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Oclean X Review – A Smart Sonic Electronic Toothbrush

Making our life smarter and trying to track our activities and steps is easy now. You have numerous smarttrackers available and now there are several smart toothbrushes available. This makes total sense! Making a toothbrush which tracks how you brush your teeth. Super easy, let’s have a look at the new Oclean X!

Introduction & Specifications

Will this be a thing that everybody is going to use in a few years? A toothbrush which is connected to your smartphone and tracks how you brush your teeth and helps you to get a better set of healthy teeth. We had the Soocas X3, which worked good but there were some point were it could do a better job. Can the Oclean X perform better? Looking at the specs, I have some high hopes! There is a nice color touchscreen and the battery should last pretty long.

Bluetooth:Yes, V4.0+
Display:0.96" Color Touch Screen
Battery Capacity:800 mAh
Standby Time:Up to 30 days
Charging Time:2 Hours
Supported OS:iOS 8.0+, Android 4.4+
Cleaning Mode:Cleaning, Whitening, Massage
Frequency:40.000 RPM/min
Twisting Force:200 gf.cm
Waterproof:Yes, IPX7
Product Weight:0.0999 kg
Package Weight:0.3700 kg
Product Size (L x W x H):24.35 x 2.44 x 2.44 cm / 9.59 x 0.96 x 0.96 inches
Package Size (L x W x H):30.40 x 7.20 x 5.30 cm / 11.97 x 2.83 x 2.09 inches
Package Content:1 x Smart Toothbrush with Brush Head, 1 x Charging Holder, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English Manual


The Oclean X comes in a long, white box with a picture on the front which is a bit bigger than the Oclean X itself. On the back of the box, we have the specifications and company details. Inside we see the good looking Oclean X and underneath we find the charging cable and the holder. Beneath the charger, we have some information as well.

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If you want more brush heads, you can buy them too! Click Here to buy 2 extra brush heads for €10!

Hardware & Design

Looking at the size and design of the Oclean X, I don’t see anything special, besides the color touchscreen. It just looks like any other smart toothbrush, which makes sense. There is no need to change the shape and form of the toothbrush. There are three parts where touch control is possible. On the screen, just like the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, there is touch control in the display. On the left and right side of the display, is a sliding touch control part. If you want to scroll up or down, you need to use the sides. A smart and easy way of controlling the Oclean X.

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Oclean X made an impressive way of charging the Oclean X. You can charge it standing or charge it while it hangs on the wall! This last option is a great way to charge the Oclean X and it looks so good! Really impressed by Oclean for this way of charging. If you don’t want to stick it to your wall, that is fine. You can easily charge the Oclean X while it is standing. A multifunctional, great looking charger!

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The bottom of the Oclean X looks good and waterproof. There is no micro-USB or USB-C charging port, just click it in the charger and you are good to go.

Display & Touchscreen

With a color touch screen, the Oclean X stands out. There is more information on it than just the battery level. You can see the current weather of your location which is a fun feature and, sometimes, handy. Your teeth will be divided into 4 sections, upper left, upper right, lower left and, lower right, on the display you can see if you missed a section or that you brushed that section enough.

This is a multi-functional screen which makes it stand out of the other smart toothbrushes out there. I really like this one and it helps me with the sections to brush better and get healthier teeth. Besides the screen, there are two touch parts next to the display to swipe up and down, super easy and this gives you way more ability to navigate through the menu.


To use the Oclean X, you need to download the Oclean app which is available for Android and iOS. When you first download the app, you need to register for an account. This can be done by Facebook, Twitter or create a new account using your mail. If you use the mail option, you need to confirm your account.

With the Oclean X, it is super easy to get healthier, whiter teeth. Click Here to improve your teeth!

There are three menus, Home, Plans, and About Me. on the Home page you see the results from your past brushing times. In the Plans menu, you can choose your appropriate plan, and in the About Me page, you can set up your account and get a recommendation for the best plan for you. You have to fill in some personal details like your gender, current teeth condition, and current teeth color.

If you want another type of plan, you can easily create your own plan in the Plan menu. Super easy and you can really make it a personal experience. In the About Me page, you also have the current status of your teeth, the Oclean X Library, with information and how to get healthier teeth tips, and FAQ. Overall, the app does not look super fancy, but work really well and navigating through the app works smoothly.

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Are you an Android user? Click Here to download the app.
Are you an iOS user? Click Here to download the app.

Different Brushing Types

Unlike a manual toothbrush, the Oclean X has different brushing types. You can clean coffee stains, have a more gentle brush if you have sensitive teeth, or you can have a deep clean. What type is best for you? That really depends on what you like and what you want to accomplish. Below are the key strengths of the brushing types of the Oclean X.


You can use this mode to remove the most food remains, food stains, plague, and bacteria. This can be seen as an “All-in-One” brushing type.


If you have coffee stains, this is the mode for you. This will provide a deep clean for your teeth and help remove the coffee stains for example on your teeth.


Sensitive teeth are annoying and can be painful. With the Oclean X, you can choose the massage mode and this is a gentle mode which takes care of the teeth and is a comfortable brush type.

With the Oclean X, it is super easy to get healthier, whiter teeth. Click Here to improve your teeth!


This mode is similar to the Cleaning mode. It will clean your teeth of waste and plague and take care of your teeth. You can choose which mode you find more comfortable to use, Cleaning or Sensitive.

Brushing Plans

There are 15 brushing plans which you can choose and activate via de Oclean App. In the table below, you find the name of the plan and the target group for that specific plan.

Oclean X Brushing PlanTarget Group:Duration:
Standard Cleaning:Suitable for people with normal, healthy teeth2m00s
Strong Whitening:Suitable for wine lovers2m30s
Super Whitening:Suitable for people who are seeking for deep whitening effect2m30s
Sensitive Cleaning:Suitable for people with sensitive teeth3m00s
Gentle Teeth Spa:Suitable for people with sensitive gum3m00s
Standard Teeth Spa:Suitable for people with sensitive teeth3m00s
Gum Care Cleaning:Suitable for people with sensitive gum2m00s
Gum Care Cleaning:Suitable of sensitive teeth3m20s
Braces Cleaning:Suitable for people with braces3m00s
Strong Cleaning:Suitable for people with periodontosis3m00s
Super Cleaning:Suitable for people who are seeking for deep cleaning effect3m00s
Standard Whitening:Suitable for wine lovers2m30s
Deep Cleaning Spa:Suitable for people with sensitive teeth and gum3m00s
Quick Cleaning:Suitable for people with tight time schedule1m20s
Gestation Care:Suitable for pregnant women3m00s

How Does It Brush?

You can customize all the plans, make your own plan or use one of the preconfigured plans. The Oclean X is really comfortable to use and if you don’t like the current plan, just switch to one what is more comfortable for you. The brush is soft to medium-soft, which can be an issue to some if you like hard brushes. Personally, it’s fine and I like to use it.

During brushing, the Oclean X will stop for a microsecond after 30 seconds, this is to notify you to change section. Easy and handy so you are not brushing too long on a certain part.

With the Oclean X, it is super easy to get healthier, whiter teeth. Click Here to improve your teeth!


Inside the Oclean X, there is an 800 mAh battery, which is good. If you fully charge the Oclean X, you can use the toothbrush for about 20 to 25 days without charging in the meantime. The way of charging is superb and I really like the design of the charger. you can use it in standing mode or stick it on the wall and this looks really artistic.

Completely charging the Oclean X takes around 2.5 hours, which is good compared to the usage time! Really happy with the battery performance.


I’m using the Oclean X now for a couple of weeks and I’m more than happy. Besides the great working touch screen and the extra information on there, weather and section information, the toothbrush itself work great too. The app, which is available for Android and iOS, unlike the Soocas X3, works good too. It is a simple app and not the most good looking one, but it gives me all the information I need and navigation is easy and simple.

The different brushing plans work great and there is one for everybody. You have to choose what you want to achieve and choose the appropriate plan or create your own plan within the app. You are in control and that is a big plus. Charging the Oclean X is easy and the charger looks just great. Overall, I cannot think of anything I want to change to this toothbrush. Oclean X is a great example of a good working smart toothbrush.

Oclean X




Product Size/Design






Battery Life



  • Touch reacts well
  • Battery life is good
  • Charger is very well designed
  • A lot of customizability in the app with plans
  • Price is high, but totally worth it


  • None

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