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Review: Cooltoday SD Card 32GB – Unexpected Results For A Cheap SD Card!

SD Card? Yes! On AliExpress, Gearbest or Banggood, you can buy several SD cards. I’m always a bit afraid I will get ripped off by a fake SD card which will not deliver the performance I expect. Techrvw tested several SD cards, and this is the Cooltoday SD Card. Will this SD card bring the given performance?

Introduction & Specifications

When you are buying a smartphone, camera or GoPro, you probably going to need an SD card. For smartphones, you can enlarge the storage and store more photo’s or apps on it. For a camera, it is crucial to have a top quality SD card to process your taken footage quickly. When you are on vacation, you want your adventures (diving, hiking, or any other activity) captured in good quality. With a good performing SD card, you can do that! They are small but vital!

Speed Class:10 SDHC (U1)
Available Size:31.7GB
High Temperature Resistant:Yes, 80°C


Selling items as cheap as Cooltoday is doing with the Cooltoday SD Card, you have to cut down on some things. Cooltoday chooses to save money on the packaging (I totally agree). The Cooltoday SD Card comes in a transparent (plastic) bag with a transparent (plastic) hardcover casing. In this casing, we find the SD card, with Bart Simpson on it!

That’s it! There is nothing to explain, talk about or open, that is all there is. I wished they used a little bit less plastic, but the packaging is smaller than a bigger cardboard box with a plastic filling in it.

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Hardware & Design

Size wise there is nothing Cooltoday can change about the SD Card. That is all taken care of by the SD Card Association. They decide what the sizes are and you, as a company, cannot change those. The design (looks) are available to changes and Cooltoday placed Bart Simpson on the front of the SD Card! It is fun, unique and I like the way it looks.

Cooltoday SD Card 04

SD Card Classes

There are different classes with different read and write speed. The SD Card Association keeps updating this and improving the performance of the SD Cards. So, what are the classes and what do they mean? Let’s have a look at the different SD Card classes and the meaning of those classes.

SD Card Speed Chart
SD Card Speed Chart. Source
Application SD Card Classes

SD Card Benchmark Test

A website, especially if it is not a big company like Samsung, can promise high speed in writing and reading. Can they deliver the promised speed? Do SD cards from China have the same storage amount? Let’s see if this SD Card has the same storage amount as advertised. I used an app, and this app will write an 8GB file on the SD card when the writing speed is tested, this app will read the 8GB file in the reading speed test. Both rates are measured and shown in the test results below. (All tests are run on a Xiaomi Pocophone F1)

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Write Performance

On the webshop, they promote this SD card as a Class 10 SDHC. This means the Cooltoday SD Card should be able to get 12 MB/s write speed. With our test, we were able to get 16 MB/s! Better than promoted on the website, this is a good thing!

Cooltoday SD Card Benchmark

Read Performance

Reading on a Class 10 SDHC should be maximum 30 MB/s. Are we going to top the read speed as well? Unfortunately not. The Cooltoday SD Card did good in the test, and we were able to get 23 MB/s on our benchmark test! This is a good score, and this indicates that the Cooltoday SD Card is performing the way it should!

Cooltoday SD Card Benchmark 002

Available Storage

We’ve all read the stories about people who buy an SD card, SSD, or USB stick online from China, and they did not receive what they ordered. They receive a 2GB while they order a 2TB or they receive a not working scammy product. The available storage should be between 27GB and 30GB for a 32GB SD Card. In our benchmark test, there was 31.7GB available! This means almost the complete Cooltoday SD Card is available for you to store your data on it. Astonishing!

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Write Or Read? What Do I Need?

Are you a gamer, or do you love taking photos? What do you need in an SD Card? You read about the read and write speed of those small SD cards, let’s have a look at what is essential for you in this chart. (All explained are based on video recording performance)

SD Card Speed Chart
SD Card Speed Chart. Source


When we ordered this Cooltoday SD Card (32GB), we were a bit skeptical. 32GB, Class 10 SDHC for only €3?! Almost impossible. When we received the Cooltoday SD Card, it was clear that they saved some money on the packaging, which is fine by us. It was well protected even though the packaging was very basic.

Reading all the scams people fall for from Chinese websites with SD Cards, hard disk or SSD, we were skeptical at first. Right after receiving, we did some write/read speed tests, and we were super surprised by the performance of the Cooltoday SD Card! It over delivered on the write speed (12 MB/s was promised on the website while I got a 16 MB/s score) during our benchmark test. Reading was a little less than the maximum rating, but still, we are very satisfied with the performance of the Cooltoday SD Card. Promised on the site is a maximum of 30 MB/s while we got 23 MB/s in our benchmark test.

Of the 32GB, which is the total size of the SD Card, we can use 31.7GB! This is almost 100% of the storage we can use. Insane and we are delighted with the results. This shows that storage devices are not that bad coming from China!

Cooltoday SD Card 32GB


Product Size/Design







  • Price
  • Design
  • Performance


  • Too much plastic packaging
  • No adapter included
  • Could be faster