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Review: Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror – Bigger Is Better

A good rear view mirror is essential. I look in the mirror very often. I also have a dash cam on my front window to record any potential insurance claim I have to do. Now with the Xiaomi Mijia Rearview Mirror that is all set and installed in the rear view mirror!

Introduction & Specifications

When I saw this rearview mirror I was in love! I already had the Xiaomi Roidmi 3S and I felt I made my old Renault Twingo super smart! I’ve Porsche’s or Land Rovers with a dash cam and rear view camera built into the car. With this set that costs around $100 to $150, you can get the same features on every car you have!

Model:5 Inch Smart Rearview Mirror
Image Sensor:Sony IMX323
Lens:FOV 160°, F1.8, 6 Class
Processor:Mstart MSC8328Q
Display Screen:5 Inch IPS, 854x480
WiFi:802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Battery:Built-in Lithium ion Battery 470 mAh
Power:5V 2A
Working Temperature:-10 ~ 60℃
Storage:16 ~ 64GB TF Card, Class 10
Package Include:1x Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR, 1x Car Charger, 2x Bandages, 1x USB Cable, 1x User Manual


The box of the Xiaomi Mijia Rear view Mirror is big! I expected a bit bigger rear view mirror, but this is huge when I hold it. All the text on the box is Chinese, which I hoped to be in English. When we open the box, we see the rear view mirror right away. Not that you can miss it, this rear view mirror is big! There is a protective sheet over the mirror, which tells you what all the ports are.

Inside the box that is attached to the back of the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror, we find several items. We have the manual, a long Micro-USB cable, a car charger, and 2 bandages. Everything you need to start playing with the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror.

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Hardware & Design

Unpacking the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror I was surprised by the size of the mirror! It is big and way bigger than my current mirror. This is fine, but you have to get used to it. The way to attach the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror is super easy with the straps on the back and it will fit every rear view mirror. Very smart from Xiaomi.

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The camera is well placed and it will record your complete view automatically when you start the car. Just make sure the installation is done properly and you don’t have any cable hanging loose in your car. You have to adjust the camera so it will capture everything you need. Make sure you do this right when you install it so you have the camera placed in the right position the first time.

The quality of the materials used to feel good, but it is plastic. Since it is just a rear view mirror, this is fine by me. To get a more premium feeling, they could have used some more premium-feeling materials.

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The connection has to be made with the Xiaomi Mi Home app. You can configure this app on several different servers, like China Mainland or the United States for example.

I have got the app installed twice. Once in Mainland China and once in the United States. This has different reasons which I might talk about in future reviews.

When you open the app, you click on the “+” sign in the top corner and select “car-carried devices”. Here you can find the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror. When the rear view mirror is turned on, you can make the connection and start using the download feature for example.

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If you are an Android user? Click Here to download the Android app.
If you are an iOS user? Click Here to download the iOS app.

Download Video’s

There are two ways to download the videos. The first is a bit basic. There is an SD card installed in the mirror. If you take it out and place it in your computer, you can move the video’s to your computer and view them locally. This is usually what I do.

The other way is to install the Mi Home app. If you connect the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror with the app, you can download the video’s right to your smartphone. Don’t want to take the SD card out? Just download them to your smartphone and share them right away.

How To Install?

If you have the rear camera and the rear view mirror, I recommend going to a car garage to install this. That is what I did. If it comes to cars, I’m not the handiest person to install anything. The Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR or the Xiaomi Roidmi 3S went fine, but anything more…

The mechanic who installed it did a great job in “hiding” the cables. The power and rear camera cable come out on top of my front window and I can easily attach them to the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror. You can easily take the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror off with the two straps that are located at the back of the mirror.

If you just get the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror, you can install it yourself, but in my case, the power cable would hang just around freely and it is not hidden. If you are handy with cars, you can make it look really pretty.

English Supported?

Unfortunately, the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror does not support English (yet). You can translate the menu and the text on the screen using the Google Translate application. With this application, you have the option to use your camera to translate the Chinese text.

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At first, I was a bit disappointed that there was no firmware available to change the language to English. With the option that Google Translate offers, I can easily translate the language and configure the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror.

How to use?

Once set up, it is very easy to use. You just start your car and when your car gives the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror power, it starts automatically with recording. This starts a bit slower than the Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR. If you are a slow starter, it records before you drive away. For me, the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror starts up just quick enough to capture me driving away. It maybe misses 1 or 2 seconds, but after that it records everything.

If you have the rear camera installed as well, you can press the left bottom button on the mirror and you switch to the rear camera. Super easy to use that camera when you are parking. Even handier is that it will automatically switch when you put your car in reverse. The Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror will automatically go to the rear camera view.

Camera Quality

I’m happy with the quality of the video recording. It is comparable to the Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR. You can clearly see the road, the cars coming and read the numbers plate of the car in front of you. A potential accident is captured in 1080p and can give you some clear video footage of what happened. This is beneficial for you and the insurance.

Also, it is fun to make a road trip and use the footage to make an after movie. Have you ever made a road trip? Let me know!

Here is a video of the footage captured on the road:

Benefit over Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR

What is the benefit over the Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR? The video quality is comparable and the price is somewhat the same too. Where is the big win in this?

For me, there are two. The first one the ability to connect the rear view mirror to a rear camera. Now I can easily park in my car backward while having a look on the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror. No more damage to my car. The other benefit for me is that design. When I place the Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR on my front windshield, everybody who walks passes my car is able to see the dashcam. With the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror, it is harder to see. You have to look in the mirror to spot the dashcam in there and I think people won’t pay attention to that. This makes a break-in into my car less likely.

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Rear Camera Recording

What I did not expect was that the rear camera is recording everything as well when you make a drive! I wanted to look back on some footage taken, and I stumbled upon the folder: “Back”. In this folder, there is the complete drive I took, filmed from the back! Super handy if you get an accident when someone drives into the back of your car. You have the proof with the footage taken.

This is an extra bonus point for me since I did not expect it to record my drive. I thought it would only show the rear video footage if we switched it on the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror.

Want to have the rear camera too? Click Here To Buy The Rear Camera!

I recommend this! It is very nice and easy to have and makes parking a whole lot easier and it just costs €20 euros more!


This rear view mirror is big! This is something you have to keep in mind when you buy it, it is bigger than your current rear view mirror. For me, it was something I had to get used to, but now it is fine. Installing might be hard and you might need to get to a car mechanic, but when it is installed, it is just great to use it.

It is a shame that the language is Chinese and right now there is no English firmware. This makes setting it up a bit harder, but with Google Translate it goes fine and easy. Hopefully, the firmware will be released soon and we can enjoy it in English.

Using it after the installation is super easy. You just have to start your car and the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror starts recording automatically. This makes it safe for you and you capture every ride you make. Never forgot to install the camera and just enjoy this great mirror.

Xiaomi Mijia Rearview Mirror


Video Quality




Product Size/Design







  • Video Quality
  • Features (Dashcam, mirror and rear view camera)
  • Easy to attach on current rear view mirror
  • Capture everything when starting the car


  • Installing might be hard
  • Chinese language only (for now)
  • Plastic Feeling