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Review: BGVP DMG – Cleanest Audio I’ve Heard!

Earphones that are $139 dollars?! Can the price be justified by the performance? The BGVP DMG looks good and feels very durable too. That is not all that matters for earphones, especially the ones that cost $139! The sound quality matters the most, let’s see how the BGVP DMG performs.

Introduction & Specifications

I’ve had numerous earphones, like the KZ AS10, KZ ZS6 or the KZ ZS10. The sound quality from those earphones are good, but can the BGVP DMG top them? Let’s have a look at the BGVP DMG performance!

Drivers:4 Balance armature & 2 dynamic Coaxial composite
Impedance:28 Ohm
Frequency Response:15Hz - 45KHz
Channel Difference:<1dB
Distortion Rate:<1%
Cable Length:1.2m
Package Content:BGVP DMG Earphone, 5 pairs of silicone eartips, 1 pair of foam eartips, 2 pairs of filters


The box of the BGVP DMG looks good and has a lot of information on it. The only thing is that the information is in Chinese, unfortunately. On the front, we have a picture of the BGVP DMG and on the back, we have the specifications in Chinese AND English! If we remove the white sleeve, we get a simple brown cardboard box with the logo on front.

When we open de cardboard box, we see the beautiful blue color of the earbuds of the BGVP DMG. There is another box under the earbuds, and inside we find a lot! First, we take out both boxes and we find the cable of the earbuds underneath both boxes. Inside the top box, we only find the two earbuds, very well protected. In the box below we have 10 extra eartips, sports clips for the earbuds so they won’t fall out easily and in a plastic box 2 extra pair of filters. Super handy and I’ve never seen so many accessories with a pair of earphones.

Hardware & Design

The BGVP DMG earbuds feel good and solid. They are not too heavy, but they do have some weight, which I like. It gives me the more premium feeling and for this price, that is what I was expecting.

You have to click the cable to the earbuds, and this way feels a lot better if we compare it to the KZ earphones. The pins that stick out on the KZ earphones feel fragile compared to this method. It gives a good solid “click” sound and the connection feels solid too. Good to see that the connection method is solid.

In the box, we have a lot of eartips and extra filters. If for what reason, the eartips get lost or the filter gets damaged, you can always replace it and enjoy the great and clean audio coming from the BGVP DMG.

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The version that I have, does not have a microphone. For me, that is not a big problem and if you really need or want one, there is an option to get it. It costs $5 dollar more and for $144 you have a version with a microphone. Click Here to get it WITH microphone.

Not having a microphone can be difficult when you receive a phone call while you are watching a movie or listening to music. I don’t mind taking the cable out for the phone call and place it back in my Pocophone F1 once the call is done.

Do they fit?

Yes, by default they fit. If you have a hard time making them fit with the standard eartips, no problem! BGVP gave a lot of extra eartips with the earphones so that it will fit you, no matter how hard your ears are. There are blue and black eartips so you can customize the earphones a little bit.

They fit like earphones artists wear when they perform. This is just perfect and this means that there are no parts that are sticking out or make it look bulky. The BGVP DMG feel and fit like artist earphones, amazing.


The cable has a nice look to it and it does not tangle easy. Even if it is crumbled up in your pocket, it is very easy to untangle the BGVP DMG. At most, it took me 15 seconds from taking them out of my pocket and into my ears.


The overall quality feels good and durable. The piece from the earphone to the tangled wired part is very flexible, which will make it last longer and make it more comfortable to wear. I do not have the feeling that, even when I wear it for a year straight, the cable would break or the outer layer would come off. That is very good! Even if the cable gets damaged, it is replaceable and you can just replace the cable instead of the complete headset.

The plug is a normal 3.5mm jack and the part where the cable connects to the plug is enforced to make it last longer. Again this is a weak point when we compare it with other earphones. Definitely a good point for BGVP.

Sound Quality

The price of the BGVP DMG is high, but are the performance high too? There are some good competitors out there, like the KZ AS10.

The sound quality is comparable, but I noticed one thing that was different. The sound was much cleaner then I’ve heard before with earphones. There was no noise in the background, no noise while playing music. Everything was smooth and clean. Very pleasant to listen to music with the BGVP DMG.


Using my Pocophone F1 settings, I can play around with the equalizer option to make the earphones perform the best for any given genre. This makes it possible to listen to Classical music, Hip-Hop or House with the BGVP DMG and still get the most out of these earbuds. The bass is good and deep but not too much, it stays on a good solid level to not become annoying.


At first, I was shocked by the price of $139 for the BGVP DMG. Soon after listening I knew that this was, by far, the cleanest audio I’ve had via earphones. There is just no crisp, no noise or anything. That combined with the great audio and bass makes this a very solid and good performing pair of earphones.

Seen the price, the BGVP DMG will not be for everybody, but those who love clean audio, can buy the BGVP DMG without a problem and enjoy the great music that comes from it. The build quality is good and solid and give you a real premium feeling (which it should give for that price).

There are a lot of accessoires in the box so it will fit everybody. Very good job by BGVP. So far, this is winner for me in the earphone section.



Product Size/Design


Sound Quality









  • Cable design is really good
  • Hardware and design is great
  • Sound quality is superb and clean
  • A lot of accessoires
  • Way of connecting the cable is very solid


  • Price is high, but the quality is good
  • Only for the real audio lovers
  • Choose the right version (with/without mic)

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