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Review: Anker Soundcore Nano – Small But Great!

We’ve had the Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker and I liked the sound quality for the size of the speaker. Now with the Anker Soundcore Nano, I have high hopes. Let’s see if the Anker Soundcore Nano can compete with Xiaomi for the best mini speaker.

Introduction & Specifications

Such a small speaker must have some downsides. It cannot be top notch on all points we like to see. Where is the Anker SoundCore Nano lacking and where is it outstanding? Let’s have a look at the specifications first.

Model:SoundCore Nano
Audio Output:3W
Battery Capacity:400mAh
Charging Time:1.5 hours
Play Time:4 hours
Size:54 × 54 × 33mm / 2.1 × 2.1 × 1.3in
Weight:82g / 2.9oz
Range:10m / 33ft


On the box, which is almost as small as the Anker SoundCore Nano, we find the logo on front and some nice blue color. On the side and back we have information about the Anker company, but no specifications.

The first thing we see on the inside is the small speaker. Underneath we have another box where we find the welcome guide, a small micro-USB cable, a micro-USB to 3.5mm jack and a string to attach to the Anker SoundCore Nano. All you need is there, which is nice to see for this price.

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Hardware & Design

The materials used are good for the size and price. It feels good and solid. Anker used cheaper materials in the past to reduce the price, but with the Anker SoundCore Nano, the quality of the materials is good. The entire casing is made out of steel, besides the back/bottom which is made out of rubber to prevent it from sliding.

On top, we have a small indicator light and the charging port, which is micro-USB. At the side is a hole so you can attach a cable to it so you can hang it to your backpack or something. On the back is just one button, which is multifunctional. You can turn it on or off and play or pause your music with that same button.

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How to connect?

Connecting the Anker SoundCore Nano might be the easiest thing ever. There is only one button at the back of the speaker, which you have to hold for around 3 to 5 seconds until it turns on. Now go to your smartphone or other product you’d like to connect the Anker SoundCore Nano to and open the bluetooth settings. Look for SoundCore Nano and click on it to make the connection.

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That was easy, right? That is the only thing you have to do to make the connection with the Anker SoundCore Nano. Enjoy your music now via the speaker.

Anker Soundcore Nano 6

Battery Life

The battery life of the Anker SoundCore Nano is not great, but not bad either. Fully charged, you are able to use the speaker for 4 hours max at 70% to 75% volume. This is maybe a little shorter then I hoped, but it is not bad either. If you have the volume to 100%, you are getting less play time. At 100% I was able to get around 2 to 2.5 hours of play time, which is way shorter.

Charging the Anker SoundCore Nano takes around 1 to 1.5 hours. This is, compared to the play time, a little long.

Sound Quality

Overall, the sound quality is missing some bass. We can not expect the best from this size speaker, but a little more bass would have made the overall experience better. The sound self can go pretty loud and for this size, that is pretty amazing.

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For the price, the quality is justified and the volume is good. If you are looking for a good sound quality, this cheap nano speaker is not the one for you.


For the price of the Anker SoundCore Nano, you get a small speaker with medium sound qualities. The bass is just not enough and the battery life is too short if you ask me. If you are looking for a cheap, small speaker, the Anker SoundCore Nano is an option, but you can also look at the Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker.

The materials used and build quality is really good, especially seen the price. Just throw it in your backpack or in your pocket without worrying about damaging the Anker SoundCore Nano.
If you are looking for a better speaker, you can read about the JKR KR 1000. This speaker is bigger but way better!

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Anker SoundCore Nano


Product Size/Design






Sound Quality


Battery Life



  • Design
  • Volume
  • Price
  • Multifunctional button


  • Battery Life (+- 4 hours play time)
  • Overall sound quality is missing some bass

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