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Blog: How To Track International Tracking Numbers?

When you order something, you don’t want to wait for days or weeks to get your package. In some cases, you can track your package easily, but with all the new webshops coming up, it might be hard to track your package. There are some sites which makes it easier for you to track your package, no matter where you ordered it!


1tracking is a website where you can track orders from several websites, all in one place. Very handy and convenient. For example, if you buy technology, like the Voyo i8 Max, Zeblaze Crytal 2 or the Xiaomi Mijia Rear View Mirror, you can track your order simply with 1tracking.


1tracking is a website that can automatically distinguish different couriers, and it makes multiple order tracking possible while allowing you to access from different platforms, like GearBest, Banggood, Zuful and etc. Simple design for you to use, all you need to do is to insert your tracking number and click search.


1tracking is working with some great partners like DPD, FedEx, GLS, and USPS. For a website that is able to show that many tracking numbers, it is really convenient. They allow tracking in over 170 countries.

1tracking partners

GearBest is a new partner of 1tracking. All the orders placed on GearBest can be tracked using the 1tracking website. I love partnership and it will make it way easier for me to follow my packages.

Benefits & Features

Can a tracking website have features? Yes! 1tracking has some amazing features that will make your package tracking really simple. What are those features?

  • Multiple order tracking
  • Courier auto-recognizing
  • Order status duplicating
  • Order status updating via email notification
  • Invalid order number filtering
  • The biggest benefit of using 1tracking is that you have the ability to track in over 170 countries and with numerous carries. No matter where you are or what carrier you use, 1tracking is most likely able to track your order!

    Also, the tracking information shown can be translated into several languages, like English, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese. Isn’t that amazing?

    How to search?

    First, you have to fill in the tracking number. This can be done with up to 20 numbers at a time. No need to search 20 times, just do it in one! Once the number is filled in, click on the search button. The tracking information is now shown and you are able to translate it into the language you understand in the lower right corner.

    1tracking information window
    The black field is where the tracking number will appear.

    If you search multiple numbers, you will see in the tabs on top what the status is. There are several menus, like “In Transit”, “Delivered” or “Not Found”. This is handy if you are searching for multiple numbers at once.


    For me, 1tracking is my go-to website if I want to track my packages. I receive a lot of packages from China via AliExpress and GearBest and with 1tracking I’m able to track all of them very easily. With the many partnerships they have, they cover almost all the carriers in almost all countries. Who doesn’t love that?! It doesn’t matter if DHL, GLS, DPD or PostNL is handling the package, you can track it.

    Interested? Click here to visit the website!

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