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Review: Baseus Encok S07 – Semi Wireless Sport EarBuds

We’ve seen a lot of wireless earbuds already, like the QCY Q29 Pro, HBQ-i7, Meizu EP51 or the TWS10. With the Baseus Encok S07 we have a semi-wireless pair of earbuds, which are perfect for sports! Can they compete with the others?

Introduction & Specifications

The Baseus Encok S07 is cheap and we see that in the materials used. It has a cheap feeling but due to the price, I can live with that. The freedom to listen to music without wires is just great and hopefully the Baseus Encok S07 can compete with the Meizu EP51.

Model:Encok S07
Material:ABS + Aluminium allow + TPE + Silicia gel
Plug Type:Wireless
Cable Length:0.6m
Volume Control:Yes
Frequency Response:20Hz - 20KHz
IP Rating:IPX5


The box of the Baseus Encok S07 is small. On the front, we have a sketch of the Baseus Encok S07, where it looks like they are regular wired headphones. At the back of the box, we have some specifications, some company info and a sticker to check that you have original Baseus earbuds. Nothing special, just a simple and clean box.

On the inside, we see a small box on the left. In there we find the charging cable and the 2×2 extra eartips to make them fit. On the right, open, side, we see the Baseus Encok S07 and a manual and Chinese paper. Again, nothing special. Just the basics and nothing more. For this price, we can not expect anything fancy to be honest.

Hardware & Design

Baseus had to cut the costs on something to produce a cheap semi-wireless pair of earbuds. The materials are not the best, but it is acceptable. On the back of the earbuds, there are magnetic on the inside of the earbuds. When they are close together, they will connect to each other. Handy if you want to put them away. They don’t tangle up easy now.

Baseus Encok S079

The controller feels heavy, due to the battery that is inside, but the materials used, are cheap feeling. The buttons click easily and I didn’t have any issue with clicking them. Charging the Baseus Encok S07 goes via Micro-USB and you have to open up the flip cover that is protecting the port. This protects it from sweat and light rain too.

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Do They Fit?

Normally I have very easy ears. With the Baseus Encok S07, I have a bit of a harder time making them fit. With the extra pair of eartips, I’m fine, but it took me a few times to make it work. Luckily the Baseus Encok S07 fit me well after I replaced the eartips and now I’m able to enjoy working out without wires over my chest.

I can run 4 times a week for an hour without charging them in between. For sports or other outdoor activities, they are great. Since they are a little less comfortable, I would not use them if I have to take flights, sit on the bus long or to just wear them at home.


The Baseus Encok S07 has a control panel which has the battery inside too. On the control panel, we find a few buttons, like the volume up (+), volume down (-), the multi-function key (o) and an indicator light with a microphone in there. On the side of this control button, we have the micro-USB charging port.

Baseus Encok S077

Power On/Off

There is one multi-functional button, the o button. When you want to turn the Baseus Encok S07 on, you have to press the multi-functional button for 2 seconds. When you want to turn it off, you have to press the same button for 4 seconds.

Call Handeling

When you press the multi-functional button once, you will answer the incoming call. Want to end the active phone call? Press the button once again. Don’t want to answer the call? Press and hold the button for 2 seconds and you will reject the call.

Music Handeling

Play or pause the song by pressing the multi-functional button once.
If you want to hear the last song again, press the volume up (+) button for 2 to 3 seconds. Want to hear the next song? Press the volume down (-) for 2 to seconds.

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How to connect?

The connection process of the Baseus Encok S07 is really simple. You just have to turn it on using the middle button. Press and hold it for 3-5 seconds. When you get the feedback that the Baseus Encok S07 is turned on, go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. In this list, the Baseus Encok S07 should appear with the following name: “Baseus Encok S07” (Suprise surprise!). Simply click the name and click on the pair button. Now the connection is made and you can enjoy your favorite artist!~

Sometimes a PIN is required when you want to connect to the Baseus Encok S07. If you have to fill it in, try “0000”. Baseus suggest that that is the PIN code required.

Sound Quality

The reach is normal, 20Hz to 20KHz, and we see it with a lot of earbuds. It is not like the KZ ZS6 or the KZ ZS10, which have a way bigger reach, but the sound quality of the Baseus Encok S07 is suprisingly good.

The volume is good and the bass is nice too. It blocks out all other sounds and it gives me a nice and comfortable level of sound quality. For this price, I’m very happy with the quality. Good job Baseus! (Again! They make high-quality products, like the Baseus iX Qi).

Baseus Encok S0710

Call Quality

I tested this outside and there were cars which drove by near me and there was some wind. The quality was good and there was some background noise, but not annoying at all. My voice was very clear and the other side could hear me without any issue when I was walking outside.

Baseus did a great job and the call quality is near perfect. For this price, I couldn’t be happier with the call quality.

Battery Life

The battery capacity of the Baseus Encok S07 is not that high. With 60mAh it is on the lower side of the (semi) wireless earbuds I’ve seen. Even with the low battery capacity, the Baseus Encok S07 is able to give you around 4 to 5 hours of play time. This is not great, but it is not bad either, especially seen the low capacity of the battery.

Charging takes 1.5 to 2 hours, which is, seen the play time, a bit long.

Baseus Encok S078


The materials of the Baseus Encok S07 are not the best and that may explain the cheap price. Inside we find a 60mAh battery which lasts for 4 to 5 times. This is not the best around and without the battery case, you might need to charge it every day. Charging takes long, around 1.5 to 2 hours. If we just look at the sound quality, I’m impressed by the quality Baseus was able to produce for this price. The call quality is really good too and it is better if we compare it to more expensive earbuds. Controls are easy and it has an IPX5 rating, which is for this price good.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Baseus Encok S07 and it surprised me with the great quality. Baseus delivered an affordable pair of semi-wireless earbuds.

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Baseus Encok S07




Call Quality




Sound Quality





  • Call Quality
  • Price/Quality
  • Controls are good and simple
  • Connecting is easy
  • Sound Quality


  • Battery Life
  • Charging Time
  • Materials