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Review: Jison iPhone X Case – Protect Your iPhone With Style

Protecting the things we love is a must. There are numerous accessories to keep your smartphone or other gadgets safe. Jison is one of the companies that makes very nice, premium cases to keep your smartphone safe. Let’s have a look at the Jison case for the iPhone X!

Introduction & Specifications

Buying an iPhone X is something special. These devices are very expensive and I always recommend to use a case with it. The iPhone X Case is nothing special and numerous versions in all styles and colors. Jison Case made an iPhone X Case that is just looking pure premium. It is made of leather and fits really well. Let’s have a look at the most affordable case for the iPhone X.

Brand:Jison Case
Model:iPhone X Geniune Leather Slim Case
Colors:Black, Brown, Gray and Red
Protection:360 degree protection of all corners, no display protection
Comfortable:Durable to use and it's convenient to hold
Fit:Accurate cutout for camera and power button


Unboxing a case can not be that special, right? It is not. The box is simple and brown. There is no guide inside, just the case with a paper inside the case with a QR code on there. This leads to the Jison Case website. That is it, but what else do you expect from a case?

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Hardware & Design

The case looks and feels really good. The leather feels good and soft but protects the corners really well. The buttons are nice and easy clickable as well. The hole for the camera fits perfect. Jison did a real good job by creating an affordable alternative for the Apple Leather case.

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The case itself is made from genuine high-quality leather. It does feel and look really good. The buttons on the side are made from metal and they are easily clickable. This iPhone X Case is besides affordable, also looking really good. The materials are of high quality, which I did not expect for this price.


The Apple leather case fits well, but I find no difference with the Jison Case. This case just fits really well like it is designed by Apple itself.

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If you are installing this case from Jison on your iPhone X, make sure you place the left side first. From left to right is the easiest way to install the case, advised by Jison Case itself.


The iPhone X Case produced by Jison Case does not only looks premium on the photos, but they really are premium! The leather they use is high quality and it fits the iPhone X really well. It protects the corners well. With the case in there, I feel a bit safer using the iPhone X out in the open. This case is capable of preventing damage when you accidentally drop your iPhone x.

The buttons are easily clickable and the metal, used for the buttons on the case, looks good with the leather look of this case. I’m really happy with this case and I want to thank Jison Case for sending it to me for a review.

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Jison iPhone X Case


Product Size/Design









  • All corners protected
  • Buttons are easily clickable
  • Genuine leather
  • Price
  • Design/Fit


  • Does not protect display

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