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Review: FLOVEME Qi Wireless Charger – Wireless Desk Charger

Charging without wires is super easy and you never run out of battery if you just place it on there. With other wireless charger like the BlitzWolf BW-FWC4 or the FLOVEME 5V/2A you can not see your screen easily. With the FLOVEME Qi wireless charger that problem is solved!

Introduction & Specifications

With the FLOVEME Qi you can charge your smartphone and still see the screen very clearly due to the standing position it is in. Now you can keep note of the incoming notifications while your smartphone is charging. I like this and I can image it is handy in the office. Never miss a incoming mail or message with the standing wireless charger.

Output:5V/1A (Standard)
Output:9V/1.67A (Quick Charge)
Conversion Rate:+-72%
Quick Charge Support:Yes
LED Light:Yes
Case Support:Yes


The box is pretty big, but opening the box we see why. On front we have a action picture of the FLOVEME Qi, at the back we have minor specifications of the charger and on the sides we have pictures of the wireless charger itself. The inside is pretty basic and we find the charger, a Micro-USB cable and a manual. This is all we need. Due to the design we see why the box is bigger then other wireless chargers which are flat.

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Hardware & Design

The design of the FLOVEME Qi is a little bit different since it is not a “flat” charger like the BlitzWolf, but that comes with other benefits.

The Micro-USB port at the back is well hidden and you can easily hide the cable. The LED on front is clearly visible, even with your smartphone on there. You must try really hard to block the LED light while charging. The FLOVEME Qi is made from plastic and feels cheap. That is a downside, but it is lightweight now so it is easy to carry with you.

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I’m really happy with the performance. On my Elephone U Pro it charges with only 5W, which is fine by me. I use it when I go t sleep and I always wake up with a 100% charged battery. With the BlitzWolf BW-FWC4 I had sometimes that I woke up with a half charged device. I moved it in my sleep and it stopped charging.

Luckily that never happend to me with the FLOVEME Qi. I use this one at my house and the BlitzWolf BW-FWC4 at work, if I misplace it there, it is no big deal.

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Like the FLOVEME 5V/2A, this version has some security build in as well. This version has temperature protection, input voltage protection, input current protection and short circuit protection. Luckily I did not see a wireless charger that does not have the essential securities that I expect. So far we are safe to use the wireless chargers of BlitzWolf or FLOVEME.

How To Use?

It is almost impossible to misplace your smartphone on the FLOVEME Qi wireless charger. You can either place it on there vertically or horizontally. Both ways will charge your device with all the above protections. This makes it super easy to use and even if you are in a hurry or really sleepy, you can almost never misplace it and you have a fully charged device when you wake up.

Can I Use My Case?

Yes, you can. With a thin, clear case you can use the FLOVEME Qi wireless charger. This is the same with the BlitzWolf BW-FWC4 and the FLOVEME 5V/2A. Don’t use it with case that is thicker or have a metal ring or something at the back. This can damage your smartphone and/or the charger.


With this different design, you are able to still see the notifications come in really clearly without lifting the smartphone from the flat wireless charger. Since this wireless charger can deliver 10W, you are able to charge twice as fast compared to the FLOVEME 5V/2A.

The plastic materials used make it a affordable option if you are looking for a wireless charger. It gives it a bit of a cheap feeling, but the design makes up for that. For the office, this design is way better then the flat designs.



Product Design











  • Design
  • Price
  • Essential Protections
  • Can use with (thin) case


  • Plastic Feeling

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