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- Winning Wednesday

Winning Wednesday: GearBest Treasure Hunt!

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Deals! Deals! And more deals! GearBest is having a massive sale! Who does not want to benefit from discounts? So how does this GearBest Treasure hunt work?


Who does not love a discount day? Who does not love a discount week? GearBest is giving you 18 days of sale!! 18 days, discounts everywhere. This must be a great time for so many people. Get the goods you want, but way cheaper now. For example, there is a discount on the OnePlus 6 of 27%!

GearBest Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt by GearBest is sponsored by PayPal. There are some extra discounts if you are a new member, which you can find on GearBest.

There are three different stages of the Treasure Hunt. We start today with the “Join The Treasure Hunt” phase. Now you can play games to win FREE gifts! Amazing, isn’t it?

With the second part, you can grab mega coupons because the “Epic Deal Vault” will open from September 3rd until September 9th.

That is not all, from September 10th until September 16th is the “Grab The Final Treasure” phase. GearBest saved the best for last if we have to believe the website. Stay tuned and be aware of the last phase for the best discounts!

Good Deal #1: OnePlus 6 – 64GB

What an amazing deal this is! The OnePlus 6 with 27% discount! You can get one of these flagship killers for just €397.08. If you ask me, that is a good deal.

Want to benefit from this great OnePlus deal? Click Here or on the image below!

OnePlus 6

Good Deal #2: Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is way better if we compare it to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. I’m currently working on the review and I must say it is amazing! The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 feels so old now. If you are looking for a new smartwatch, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is one to consider. Especially seen the great discount of 38%!

Don’t miss this deal! Click Here or on the image below to buy with 38% off.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 1


Discounts up to 50%. Don’t want to miss electronic deals? Click on the link below and get a nice overview of the best discounts. For example, we have the No.1 F13 with 26% off.

Stop missing deals that you want to buy so badly. With this Electronics Tab you have all your favorite brands and products ready for you to buy. Don’t wait and regret all those great discounts.

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GearBest Treasure Hunt Conclusion

This sale is amazing. There are so many good quality products which have great discounts. We have the OnePlus 6, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro and many other big names!

The option to win free gifts is nice and always motivates me to play the games. Also, the promotions are running very long, which is nice so you can think about all the deals. Very good timing and products selected by GearBest.

Gearbest Join the GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale promotion

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