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Review: Syllable D15 – Completely Wireless Sports Earbuds!

Completely wireless, no cable behind your neck but still very comfortable and they won’t fall out of your ears! The Syllable D15 might be the best pair of wireless sports earbuds I’ve seen.

Introduction & Specifications

The Syllable D15 caught my attention because they are completely wireless. Their design is different from other wireless headphones we see, like the HBQ or the QCY Q29 Pro. This design comes with a big benefit. They will stay in your ear, no matter what you do. You can run, walk, bike or fitness with them and they won’t fall out because of the ear hook. Hopefully, the sound quality is good enough to be my main pair of sports earbuds.

Functions:Answering Phone, Bluetooth, Microphone, Song Switching, Sweatproof, Voice control, Voice Prompt
Material:Metal, PC
Type:In-Ear With Ear Hook
Charging Time:1.5 Hours
Battery Capacity (mAh):70 mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery Type:Built-In
Music/Talk Time:6 Hours +
Standby time: 70 Hours +
Frequency Response:20Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity:100 ± 3 dB
Microphone Sensitivity:-42dB
Bluetooth Distance:Without obstacle 10m
Bluetooth Protocol:A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, SPP
Package Size (L x W x H):9.00 x 7.50 x 6.00 cm / 3.54 x 2.95 x 2.36 inches
Package Weight:0.0650 kg
Product Size (L x W x H):4.50 x 3.00 x 5.50 cm / 1.77 x 1.18 x 2.17 inches
Product Weight:0.200 kg
Package Content:1 x Pair of Earphones, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English User Manual, 3 x Pair of Eartips


The Syllable D15 comes in a simple brown cardboard box. On the front, we have the logo and on the sides, we have information of the Syllable D15. When opening the box, we find several bags inside. In the bags, we have the 2 wireless D15 earbuds, a micro-USB charging cable and eartips. Without a bag, we have the manual.

Hardware & Design

The Syllable D15 are mostly made out of plastic. They feel a little bit cheap and they are very lightweight. The weight is not an issue and it makes it really pleasant to use it for multiple hours. Luckily the price is not super high and that makes the plastic feeling acceptable.

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The buttons click good and easy and the connector port is covered with a lid. This will prevent water from coming into the port and protect the inside.

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The hook that is attached to the base of the Syllable D15 feels good and is a bit flexible. With this flexibility, you can easily make it comfortable for your ears.

Do They Fit?

They fit and they fit well. Because of the hook that is attached, you won’t lose them easily and that is a good thing if you are a sporter. Running, mountain biking or doing some boxing in the gym is no problem and they will stay in your ear, no matter what.

There are some extra eartips in the box as well. If you have a hard time fitting them, just replace the ear tips and you should be good to go. Another great thing is that the hook is quite flexible. If you have small or big ears, you can wiggle around the hook to hook them behind your ear.

How to connect?

You can use them in Mono as well as in Stereo mode. Just want to use left or right? No problem! Want to listen to both? No problem either. This makes it easier to use, but it might be harder to connect! Let’s see how connecting the Syllable D15 goes.

Mono Mode

Mono mode is easy. Just turn on the side you want to use and it will appear on your device as “D15”. Click on the D15 and the connection with the single side will happen automatically and pretty quick. Now you can listen to music via the chosen side.

Stereo Mode

Stereo mode is a bit harder and it took me 2 or 3 tries to get them to connect with each other. First, you have to turn on the right side and after a second you have to turn on the left side. The two sides will now make the connection with each other automatically. This might take a few seconds.

On your smartphone or laptop or what other devices you try to connect them to, they will appear as “D15”, just like above. The only difference is that the earbuds will tell you, in English, that the connection took place and was successful. Click on the D15, like above again, and the connection will take place. Enjoy the stereo mode of the Syllable D15!


There are some basic features that I like to see on a (wireless) pair of earphones. For example, I would like to be able to pause and play my music and change the volume. Unfortunately, this is not the case in all headphones, but with most, we have the required features. Like the Syllable D15 is unable to change the volume while listening to a song. Luckily you can play and pause a song.

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Power On/Off

Turning the Syllable D15 on is simple and you can already guess how it is done. Press the button for 2-3 seconds and it will automatically turn on. Turning it off goes by the same action. Press the button, just a little longer now. 5-6 seconds will do the trick and the Syllable D15 will turn off.

Syllable D15 27

Call Handeling

If you are listening to your favorite song on Spotify, you don’t want to be interrupted by a phone call. But if you do receive one, you can answer it or decline it. How?

If you want to answer the incoming phone call, you have to press the button once.
Like to ignore the phone call? Press the button twice and it will decline the incoming phone call.

Music Handeling

The same action is required to either play or pause a song. You have to press it once to pause it and when it is paused, you have to press it again once to play the song again.

Don’t like the song? You can skip to the next song by pressing the button twice.
If you liked the previous song better, you can press the button three times to go back a song.

Sound Quality

This is decent, it is not the best but I’ve heard worse as well. There is no deep or heavy bass, it is just a bit flat. But for a pair of completely wireless sports earbuds, they are or a decent level. The volume can go pretty high, which probably will damage your ears, but some people seem to like that. I keep it on a 60% to 70%, which is comfortable for me, but not too loud.

If you are going to buy them, don’t expect the best sound quality. Have reasonable expectations and you will be happily surprised by the comfort of the Syllable D15.

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Call Quality

The microphone works good and the other person is able to hear you clearly. A big downside is that the other person hears an echo and a delay of around 0.5 seconds, which is super annoying if you are making a phone call!

Another thing that might annoy you, which I had with all wireless headphones is that the call audio is only coming from one side. With the Syllable D15, it is the left side. For me, that is not a problem, but I’ve had some people contacting me on how to solve this, but as of right now, I have no idea on how to make the audio come from both earbuds.

The call quality from the microphone is fine, but the other people will have a bad time when they call you.

Battery Life

Having to charge your earphones every 2-3 hours is just annoying. Now with a charging case, like the HBQ i7 or the QCY Q29 Pro you can extend the time. The Syllable D15 does not have such a charging case.

Syllable D15 10

To be honest, the Syllable D15 does not needs such a case with the battery performing on a good acceptable level. On a single charge, you are able to listen to music or watch movies for 5 to 6 hours. For this price, around $30 dollar, the battery life is good and I did not expect it to be on this level.

Charging Time

Charging the Syllable D15 does not take long. To completely charge them, you need around 1 to 1.5 hours. This gives you the ability to use them for around 5 to 6 hours, which is pretty good if you ask me.


The sound quality might not be the best, the call quality is not good either but I’m still happy with the Syllable D15. There are points to improve in the Syllable D16 like the points mentioned, but for the price you pay, you get a nice pair of sports earbuds which are completely wireless. They are sweatproof, the battery last long, you can control your music with the button and they feel comfortable.

If you are just looking at sound quality, don’t buy the Syllable D15. Just looking for a pair of comfortable sports earbuds? The Syllable D15 are perfectly able to provide you with a decent level of music during your workout. Due to the weight, you almost forget that you are wearing them, and that is a good thing.

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Syllable D15


Product Size/Design


Battery Life






Sound/Call Quality



  • Battery life is good with 5 to 6 hours
  • Price is not too high for what you get
  • Design (wireless)
  • Controls are all there


  • Plastic feeling
  • Sound/Call quality
  • Echo when calling