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Review: Zeblaze Vibe Lite – A Classic Smartwatch

Xiaomi Mi Band 3, No.1 F13, Lenovo Watch 9, these are all examples of smartwatch, but they look very different. The Zeblaze Vibe Lite is a classic looking smartwatch with basic functionality. It sure does look good and it will track your health data. Let’s have a look at the Zeblaze Vibe Lite

Introduction & Specifications

For me it is important to know how many steps I take a day, how many hours I sleep at night and how many of those hours are light and deep sleep. Also I don’t want to miss a notification on my smartphone. With the Zeblaze Vibe Lite I can wear this classic watch but still have all the features name above! Here are the specifications of this classic watch:

Model:Vibe Lite
Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth 4.0
Waterproof:Yes, 5ATM
Alert Type:Beeping
Bluetooth Calling:No, only call reminder
Find Phone:Yes
Health Tracker:Sleep monitor, activity monitor
Battery Capacity:290mAh
Type of Battery:CR2430 button cell
Colors:Black, White
Compatibility:Android 4.3+ / iOS 7.0+
Dial Size:43 x 43 x 11.7 mm
Package Size (L x W x H):10.00 x 8.00 x 6.50 cm / 3.94 x 3.15 x 2.56 inches
Package weight:0.1680 kg
Product weight:0.0683 kg
Package Contents:1 x Smartwatch, 1 x English User Manual


The box of the Zeblaze Vibe Lite is really simple. On front you have the logo and a picture of the watch and on the back of the box we have some veyr minor specifications.

Inside the box we find the watch and a manual and that is it! Nothing more. Zeblaze just packed the basics, and I like that.

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Hardware & Design

I’m a watch lover. For years I had several G-shock watches, that is why I like the No.1 F6 and the No.1 F13 a lot. Sometimes I want to wear a classic looking watch that is not too big. The Zeblaze Vibe Lite is just that! It looks good, the dial size is not too large. The materials (stainless steel) feel and look really nice.

The band has a good durable feeling, not that it is going to break very easily. The band itself is made out of TPU.

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Is it comfortable?

I really like the feeling of the Zeblaze Vibe Lite. It is not too big and not too small. For my wirst it is just perfect. I can wear it casually but it looks kind of sporty as well. This is just a very good mix of both styles and it sits comfortably on my wrist.

How to turn on/off

You can turn on the Zeblaze Vibe Lite by holding down the two button on the side of the casing. You have to hold them down for 5 seconds and two beeps will be heard. This means the Zeblaze Vibe Lite is now turned on and ready to pair.

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To connect the Zeblaze Vibe Lite you need the UWatch app on Android. This app is hard to find and I think it looks not ready yet.

On the main screen of the UWatch app you have to click on the data half circle to go to the activity/sleep screen.

To make the connection, you ahve to click on the 3 stripes on the left top corner and click “Change Smart Module”. Now make sure you turned it on as described above, and it should appear in the list. Just click on it to make the connection.

Do you have a Android smartphone? Click Here to download the UWatch app.


Since you can not read or see the messages, what other features does the Zeblaze Vibe Lite have?

You can track your activity with it and your sleep. There is a SOS function on there and swimming with the Zeblaze is fine as well.


The Zeblaze Vibe Lite is waterproof. You can dive up to 50 meters! This means taking a shower or a swim with the Zeblaze Vibe Lite is not problem at all. Looking for a smartwatch to swim with on vacation? The Zeblaze Vibe Lite will get the job done!


There is an option to send a SOS signal to preset numbers. I tried all possible ways to get it to send a SOS signal, but for me it did not work. In the user guide that is provided with the Zeblaze Vibe Lite is a clear instruction on how to set the SOS button.

Let me know if it works for you, maybe we can fix mine 🙂

Activity Monitor

Walking around the office, going for a walk with the dog or just have a run around the park. With the Zeblaze Vibe Lite you can track your activity over the day without missing a step. Super handy and with the battery life of 24 months you won’t miss a step for the next 2 years!

Sleep Monitor

How you feel is greatly involved by how you sleep. If you sleep only a few hours a night, there is a good possibility that you will be a bit annoyed the next morning. With the Zeblaze Vibe Lite your can optimize your sleep with the insights it give you.

How many hours do you sleep? Of those hours, how many are deep sleep and how many are light sleep? With the Zeblaze Vibe Lite this is super easy to see.

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Battery Life

The Zeblaze Vibe Lite can run up to 24 months on a single battery! Inside the watch there is a CR2430 battery, which will last for up to two years. This is, for a smartwatch, really good. Of course the heavier you use it, the faster it drain, but a year on a single coin cell is worth your money.

The battery is replaceable, but I can not do that myself. I recommend going to a juwelry to have the battery replaced.


The looks of the Zeblaze Vibe Lite are really nice. I love the gold touch to the dial and the classic look to it. There are not that many features, but for the basic user the Zeblaze Vibe Lite get’s all the data you want. Personally I would like to have a heart rate monitor, like the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

For the price, the Zeblaze Vibe Lite is performing really good. There are some downsides, like the beeping noise instead of vibrations and the missong heart rate monitor, but this is a smartwatch and it is very cheap.

Zeblaze Vibe Lite


Product Size/Design


Battery Life






Software / App



  • Price
  • Design
  • Battery Life


  • No heart rate sensor
  • App looks very basic
  • Beeping notifications instead of vibrations

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