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Winning Wednesday: Discounts Everywhere!

Winning Wednesday will cover a lot of discounts. Every other week we try to publish the best deals for you so that you will never pay too much. Who does not like that?! Don’t forget to subscribe to our e-mail list so you will receive an e-mail when we publish something new.


Stop wasting money and spending too much while there are great sales! They can save you a lot of money and we, from, selected some great deals for you. Every other week we try to post the best deals so you save a lot of money. I personally love deals, what do you love besides deals?

Let’s have a look at the deals we’ve selected for you this week.


This week we’ve selected 4 great deals for you. We think these products get you great value for money and are cheap now. Don’t wait any longer, don’t miss the discount! Click on the links to get your deal right now.

Deal #1: Alfawise RHC5000 from €13.91 for €10.44

Shaving will be much easier! With the Alfawise RHC5000, you can shave wherever you are. This electric razor has an IP rating of IPX4, which means shaving in the shower is totally fine. With a fully charged Alfawise RHC5000, you can shave up to one hour! Never worry about it dying on you while having only shaved 50% of your face. There are 3 different heads, 1, 3 and 5 mm, so you can use the electric razor for multiple purposes.

Alfawise Sale

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Deal #2: Xiaomi Mi Box with 30% off for just €48.72 (931 pieces left)

The Xiaomi Mi TV Box is one of the greatest Android TV boxes that I’ve seen so far. The User Interface is just great and with the controller, you can do everything you wish.

You can search using your voice and it supports 4K streaming. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


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Deal #3: Alfawise ZK – G082 RGB Membrane Keyboard just €20.88 (177 pieces left)

A good keyboard makes a lot of difference. We’ve had the Alfawise V2 already, which is mechanical. The Alfawise ZK – G082 is a “normal” keyboard. With the Alfawise ZK – G082, you get a really good keyboard, for almost nothing. This keyboard has a lifespan of 5 million keystrokes! 5 million, that sure is a lot! There are multiple media keys available for you, so you can work faster and easier. If you like it, you can also play with the RGB effects that are really cool!


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Deal #4: LETV X522 with 23% off (456 pieces left)

A smartphone for just €82.65? How good can it be? For this stunningly low price, you get a 5.5″ screen, a SnapDragon 625 which gives you 1.8GHz of speed, a 16MP camera, dual sim, AND a 3000 mAh battery. That is just amazing if you ask me. There is an ultra-fast fingerprint scanner on the back to unlock your smartphone within 0.1 seconds!

LETV X522 Sale

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