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Review: SOOCAS X3 – Smart Toothbrush, Where Is The App?

Being healthy just got a little bit easier. With the SOOCAS X3, you can now monitor how you brush your teeth! With the app, you can choose a type of brushing and the toothbrush itself will change the way you brush. The automatic timer makes it possible to brush just as long as needed.

Introduction & Specifications

It has never been easier to live healthier. Just buy the SOOCAS X3 and you will brush your teeth better, without any effort! Just use it, set the right user profile and you are working on a healthier set of teeth. Xiaomi has a lot of smart devices, the SOOCAS X3 is a product I use every single day and I love it!

Battery (mAh):1000 mAh lithium-ion
Charging Time:16 hours
Usage Time:25 days
IP Rating:IPX7
Maximum Vibrations:37200 per minute
Modes:Clean Mode, Sensitive Mode, Beginner Mode, Whitening Mode
Product Weight:0.1230 kg
Package Weight:0.6530 kg
Product Size (L x W x H):19.30 x 2.40 x 2.40 cm / 7.6 x 0.94 x 0.94 inches
Package Size (L x W x H):19.70 x 22.50 x 5.40 cm / 7.76 x 8.86 x 2.13 inches
Package Content:1 x X3 Soocare Electric Toothbrush, 1 x Common Toothbrush Head, 1 x Charging Base ( CN plug ), 1 x Chinese User Manual, 1 x Chinese Quick Start Guide


The box of the SOOCAS X3 is pretty big for a toothbrush. The SOOCAS X3 comes in a brown box, with a white box inside with the toothbrush and the power adapter in it. On the back of the box, we see some images with features, written in Chinese. Unfortunately, everything is in Chinese.

Opening the box, we see the toothbrush with Chinese text to the side explaining what is what. Opening the flip cover reveals the power adapter and the toothbrush head.

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Hardware & Design

The SOOCAS X3 feels very solid when you take it out of the box. It has a decent amount of weight, which I like but I can imagine that for some people it might be too heavy. The button, the different modes, the charging port, and just the whole toothbrush just looks amazing. It is well designed and I hope it works as good as it looks.

The downside for people in Europe is that there is no EU charger, but a Chinese one. You have to get an adapter before you can charge it.

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For the software, you need the Soocas app. Unfortunately, this app is not available in the app store anymore. You have to download the APK file, which is a risky thing if you ask me. The toothbrush itself is fine and I like to use it, but a missing app for a SMART toothbrush is just weird.

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Luckily for you, you don’t need the app to use the SOOCAS X3. All you need is this review to explain all the features and benefits of this smart toothbrush!

Different Brushing Types

There are 4 different brushing types on the SOOCAS X3. You have Clean Mode, Sensitive Mode, Beginner Mode, and Whitening Mode. Each mode has its own benefits and you have to select which one works the best for you and gives you the best results.

Clean Mode

This is a high-frequency vibration mode with 31000 vibrations per minute. This mode will increase the fluid flow in your month and eliminate dental plaque. If you need an efficient daily tooth cleaning, this is the mode for you.

Sensitive Mode

The sensitive mode can ensure efficient cleaning while having the nursing effect for sensitive teeth. If you have painful gum, implant teeth or orthodontic teeth, this is the mode you want to use.

Beginner Mode

This is sort of a transition mode if you come from manual brushing. The beginner mode has a massage effect and if perfect if you have bleeding gum or dental ulcer. SOOCAS advice to use this mode for a week when you buy it to get used to it.

Whitening Mode

This mode speaks for itself. The whitening mode has around 34800 to 37200 vibrations per minute, which is a lot! When you are using this mode, you can effectively eliminate cigarette stain, tea stain, coffee stain or other stubborn stains.

How Does It Brush?

I personally love a smart toothbrush. It helps me improve the health of my teeth and I love to use smart tech. With the SOOCAS X3, I brush my teeth more effectively without the extra effort. This mode gives a nice gentle vibration and it doesn’t itch or annoy me in any way what so ever.

The Whitening Mode is the mode I like the best and feel comfortable. My suggestion is to just use every mode for 2 or 3 days to see which one you like the most.

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The battery of the SOOCAS X3 is good. When it is completely charged, which takes 16 hours, you can use it for 25 days! The charging time is high, but the usage time is just great. If you use it twice a day for 2 minutes (there is a timer so that the toothbrush stops after 2 minutes) you can use it for 100 minutes straight.

What I do to charge it completely is charge it when I’m done using it. After 1 day, morning to morning, I take it off until it is empty again. This way I won’t overpower the battery and I get to use the SOOCAS X3 longer.


I’m happy with the SOOCAS X3 and I hope it will do better than a regular toothbrush. I don’t like the soft toothbrush head, but that is just personal taste. The different modes are easily switchable and within the Soocas App, you can control it even further. The automatic timer on the toothbrush is handy and now I realized that I always did it way shorter then suppose to.

The size is a little bit big, but I think that is because of the battery that is inside. The weight does give a good feeling when holding it, but I can imagine that for some people this is too heavy for a toothbrush.

The missing app from the Google Play Store is something I hate. You need to download the app from a safe store, and Google Play Store is such a place. I hope they will list it again or make it available from an existing app.







Product Size/Design







  • Design
  • Battery life is great
  • Premium feeling
  • Be healthier without any effort
  • Different modes


  • SOOCAS App not available in the Google Play Store
  • Brushing head is a bit too soft for me
  • Charging takes long

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