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Review: KZ AS10 – Pricey But Superb Sound Quality

I can say I’m pretty familiar with the brand KZ. I’ve had the KZ ZS6 and the KZ ZS10. Now we have the KZ AS10. Let’s see how this one is different from the other models!

Introduction & Specifications

The sound quality of the KZ headphones is really good. I never had a better pair of headphones. The sound quality is so good, the built quality is superb and the design is amazing. With the KZ AS10, we get that experience again when we are unboxing the earbuds. Not only the box is just great to unbox, but the earbuds, look amazing. They look like the KZ ZS10, but they are unique in their own way.

With the KZ AS10, you need a 3.5mm jack to use them. That should be no problem on your laptop, but your smartphone might not have one. Make sure you have a converter and you are good to go! The reach of the KZ AS10 is great. From 20Hz to 40KHz! At first, I was surprised by the great reach with the KZ ZS6, but KZ keep delivering great audio headphones.

Material:Metal, PC
Cable Length (m):1.2m
Frequency Response:20 Hz - 40 KHz
Driver Type:Balanced Armature
Plug Type:3.5mm
Package size (L x W x H):14.50 x 10.50 x 5.50 cm / 5.71 x 4.13 x 2.17 inches
Package weight:0.1670 kg
Product size (L x W x H):120.00 x 3.00 x 3.20 cm / 47.24 x 1.18 x 1.26 inches
Product weight:0.0250 kg
Package Contents:1 x Pair of Earphones, 1 x English User Manual, 2 x Pair of Standby Eartips


The box of the KZ AS10 is really simple. We just have the KZ brand name on the front and that’s it. There are no specifications on there or any information. This is still one of the most beautiful boxes I’ve seen so far. You need to open it like a book and you will see the KZ AS10 earbuds like they are a trophy. Amazing.

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If we take out the earbuds, we find the 3.5mm jack cable which you need to connect to the earbuds, some warranty information and a manual.

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Hardware & Design

I’m in love with the designs of the KZ earphones. We’ve had the KZ ZS6 and the KZ ZS10 before, and they looked amazing! This is no different with the KZ AS10. The design is amazing and I just love the transparent earbuds.

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The KZ AS10 has 5 Balanced Armatures per side. This gives you an amazing sound experience and I just love listening to music with the KZ AS10. For example to the new Eminem album Kamikaze!

Besides that, they look amazing. A lot of people like the design of the earbuds and when I show these earbuds to them, they are amazed and would like a pair themselves after listening to the quality. I did not meet a person yet who did not like the design.


The model I have does not have a microphone. For me, that is not a problem, but I can imagine that you want a microphone with it. KZ made a model with and without a microphone.

Want the version without the microphone? Click on THIS link!
Want the version with the microphone? Click on THIS link!

Do they Fit?

Just like the KZ ZS6 and the KZ ZS10, the KZ AS10 fit well. There is no pain or irritation when I listen with the KZ AS10 for hours.

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I’ve had earbuds which became annoying after just 15 minutes of wearing, but with the KZ AS10, there is no problem at all. After some time I even forget they are in my ears.

Also, the hook that is attached to the cable, is really handy. This makes it impossible to lose and it makes it extra comfortable to wear.

Sound Quality

KZ keeps amaze me. The quality of the sound is so amazing. It feels like I’m wearing my Bose QC35, but these are just earbuds! The sound is clear, crisp and the bass is great. For rap, hip-hop or hardstyle, these are great. But that is not all, I tried it with different genres and they all sound really well. I tried it with classical music as well and I must say, it sounds really well.

KZ AS10 16

The price might be a bit higher than other earbuds, but the quality is way better. It is almost like I’m having noise cancellation earbuds. There are just no background noises coming through. These earbuds are totally worth the higher price.


The KZ AS10 look great. They are well designed and the quality of the earbuds is just amazing. The sound is so clear and there are just no background noises coming through. If we just look at the sound quality, I’m almost unable to tell the difference between my Bose QC35 and the KZ AS10.

I do miss the controls on the cable, but if you order the version with a microphone, that problem is solved. For now, I just love the KZ AS10 and the quality that comes with them.



Product Design




Sound Quality







  • Design
  • Sound Quality
  • Changeable cable
  • Well protected cable


  • Price might be a bit high (It is worth it!)

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