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KZ ES4 Review – Good Sound, Better Price!

Wired earphones are not old skool! In fact, I had the best sound quality ever with wired headphones! The BGVP DMG are the best wired earphones I ever had. While running Techrvw, I had some KZ Acoustics and they were really good. Can the KZ ES4 surprise me again?

Introduction & Specifications

For this price, what can you expect? In my recent experience with the KZ brand, I know they can make some great performing earbuds. The KZ ES4 is only €15! This might sound expensive for a pair of wired earbuds, but if this pair can bring the same quality as the previous versions of the KZ earbuds, this is a bargain! The specifications of the KZ ES4 are good but don’t reveal too much. Let’s see how they perform!

Plug Type:3.5mm
Pin Type:0.75mm
Frequency:20Hz - 40KHz
Package Size (L x W x H):10.20 x 7.20 x 3.50 cm / 4.02 x 2.83 x 1.38 inch
Package Weight:0.0800 kg
Weight:0.0240 kg


Like the previous KZ products we had (KZ AS10, KZ ZS6 and KZ ZS10), the KZ ES4 come in a white packaging with a outlined picture of the earbuds on front. There is some minor information on the front and we find the specifications on the back. I really appreciate the minimalistic look of the packaging done by KZ.

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Inside the packaging, we find the cable (with microphone) and the extra set of eartips. There is also a manual inside.

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Hardware & Design

The transparent design KZ uses in their earbuds are just great! I really like this design, it is different and looks really cool. On the earbuds, you have to connect the cable yourself. This can be a downside (weak point) but you can also change the cable. If the cable breaks or you want to turn it into a wireless pair (click here) you can easily do that yourself! Right now, I have the version with a microphone, but you can change this to a cable without a microphone. Super simple!

The earbuds feel really solid, as well as the cable, which has the characteristic design we saw in the other versions. The cable of the KZ ES4 is flexible but is very durable. On the cable, you have the “ear hooks” which makes it really comfortable to wear.

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Do They Fit?

Well, you have to get used to wearing the KZ ES4 earbuds, just like all the other models (KZ AS10, KZ ZS6 and KZ ZS10).

When you are used to this way of wearing, they fit totally fine (maybe you have to change the eartip, but that’s it). With the ear hook, they won’t fall out easily and you are able to walk, run, bike, or do whatever you want with the KZ ES4 without them falling out of your ears. Personally, the KZ ES4 was the least comfortable earbuds, but still, you can use them for hours. The design is different, but it makes it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time and that’s definitely a plus!


With KZ you can choose to have almost non-functionalities or buy a different cable and have way more functionalities. We have the cable with microphone here, so that means we have more options and control over our phone calls and music. If you have the version without a microphone, you have NO control and you have to take out your smartphone to pause or play a song or to accept or reject a phone call.

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So, want can you do with the controls on the KZ ES4 with a microphone?

No Mic/Mic Version

KZ makes the cables with and without controls. Just make sure you order the right one when you are buying a pair, but if you order the wrong one, no problem! You can easily order a new cable only with the microphone functionality. Gearbest offered me the version with a microphone and below you can find the controls that give you over phone calls and music control.

KZ ES4 0014

Click Here to buy the version WITH microphone.
Click Here to buy the version WITHOUT microphone.

Call Handeling

As I said, I have the version with the microphone. With this version, you can control your music and phone calls, but how?
If you press the button once while you have an incoming phone call, you will answer the cal.
Do you want to end the phone call? Press the button once again.
If you want to reject the incoming call, you have to press and hold the button.

Super easy! I like that you have all the functionalities with just one button.

Music Handeling

Just as with calling, you can also control your music.
If you press the button once, you will pause or play your song.
Want to jump to the next song? Press the button twice.
Maybe you liked the previous song and you want to go back? Press the button three times.

Again, you have all the functionalities with just one button which is really like. Great move by KZ.

KZ ES4 0012

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Sound Quality

Without an equalizer, the KZ ES4 sounds good! The bass is there, the sound is clear and I like to use it for different genres (hip-hop, classic, dance). The KZ ES4 is a great pair if we compare the sound quality to the price. I expected a good performance from KZ but seen the price of this pair I lowered my expectations. I was totally wrong! The KZ ES4 surprised me positively, even without equalizer.

Using the KZ ES4 with an equalizer only make them perform even better. Definitely is great pair if we just look at the sound quality only.

Call Quality

Because I have the version with a microphone, I can make phone calls using the KZ ES4. If you want to do that too, make sure you buy the right version!

Calling with the KZ ES4 is possible due to the microphone in the cable. When you make a phone call, you have some control like answering or rejecting a call. The quality of the call is average to good but the other person will hear some background noise. Especially when you are in a crowded or busy part of town, this could become annoying. There is absolutely no issue when you try to make a phone call at home, where the surroundings are quite.

Personally, I would prefer to switch to calling via the microphone on my smartphone when I’m outside. Inside is not problem at all, I would totally use the KZ ES4 for calling then.


For just €15, you get a very well-performing pair of earbuds. The KZ ES4 is definitely in my top 10 earbuds and not on the lower side of the top 10. For this price, they are performing really well. You cannot expect the super best performance of a pair for just €15, but KZ made it work and I’m stunned.

The design is great, the cable is durable and you can make it wireless if you want. A very customizable pair of well-sounding earbuds. Don’t hesitate, this pair is going to make you happy!



Music Quality/Functions








Call Quality/Functions



  • Sound quality (even better with equalizer)
  • Price
  • Design
  • Minimalistic packaging design (no unneeded plastic))


  • Call quality could be better
  • Way of wearing could be annoying to some people

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