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Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 – A Body Analyzing Scale from Xiaomi

Losing weight is hard enough by itself. With a good weight companion, like the Withings Body+, or the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2, this becomes much easier! All your body data is visible and this makes it easier to lose weight (at least for me).

Introduction & Specifications

The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 is a great scale that shows a lot more than just your weight. Looking at the specs, you get 6 more statistics about your body! The price makes this an accessible tool to monitor your body health withing a few seconds. You can share the scale with an amazing 16 people! The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 will automatically recognize each person by their body weight and composition. Below are the specs and they look very promising.

Model:Mi Scale 2
Software Requirement:Android 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+
Wireless Connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Material:Toughened Glass
Body Data:Bodyweight, Body Fat Ratio, Percentage of Water, Muscle Balance, Fat Around Organs, Basal Metabolism, Bone Mass
Weighing Range:100g - 150kg
Display Mode:LED
Product Weight:1.2000 kg
Package Weight:1.5000 kg
Product size (L x W x H):28.00 x 28.00 x 2.20 cm / 11.02 x 11.02 x 0.87 inches
Package size (L x W x H):28.50 x 28.50 x 2.80 cm / 11.22 x 11.22 x 1.1 inches
Package Content:1 x Weighing Scale, 1 x Chinese Manual

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Hardware & Design

A scale is a scale and the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 is no exception to this. The shape is predictable and to be honest, I like it. You can clearly read the given metrics and it looks fancy and stylish in your bathroom or bedroom. There is a pressure sensor in it (of course) and this makes it read your weight accurately.

The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 is made of toughened glass which makes it safer to use. On top of the glass, there is also an anti-slip finish on it to make you stay on there and prevent falling.

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Weighing your current weight is just not enough. A scale must do more than just track your weight. Luckily, this scale has more to offer. Besides weighing yourself, you can also weigh your fruits and veggies! You get a complete overview of your body because there are different metrics tracked. Check out all features below.

What Is Measured?

You want a complete overview of your body. The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 can give you all the metrics you need. The Withings Body+ can give you some real insight, but it is more expensive. The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 is cheaper and is able to give you a great overview too!

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Here are the metrics measured by the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2:

  • Your Weight
  • Body Fat Ratio
  • Percentage of Water
  • Muscle Balance
  • Fat Around Organs (Visceral Fat Level)
  • Basal Metabolism
  • Bone Mass
  • Users

    With the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2, you can just stand on the scale and it will automatically identify. You can add up to 16 users, which is just amazing! If you have more people coming and going, than the visitor mode is something you can use too. Sharing your scale and the ability to analyze your and their body with this scale is just great and a big plus.

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    Dual Weighing Mode

    A scale for yourself and a scale to weigh your fruits and veggies? Why not get one? The Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 can do both! It is made to weigh in person but also things, fruits, and veggies! What more can you wish for? It is just super handy to have one single scale that can do both, but at the same time, you have to think of the hygienes. Make sure to clean the surface before you weigh your fruits and veggies.


    With the Mi Fit app, you can get a complete overview and insights into your bodies data. Ie used the Mi Fit app for two years with the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and I had nothing to complain. The app just works, shows the data I want to see and it is clear and easy to navigate in.

    Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 001

    With the combination of the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 and the Mi Fit app, you have a very good combination which makes it easy to see the statistics of your body and see where to improve. You might want to gain muscle, lose body fat or just lose weight in general. This is all possible with this scale and the Mi Fit app.

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    If you are looking for a scale, the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 might be the very best one to get for a very reasonable price. You can combine this with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 or any other Xiaomi branded product and combine it in the Mi Fit app. The same goes for the more expensive Withings Body+. This makes it very interesting to also buy a tracker and track your activity and your weight and other body metrics.

    The price is good, the scale looks good and it tracks everything to turn your life around and start being healthier. Knowing the Xiaomi brand for a while, I can safely say this is a solid product where the quality is near perfect.

    Starting looking at your body in a different way. Click Here to get the Xiaomi Mi Scale 2.

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