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Review: Lenovo Watch 9 – Best Classic Smartwatch

A smartwatch comes in very different sizes and designs. We have the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, the No.1 F6 and the Lenovo Watch 9! This smartwatch looks like a classic watch, but offers a lot more then just the time.

Introduction & Specifications

The Lenovo Watch 9 is a elegant and classic looking smartwatch. For those who don’t like the big and tech looking watches, this is a very good alternative. Of course there are some limitation, like no heart rate monitor or no screen to read the notifications on. Personally I still think this smartwatch is a good option for those who are looking to get more from their watch then just the time.

Model:Watch 9
Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth 5.0
Health Tracker:Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor
Notifications:Yes, viberations
Screen Size:1.5 inch
Battery:CR2032 button cell
Standby Time:240 days
Compatible OS:Android, iOS
Package size (L x W x H):13.50 x 6.40 x 1.80 cm / 5.31 x 2.52 x 0.71 inches
Package weight:0.1090 kg
Product size (L x W x H):22.30 x 2.00 x 1.12 cm / 8.78 x 0.79 x 0.44 inches
Product weight:0.0550 kg
Package Contents:1 x Smart Watch, 1 x Chinese User Manual


The Lenovo Watch 9 comes in a very simple and small box. On front we see the brand and model name. At the back we find Chinese characters, I have no idea what they mean.

Inside we find the the watch and a very small guide (in Chinese) and that is it. No charger or anything else, just the bare minimum. There is no charger because the Lenovo Watch 9 works on a single coin cell battery.

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Hardware & Design

This classic looking smartwatch does not only look but feel good as well. It has the looks of a classic watch that can easily be taken to work or a business meeting while it tracks your activity and notify you when a message comes in.

The button is very easily clickable and the glass itself is sapphire glass with 9H (hardness). This makes the screen extremely durable and protected against a bump or drop. The outer casing is made of steel, but is still light weight. I’ve had watched which weigh a lot, but the Lenovo Watch 9 is not that heavy at all.

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Is It Comfortable To Wear?

Due to the light weight, the Lenovo Watch 9 is really comfortable to wear. You almost forget it is on your wrist, until you get a new notification. The button on the Lenovo Watch 9 is not too big so it won’t poke in your wrist when you bend your hand.

I like wearing the Lenovo Watch 9. The materials are just right, the design is right and the notifications come with a light vibraton.

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How To Turn On/Off?

On the Lenovo Watch 9 we have one button, on the right side. If you hold this for approximately 5 seconds, it will turn on and the LED light, which is in the top indicator, will flash red. This indicates that the Lenovo Watch 9 is turned on. Now you can open the application, more on the app below, and make the connection.

Lenovo Watch 9 14


The app is called Lenovo Watch and it looks really nice. It is a bit childish with all the colors, but I like it. It gives all the information that I want to see in a clear way. The navigation in the app is good as well, it does not need that much explanation before you use it.

Within the app you can see everything very clearly and it has a nice look over it. There is nothing more I can wish for. Have a look yourself at the pictures below.

In the Watch Menu, you can click on Watch Maintenance. Here you get some tips to protect your Lenovo Watch 9 and keep it working in the best condition.

Are you a Android user? Click Here to download the Lenovo Watch app.
Are you a iOS user? Click Here to download the Lenovo Watch app.


What can we expect from a classic looking smartwatch? We’ve had the Zeblaze Vibe Lite already, so that might give some of the features. Let’s have a look at what the Lenovo Watch 9 has to offer.

Want to read the manual yourself? Click Here to download the manual.


The Lenovo Watch 9 is waterproof at a rating of 5ATM! This means it is waterproof and you can safely take a shower with it or do the dishes. No worries there. Just be careful when you go diving, the Lenovo Watch 9 might be damaged under the pressure of water.

Find Smartphone

There is an option on the Lenovo Watch 9 to find your smartphone is you lost it. This works pretty simple but it is very effective. You can press the button on the watch twice, quickly after each other. A short vibration is felt on the Lenovo Watch 9 followed by 4 loud beeps from your smartphone. Stop looking for it when you have to go, just press the button twice!

Lenovo Watch 9 8

Activity Monitor

A smartwatch would not be smart if it does not track your health. The Lenovo Watch 9 tracks your steps and give you a clear overview of that day. Besides the steps taken, you can start several activities from the Lenovo Watch app, like:

  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • This make the smartwatch even better! Instead of only the steps, you can measure a variety of activities.

    Sleep Monitor

    On the sleep monitor, you can see how many hours you slept. You can see how many of those hours were light and how many were deep sleep. This can give a real helpful insight in how good your sleep is. Also you can see how many times you woke up. At the bottom you find a “sleep diary” were you can say how good or bad you slept.

    Daily Mood

    Based on your sleep the Lenovo Watch 9 will give you a prediction of your daily mood. Will you be happy and energetic or more grumpy and tired? This is a fun gimmick, but add no real value to the watch. I still look at it everyday, just for fun though.

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    You can set a variety of notifications. They won’t come in with a beep or something else that is annoying. It will come in with a gentle and soft vibration on your wrist. This makes it easy to feel, but people around you have no idea you just got a notification. I would prefer a vibration over a beep at any time.

    Lenovo Watch 9 9

    Hear Rate Sensor

    There is no hear rate sensor on the Lenovo Watch 9, which contribute to the long battery life. There is a way to measure your heart rate within the app as you can see on the pictures above. When you click the heart rate sensor, it will turn on the flash of your camera and you have to place your finger on there. By doing so, it will measure the heart rate. Smart, but not so handy.

    Battery Life

    This is just great. On a single coin cell battery, you can last up to 240 days. If you are using it constantly, you have to only change the battery once every 8 months. The battery life of the Lenovo Watch 9 is really good.

    I would not suggest replacing the battery yourself, unless you are skilled enough to do so. The inside of the watch is very fragile and you could break something easily. My suggestion is to have it replaced by a professional.


    The Lenovo Watch 9 is a good classic smartwatch. It comes with almost all of the features I look for in a smartwatch. Unfortunately there are some missing, like a display to show the content of the notification or a heart rate monitor. This will have a big impact on the battery life, which is great with 240 days now, so I might get why they choose to leave those two option out.

    The design and the materials used are good and almost feel premium. The sapphire glass and the metal casing can handle a bump or drop, which is very nice seen the price of this smartwatch. The dial size is maybe a bit small for a manly arm, but it looks classy and you can wear it to your business meeting without a problem.

    Lenovo Watch 9




    Product Size/Design









    • Design
    • Battery Life
    • Price
    • Software/App
    • Materials


    • No heart rate monitor
    • Ad when opening app