and some extra ear-tips. All you need in a small box.

Hardware & Design

The Siroflo BH-01 is really light. They used plastic as materials which make it weigh almost nothing. It gives it a bit of cheap and fragille feeling. The button is easy clickable, same counts for the button on the right ear piece. Even with the cheap materials, they click easily and won’t put more pressure on your ear canal then is needed. That makes them really comfortable to wear.

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Do They Fit?

I’ve said it before, I think I have easy ears. The Siroflo BH-01 are fitting just fine. They won’t hurt, fall out of come loose easily. For me they are just fine and I like to wear them, even when I’m not working out.

If they won’t fit your from the box, you can always change the ear-tips to make it better for your ears.

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How to connect?

When you turn on the the Siroflo Bh-01 for the first time, it will automatically look for a bluetooth device to connect with. Just go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and wait for +-5 seconds and the name “Siroflo-BH01” will appear. Just click on it once and you will make the connection.

It can happen that you need to restart the Siroflo a couple of times before it appears in your Bluetooth list.


We don’t have that many features, all the basics are there but no extra features. We can not expect the best for this price. Let’s have a look at how the basic features work on the Siroflo BH-01.

Siroflo BH-01 008

Call Handeling

You can answer a incoming phone call by pressing the big round button on the right earbud once.
Same action is needed if you want to hang up a phone call. Just press it once and you will end the call.

Music Handeling

You have the + and – button on the right earbud to higher or lower the volume.
If you long press the + button, you will go to the beginning of the song. If you do that at the beginning of the song, you will go to the previous song.
When you long press the – button, you will go to the next song.

Power On/Off

The big round button on the right earbud is clickable. The one the left does nothing. If you long press +- 3-5 seconds will turn on/off the Siroflo BH-01.

Sound Quality

You really notice that the Siroflo BH-01 are made for sports. The sound quality is not super good, but good enough if you are working out. The bass is not super good and overall it just sounds a bit flat and it is not the best out there.

Now we do have to keep in mind that the Siroflo BH-01 are super cheap and we can not expect the best sound quality from a pair of wireless earbuds which costs less than €15!

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The sound quality may not be great, but since they fit so well you won’t hear any outside noise. It almost feel like you are wearing a pair of earphones that a Active Noise Cancellation, like the Xiaomi Active Noise Cancellation pair. Of course the Siroflo BH-01 does not have Active Noise Cancellation, but I did not hear any outside noise while using them.

Call Quality

This is not good at all. When you make a phone call, you sound very very far away the other person is almost unable to hear you. This is not only very annoying but it makes it impossible to make a proper phone call using the Siroflo BH-01. If you call a lot while sporting, do not buy this pair. If, like me, you almost never call, these are the perfect sports pair for you.

Charging/Battery Life

When the Siroflo BH-01 is completely empty, it will take around 1.5 to 2 hours before it is charged. When it is at a 100%, you can use the Siroflo BH-01 for around 6 hours. For me that is acceptable and even more then I expected from this cheap wireless headphones. Overall the charging time might be a little long and a battery case would have been nice. But again for this price we can not expect all the premium features.

Siroflo BH-01 007


I’m really pleased with the Siroflo BH-01, even though it does have a cheap feeling. Which makes sense, because these are some really cheap wireless headphones! For €20 or less you can get yourself a pair.

The sound quality is not great, but for a pair of cheap sports headphones which gives your IP67 I can live with the less sound quality. The controls are easy and everybody can handle the Siroflo BH-01 without remembering lots of controls. Everything is on the right side and easy to remember. Siroflo really did a good job in designing the BH-01.

All the features we need are on there and it even gives you IP67 protection. What else do you want for a pair of cheap headphones? Nothing!

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Siroflo BH-01


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  • Battery Life
  • Design
  • Price
  • Features


  • Plastic Feeling
  • Sound Quality
  • Call Quality