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Microdata SD Card 32GB Review – Performance Is Surprisingly Good!

SD Card? Yes! On AliExpress, Gearbest or Banggood, you can buy several SD cards. I’m always a bit afraid I will get ripped off by a fake SD card which will not deliver the performance I expect. Techrvw tested several SD cards, and this is the Microdata SD Card. Will this SD card bring the promised performance?

Introduction & Specifications

When you are buying a smartphone, camera or GoPro, you probably going to need an SD card. For smartphones, you can enlarge the storage and store more photo’s or apps on it. For a camera, it is essential to have an excellent quality SD card to process your taken footage quickly. When you are on vacation, you want your adventures (diving, hiking, or any other activity) captured in good quality. With a good performing SD card, you can do that. They are small but very important!


The packaging of the Microdata SD Card is clear, and I like this color blue. On the back, we find some information and specifications, but nothing special. We see right away that the Microdata SD Card includes an adapter! This very handy when you want to use the Microdata SD Card in your smartphone and laptop, for example. Both the Microdata SD Card and the adapter are well protected in the plastic hardcover they come in.

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Hardware & Design

The size is not something companies can change, Cooltoday or Samsung have the same dimensions for example. The looks are free to be changed by the designers. The Microdata SD Card made me think of the Samsung EVO SD Card, which has the same setup. The company name, Microdata, is visible on the SD Card. I like the design even though it is a simple one.

SD Card Classes

There are different classes with different read and write speed. The SD Card Association keeps updating this and improving the performance of the SD Cards. So, what are the classes and what do they mean? Let’s have a look at the different SD Card classes and the meaning of those classes.

SD Card Speed Chart
SD Card Speed Chart. Source
Application SD Card Classes

SD Card Benchmark Test

A website, especially if it is not a big company like Samsung, can promise high speed in writing and reading. Can they deliver the promised speed? Do SD cards from China have the same storage amount? Let’s see if this SD Card has the same storage amount as advertised. I used an app, and this app will write an 8GB file on the SD card when the writing speed is tested, this app will read the 8GB file. Both rates are measured and shown in the test results below. (All tests are run on a Xiaomi Pocophone F1)

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Write Performance

It is hard to expect the best performance from SD Cards that come from China. I had very low expectations, but again, I was surprised by the performance of the Microdata SD Card. With a write score of 24MB/s, it is in the upper mid sector of the ones we tested here. Write speed is important if you like to take good quality photos quickly after each other or want to write away data rapidly. With the Microdata SD Card, you have a cheap but quick option.

Microdata SD Card Benchmark 01

Read Performance

Read speed is the second highest from the ones we tested (Cooltoday and Samsung). For this price, we cannot expect the best performing SD card, and with the performance tested by the Microdata SD Card, we are more than happy. In our read test, the Microdata SD Card scored an amazing 73MB/s!

Microdata SD Card Benchmark 02

Available Storage

When you buy an SD card, you want as much storage as you want. The Microdata SD Card misses 0.35GB of storage. The total available storage is 31.65GB This is acceptable, and above advertised, but we’ve seen better at the Samsung or Cooltoday SD Cards. I would personally be pleased with this amount of storage if I buy an SD card, you almost get 100% storage! Even though there are SD cards available with more storage, this is a very well performing SD card.

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Write Or Read? What Do I Need?

Are you a gamer, or do you love taking photos? What do you need in an SD Card? You read about the read and write speed of those small SD cards, let’s have a look at what is essential for you in this chart. (All explained are based on video recording performance)

SD Card Speed Chart
SD Card Speed Chart. Source


The Microdata SD Card is a good, cheap, and well-performing option if you are looking for extra memory. The write and read benchmark tests went well, and the Microdata SD Card scored well. On the SD card, we are missing 0.35GB of storage, which is a little bit more than we see in other products, but it is still very acceptable. Overall this Microdata SD Card does not only perform good, but it looks good and professional too. This is a very good option if you are looking for one.

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Microdata SD Card 32GB






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  • 0.35GB is taken by the SD card (31.65GB is available)

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