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Review: Zeblaze Crystal 2 – Is This The Apple Watch Clone?

Aren’t smartwatches just amazing? They can do so much and make you take out your phone less and less often. I’ve had several smartwatches, like the No.1 F3, No.1 F6, No.1 F13, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Zeblaze Vibe Lite or the Lenovo Watch 9. Now with the Zeblaze Crystal 2 we have a new smartwatch and I expect a lot from this watch!

Introduction & Specifications

I can’t go without a smartwatch anymore. There are several “normal” watches in my house, but I just love the smartwatch features so much! Track my activities, heart rate and sleep all day and give me notifications, just great. A normal watch might be more classy or suitable in some situations, but for me, I will go with the smartwatch every time!

The Zeblaze Crystal 2 is a nice rectangle smartwatch with a touch button to control the smartwatch. At the back, we find the heart rate sensor, as well as the charging port. The screen does not cover the complete front, but it is a 1.29″ IPS color screen. With a IP67 rating, the Zeblaze Crystal 2 can handle some rainfall or sweat.

Model:Crystal 2
Bluetooth Version:4.0
Waterproof:Yes, IP67
Operating Mode:Touch Button
Compatible OS:Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or above
Battery Type:Polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity:180 mAh
Functions:Distance recording, Find your phone, Measurement of heart rate, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep management, Steps counting, Time
Alert Type:Vibration
Shape of dial:Rectangle
Case Material:Alloy
Band Material:Sillicone
Wearable Length:125 - 210 mm
Product Weight:0.0340 kg
Package Weight:0.1600 kg
Product size (L x W x H):24.50 x 3.50 x 1.03 cm / 9.65 x 1.38 x 0.41 inches
Package size (L x W x H):14.00 x 10.70 x 3.00 cm / 5.51 x 4.21 x 1.18 inches
Package Contents:1 x Smart Bracelet, 1 x Cable, 1 x Multi-language User Manual


The box of the Zeblaze Crystal 2 has a nice dark blue color with the Zeblaze Crystal 2 on front. At the back of the box, we find minimal information. On the inside, we see the Zeblaze Crystal 2 and a package with the charging cable and the watch bands in it. Underneath the Zeblaze Crystal 2, we have the manual and a screen protector, which is really nice to get with the product.

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Hardware & Design

The Zeblaze Crystal 2 looks a lot like the Apple Watch. I’ve had several people ask me if I was wearing an Apple Watch with Android. Of course, this is not an Apple Watch, but the shape is the same and I think that is a good thing. The rectangle shape looks good and can fit a lot of information on it, which is nice.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 11

The location of the charging port and the heart rate sensor is good and it only makes sense to place it at the back of the Zeblaze Crystal 2. With the magnetic points on the charger cable, it should be fairly easy to connect the charger. Just click it on there and you are good to go.

The Zeblaze Crystal 2 has an operation point on the front of the watch. The display does not react to your touch, but only to the button. This kind of operating mode is also used on the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It is not bad and it is easy to navigate, but I rather have a bigger point of interaction, like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

It is really simple to replace the watch bands. There is a mechanism on the watch where you can control the pin that holds the band in place. Really easy and hopefully there will be custom bands so that you can personalize the Zeblaze Crystal 2 even more.

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How to operate?

Operating the Zeblaze Crystal 2 is not hard, but not handy at all. You can navigate through the menu’s with the touch button, which is fine and it works smoothly. Now if you want to start an activity, you can to navigate to the activity menu. If you want to select the menu, you have to hold the button for 3-5 seconds! That may do not sound long, but it is super annoying to do this everytime you want to select a menu item.

This takes so much time that I rather use something else or just add the activity later in Google Fit then start it with the Zeblaze Crystal 2 app. Hopefully, they will change this in the future, but I doubt it.


The Zeblaze Crystal 2 does not run on Android Wear or any other known software. Probably Zeblaze created this software itself and it is not customizable for us. Unfortunately.

The software is limited, it does not look very fancy but it works. You will get the information you want but it does not look as fancy or finished as the software from the Apple Watch.

To use the Zeblaze Crystal 2, you need the WearHealth app, which is available on Android and iOS.

If you are an Android user, click here to download.
If you are an iOS user, click here to download.

The app is really basic and it looks basic too. When opening the app for the first time, you have three options. You can “Log In” with your account, “Create Account” if you don’t have one or “Third Party Log In”. With this option, you can use WeChat, QQ, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Software 01

Once logged in, you see your daily progress with the steps in the center and how many percent that is of your goal.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Software 02

On the second tab, you can start a “Sport”. I don’t know if you start a running activity or walking or biking? The icon is a running man, but it is unclear to me.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Software 06

With the third tab, Care+, you can add friends and see the progress, which is a nice feature.

Zeblaze Crystal 2 Software 03

The last tab is your personal tab and you can set up your account, your goals and targets. In the Device Manangement tab you can set up things like “Continuous Hart Reat”, “Do Not Disturb” or the “Theme Settings”.

Watch Faces

For now, it is not possible to make a custom watch face. There are 4 preset watch faces available and that is it. It is fine by me since the watch faces have a lot of information on it which I would like to see. It still is a downside that you can not install other or custom made watch faces.

Here are the different watch faces:


A smartwatch must have some good features now to compete with the wide variety of watches available now. Is the Zeblaze Crystal 2 really outstanding? I don’t think that the Zeblaze Crystal 2 is trying to be a smartwatch with unique features. It has everything we need and wants and it works well.

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There are several activities that you can start from the Zeblaze Crystal 2. There are enough activities to start, but not comperable with the list of activities from Google Fit. Walking, running, biking or hiking are all in there and more. Here is a list of the activities:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Soccer
  • Notifications

    Just being able to read the notifications and the content of it on your wrist is super handy. This makes me use my smartphone less and less. I can see with the blink of an eye if the message is important or that I can answer it later. I can see who is calling and decide if I need to take my phone out and answer or that I can call later.

    There is a message tab in the menu and you can see all the notifications that arrived on the Zeblaze Crystal 2 and clear them.


    The Zeblazez Crystal 2 has an IP rating of IP67. That means it is dustproof and it can handle some heavy rain. I tried to shower with it several times and it works perfectly fine after that. If it is raining, don’t leave the watch at home. Just take it with you, the Zeblaze Crystal 2 can handle it and work fine after it.

    Also taking a shower or doing the dishes is no problem at all for the Zeblaze Crystal 2.

    Zeblaze Crystal 2 12

    Battery Life

    The battery life is not super good or bad, just average. Seen the price of the Zeblaze Crystal 2 we can not complain that much about the battery life. I used the Zeblaze Crystal 2 with continues heart rate monitor on and I was able to get 4 to 5 days of battery life out of the watch. With the heart rate monitor enabled that is just average, not more than that. Without continues heart rate monitor I was able to get 2.5 to 3 weeks out of the battery, which is way better.

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    Charging goes quick and that is a big win. Charging the Zeblaze Crystal 2 completely takes around 1.5 hours. This is with a normal 5W charger. Very happy about that.


    The Zeblaze Crystal 2, the smartwatch that looks a lot like the Apple Watch. Can you name it the Apple Watch clone? No, I don’t think so. Only the size is really the same and how it works and what it can do, the Zeblaze Crystal 2 is way more limited. This is not a bad thing since the price is way cheaper too.

    The features that I want and select my watch on, are there and they work pretty well. The content of the WhatsApp message is shown and you can navigate through them. This is a requirement since I have it on my Xiaomi Mi Band 3. It makes you use your smartphone less often.

    The price and the abilities of the Zeblaze Crystal 2 are good and I think this smartwatch is helpful for a lot of people. Being able to last around 3 weeks on a single charge, is really good. Besides that you get the time, the calories burned, the steps taken, the hours slept and all the notifications with content! Who does not like that? I’m happy with the Zeblaze Crystal 2, only the way of operating should have been different.

    Zeblaze Crystal 2




    Product Size/Design









    • Design
    • Price
    • Features work good
    • Battery Life is good (+- 3 weeks)
    • Dust and waterproof


    • Software is simple
    • The controls are annoying
    • No custom watch faces

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