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Review: Baseus iX Qi – Design Meets Performance

The Baseus iX Qi Wireless Charger is looking amazing. It has some weight which gives it a good feeling. The leather design is making it complete and it looks amazing. For the price, you get a good quality wireless charger.

Introduction & Specifications

I’ve had several wireless chargers now (BlitzWolf BW-FWC4, FLOVEME 5V/2A and the FLOVEME Qi) and I must say I really enjoy using them. It makes charging so much easier, specially at night or when you are in a hurry. Just place or phone on the pad and it is charging. No more struggles with the cable! The FLOVEME chargers were a bit cheaper and made from plastic and the BlitzWolf and the Baseus are more premium products.

Model:iX Qi
Color:Black/Black or Silver/White
Case Support:Yes, up to 8mm
Package weight:0.139 kg
Product size:9.20 x 9.20 x 0.80 cm / 3.62 x 3.62 x 0.31 inches
Package size:15.50 x 10.50 x 2.80 cm / 6.1 x 4.13 x 1.1 inches


The box is pretty simple. We have the product image on front, which we see a lot. I guess there are specifications on the back, but all is in Chinese and I can not read that. There are some English sentences between the Chinese text, but the information is minimal. Inside we find only the bare minimal. We have the Baseus iX Qi, a well protected cable and a manual. That is all we need!

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Hardware & Design

I said it before, the Baseus iX Qi is a more premium product if we compare it to the FLOVEME 5V/2A or the FLOVEME Qi. We can see that clearly in the design. Baseus used Zinc Alloy and Soft Leather to create the charger and it looks amazing! The materials used, combined with the weight really gives you the feeling that you are holding a super premium product. The price is not even that high, seen the quality of the product.

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At the “top” of the Baseus iX Qi we find the brand name and the LED light. This light gives you a easy to read overview of what the Baseus iX Qi is doing. We’ve seen it before and I think this can be improved but the LED light might be covered when you place your smartphone on the Baseus iX Qi. This blocks the LED light and you are unable to see if you smartphone is fully charged.

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With only looks you are not standing out. The performance has to be good too. I charged my iPhone 8 for one hour and it gained over 35%! It was completely empty and it took a total of 2.5 hours to get to 100%. Which might seem long, and it is not the fastest way to charge your iPhone 8, but it gets the job done and you don’t have to struggle with cables.

The iPhone 8 can be used to a maximum of 7.5W for a wireless charger. Like the BlitzWold BW-FWC4 can deliver up to 15W, in combination with the iPhone 8 it will be automatically downgraded to 7.5W. If your wireless charger delivers 5W, this is the maximum, like the FLOVEME 5V/2A.


So far I did not have a wireless charger which does not have several protections. Luckily the Baseus is one of the safest to use and personally I think it looks amazing too. To keep you safe, Baseus implemented the following protections: Over-charge protection, over-discharging protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-power protection, short-circuit protection, over-heat protection, recovery protection, electromagnetic field protection.

Just wow! They implemented a lot of securities to keep you and your smartphone safe and that is a big plus!

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LED Light

The LED light can give you a clear and quick overview about what the Baseus iX Qi is doing. I don’t like the placement of the LED light since you are able to block it with your smartphone when ti is charging.

The LED light can give you 4 different states:

  • Power up state: long bright for 2 seconds
  • Charging state: long bright
  • Standy mode: no light
  • Charged state: no light
  • These settings are simple to remember and give you a clear overview if your smartphone is getting charged or that it is done charging. The only thing we have to do is not place our smartphone over the LED light.

    Baseus iX Qi 006

    How To Use?

    Just like the BlitzWolf BW-FWC4 or the FLOVEME 5V/2A it is pretty easy to use. You have to place it in the middle of the Baseis iX Qi pad and the charging will begin!

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    Now with my Elephone U Pro it can happen that you misplace it and it is not in the middle. This means that it won’t charge. Be careful with placing your smartphone on there. With the iPhone 8 I had no problems at all. Every time I placed it on there, it charges without any issue.

    Can I Use My Case?

    Yes, using your casing with the Baseus iX Qi is possible. You can use a medium thick case up to 8mm thickness. Never use the charger with a metal ring or any other metal on your casing. This can damage your case, your smartphone or the Baseus iX Qi charger.


    I’m amazed by the design of the Baseus iX Qi. The zinc alloy casing, the soft leather used just looks amazing. It is like I’m holding a super expensive wireless charger, while it costs less than €15!

    With the Baseus you are well protected, in fact this is the most protected wireless charger I’ve seen so far. Really nice to see that Baseus is taking safety very seriously. It is not the fasted wireless charger I’ve had. The BlitzWolf BW-FWC4 is able to deliver up to 15W! Unfortunately the Baseus iX Qi is not able to give you up to 15W, but it gets the job done, it only takes a little longer.

    Baseus iX Qi Wireless Charger










    Charging Power



    • Design
    • Materials
    • Protections
    • Price/Quality
    • Can use with case


    • Maximum power not specified
    • LED light can easily be covered by smartphone

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