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Xiaomi AirDots Review – AirPods Alternative from Xiaomi!

Apple created an enormously popular product, the Apple AirPods. A lot of companies tried to match the success of the wireless earbuds, also Xiaomi. It took some time before they launched their competitor of the Apple AirPods. Xiaomi announced the AirDots in late 2018 and early 2019 they launched the Xiaomi AirDots!

Introduction & Specifications

Wireless earbuds are my favorite personal gadget. I love the variety of designs and functions. Xiaomi is a well-known brand, and they produce a lot of devices, so my hopes for the Xiaomi AirDots are high! Can they live up to that expectation? If I look at the specifications of the Xiaomi AirDots, I’m not blown away. They are OK, but not stunning. Let’s see if the performance will blow us away.

Model:AirDots (TWSEJ02LM)
Compatible with:iPhone, Android
Frequency Response:20Hz - 20KHz
Driver Type:Dynamic
Impedance: 16ohms ± 15 percent
Sensitivity:106 ± 3dB
Sound Channel:Two-channel (Stereo)
Music Time:4 Hours
Standby Time:12 Hours
Talk Time:4 Hours
Working Voltage:3.7V
Bluetooth Protocol:A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Bluetooth Version:V5.0
Battery Capacity (mAh):40mAh Li-ion Battery
Product Weight:0.0042 kg
Package Weight:0.0800 kg
Product size (L x W x H):2.30 x 1.45 x 1.30 cm / 0.91 x 0.57 x 0.51 inches
Package size (L x W x H):10.00 x 8.00 x 6.00 cm / 3.94 x 3.15 x 2.36 inches
Package Contents:1 x Pair of Earphones, 1 x Charging Dock, 1 x Charging Cable, 2 x Pair of Silicone Eartips


The Xiaomi AirDots come in a clear package. There is information on there and a picture of the Xiaomi AirDots. Xiaomi picked a nice and easy blue color and a clear image of the AirDots. Inside the box, we find the Xiaomi AirDots, extra sets of eartips (size large and small) and a charging case with a micro USB cable. There is also a small information sheet which gives you the basics of the Xiaomi AirDots.

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Hardware & Design

Many companies copy the design of the Apple AirPods, but Xiaomi (like others) choose a different model, and I think they made the right choice. Enjoy the popularity of the wireless earbud market now, but still create your product and design. They are pill-shaped but fit well in your ear. There is a big touch-sensitive part on the Xiaomi AirDots, which works well. It could be better, sometimes I have to press it twice or even three times before it recognizes my touch, but overall it works well.

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On the Xiaomi AirDots, you can press the touch-sensitive part without putting more pressure on your inner-ear channel. This is a significant plus since pressure on the inner-ear channel with earbuds could be painful or irritating.

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Charging Case

The charging case is not big but will charge it several times, which is handy. On the front, there is a small light, which is invisible when not charging. It will glow red when it is charging and turn white when it is completely charged. At the bottom, we find the specifications, and on the back, we have a micro-USB port.

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Opening the lid goes smooth, and it feels solid. It closes good, and there are some magnets to keep it closed when you throw it in your bag. Inside the charging case is space to store both Xiaomi AirDots. They only fit in one way, Xiaomi made it idiot proof! Good job. Placing the AirDots in the case will activate a small red light on the Airdots. This indicates that it is charging. When they are completely charged, they will glow white. Charging the case completely will take around 3 hours (from 0 to 100).

Do They Fit?

Out of the box, the Xiaomi AirDots are equipped with the medium size plugs. For me, they are fine and the Xiaomi AirDots are very comfortable to wear. Every ear is different, so in the box, we have a small set of plugs and a large set of plugs. In case the medium size does not fit properly, play around with the other plugs.

Once you find the right one, you can easily have them in for hours without them becoming annoying or irritating. Very pleasant earplugs to wear for longer periods of time.

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How To Connect?

Connecting is easy. I wish all wireless earbuds connect so easily. The Xiaomi AirDots turn on automatically when taking them out of the charging case. They will connect to each other and (I guess) tell you the status, but they do that in Chinese. My Chinese is not my strongest point, but I know they connect to each other.

Once that is done (+- 2 seconds), you need to go to your Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and click on “MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R.” This is the name of the Xiaomi AirDots pair. That’s it, and now you are connected!


Just playing music is not enough. The market is really strong, and there are a lot of wireless earbuds which offer a variety of functions. Can the Xiaomi AirDots compete and provide innovating features?

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Call Handling

When you are wearing the Xiaomi AirDots, you can answer a call by pressing the button once.
If you are in a call, you need to tap the button just once to end the call.
Don’t want to answer the incoming call? Hold one of the sides for more than a second.
If you want to discuss something without the other person hearing it, press the button on one of the Xiaomi AirDots twice to mute the microphone.

All of these options work well. All the functions worked every time I tried to use them.

Music Handling

Handling the music with the Xiaomi AirDots are limited, but it works. By pressing the button once you can pause or play the current song or video.

Power On/Off

The Xiaomi AirDots offer auto on/off. I had this function on other pairs or wireless earbuds, and it is just so easy. Take them out of the charging case, and they turn on. They connect to each other automatically, so no action from you is required.

AI Assistant

For people from China or for those who speak Chinese, the Xiaomi AirDots offer the Xiaomi introduced, Xiao, AI Assistant. Unfortunately, for people who do not speak Chinese, you can not use it. (Hopefully, they will change this in the coming updates, but I don’t think Xiaomi will).

The Xiaomi AirDots do work with other AI Assistants, like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alice. You can activate your AI Assistant by tapping the button twice.

Sound Quality

For this price, we cannot expect the best sound quality, but this is Xiaomi. They produce very well-performing products at a low price. Can the Xiaomi AirDots deliver a fantastic sound quality experience? No. It is acceptable and especially seen this price, but there are better performing wireless earbuds (they might be more expensive).

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You can make the Xiaomi AirDots perform way better by using an equalizer on your Android device. This help tremendously in my case. I used the app “BassBooster” and it is like I’m using another pair of earbuds. The Xiaomi AirDots are well-performing without this app, but they become great with this app.

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Call Quality

When you are wearing wireless earbuds like the Xiaomi AirDots, you want to make phone calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. Some of the wireless earbuds on the market are better in calling than others and the Xiaomi AirDots are a good option if you are looking for a pair to have phonecalls with.

The quality, which is most important, is good for you and the other person. The sounds come through clear and without noise as well as your voice. There is some background noise when you are walking outside, but this is not annoying at all. I’ve tested this besides a busy road and it was a good, clear phonecall. The bad thing is that the conversation is only coming from one earbud (right), which I find annoying. I prefer to have a phone call with both earbuds working during the call. Besides this one bad thing, I would totally make an important call using the Xiaomi AirDots.

Battery Life

Xiaomi informs us that you should be able to use the Xiaomi AirDots for around 4 hours (music time) and they can stay on standby for 12 hours! I used the Xiaomi AirDots on 70%-80% volume and every time I get roughly around 4 hours of music playtime. Sometimes it is 3.5 hours and sometimes 4.5 hours.

When the batteries of the earbuds are empty, it takes around 1.5 hours to charge completely, and that is acceptable. The charging case can charge the earbuds around 2 to 3 times.


Xiaomi produced a well-performing pair of wireless earbuds for a very reasonable price. The functions are useful, and they work well. I wish there were more controls for music. Now you can only pause and play music. When calling, you have more options. They work well, and the Xiaomi AirDots always accepted my touches the first time I tried.

The materials used do feel stable on the Xiaomi AirDots, but the lid on the charging case feels a bit cheap. Overall, the Xiaomi AirDots feel good and reliable for the price. The quality of the sound coming from the AirDots are acceptable but can be improved very much with the use of an equalizer. The call quality is better and, even when walking outside, it is just great.

The Xiaomi AirDots are a great option if you are looking for well-performing wireless earbuds. You get the quality from Xiaomi for a competitive price.

Xiaomi AirDots




Product Size/Design


Call Quality/Functions


Music Quality/Functions


Voice Assistant



  • Sound quality (even better with equalizer)
  • Battery life is good
  • Touch reacts well
  • Call quality and functions are great
  • Price is competitive


  • Chinese voice and instructions
  • Sometimes too much pressure on inner-ear

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