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Review: Utorch YL304B – Unique Controlled Bedside Lamp

Having a nightlight is really handy. You don’t have to wake up your partner when you want to turn on the lights. The Utorch YL304B might be the nightlight you want. The controls are different, but I like it!

Introduction & Specifications

Walking to the toilet with a little bit of light makes it so much easier at night. Not bumping into anything or trip and fall! We already have the Xiaomi Mijia Bedsidelamp which works really well. Can the cheaper Utorch YL304B compete for the bedside lamp title?

Light Source Color:White
Light Type:Night Light
Power Source:USB Charging
Battery Capacity:2200 mAh
Initial Lumens (1m):300
Connector Type:Micro-USB
Color Temperature or Wave Length:3000 - 3300K
Product Weight:0.3120 kg
Package Weight:0.4600 kg
Product Size (L x W X H):20.20 x 8.60 x 8.60 cm / 7.95 x 3.39 x 3.39 inches
Package Size (L x W x H):23.00 x 10.00 x 10.00 cm / 9.06 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
Package Content:1 x Night Lamp, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English Manual


The content of the box is no surprise. It is not fancy packed or give you a nice experience unpacking. It is just a brown box with a manual inside, a charger cable, and the Utorch YL304B. Nothing special, hopefully, the Utorch YL304B gives me a better experience!

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Hardware & Design

The Utorch YL304B has a perfect size. It fits on (almost) every nightstand. The controls are unique, easy and smart. That is what we need and look for in future-proof bedside lamps!

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It weighs just 315 grams and that makes it really lightweight. That is a benefit if you want to use this while camping or for a outdoor activity at night. It is completely made out of plastic and that gives it a cheap feeling, which is a downside. I rather have a more durable and premium feeling, but for this price, we can not complain that much.

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The controls are unique and work really well. I thought this might cause some issues, but I’m surprised. The way you can control the Utorch YL304B is just great and I love it.


A bedside lamp is a bedside lamp. The features and controls make it stand out or not. The Utorch YL304B does not have a fancy feature that it will turn off when your Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will detect that you are asleep, but the way you control the Utorch YL304B is really unique and that makes it stand out.

Power On/Off

All products work with a power button, so is the Utorch YL304B. There is a power button on top, but this is just to turn the Utorch YL304B on. When you want to turn it off, you have to lower the brightness to 0%. How? You can read that in the next section.

To turn the Utorch YL304B on, you have to hold the power button, which is on top, for 3 to 5 seconds.

Change Brightness

The Utorch YL304B has a unique way of changing the brightness and color. I’ve never seen it before on a bedside lamp, but I hope more products will use this way of controlling.

There is a sensor on top and it has a range of 3CM to 30CM. This is the control range. If you have your hand at 30CM from the sensor, this means that it is at 100% brightness. Lowering your hand will decrease the brightness. At 13CM from the sensor, the Utorch YL304B is at 50% brightness. Easy to control, even when you are sleepy or just want to turn on the lights at a very low level.

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Change Color

Changing the color works kind of the same as changing the brightness. You hover your hand over the sensor and instead of moving your hand up and down, you move from side to side. This will change the color of the Utorch YL304B. Super easy and even when you are sleepy, this works really well.

Battery Life

There is a 2200 mAh battery inside. This means that the Utorch YL304B can work without being connected to a power source. With the battery inside, I was able to get a good 3 to 4 hours out of the Utorch YL304B. For camping or outdoor activities, this is great. You have enough light to turn it on and off when you are awake. Just charge it in the morning and you are good!

Charging the Utorch YL304B takes around 2 hours. There is no clear indication when it is completely charged, but 2 hours should be long enough to get you going for 3 to 4 hours.


This a basic bedside lamp. It has some unique controls which I haven’t seen before. It looks cool to control the light and it is easy to operate. Even when you are sleepy, the Utorch YL304B is easy to control.

With the 2200 mAh, you are not depending on a power source. If you are camping and would like to have a light in your tent, the Utorch YL304B can provide enough light and it will work without a power source.

The looks are a bit cheap and the Utorch YL304B feels a but plastic too. Seen the price, we can not expect a super premium product, but a bit better feeling would make it better. Besides that, the controls are unique and they work really well. This makes the Utorch YL304B stand out, which I like a lot.

Utorch YL304B




Product Size/Design









  • Design
  • Battery life is long
  • Price is cheap
  • Product Size
  • Controls are unique


  • Plastic feeling

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