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BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 Review – Incredible Bass For A Decent Price

Wireless earbuds are just great. It changed the way we listen to music, the design of earbuds and just the overall music experience. We all really like wireless earbuds and BlitzWolf made several of them, like the BlitzWolf BW-FYE1. Now, we have the opportunity to test the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7! Can this model beat the other popular models, like Samsung Galaxy Buds or Apple AirPods?

Introduction & Specifications

Wireless earbuds are my favorite product! You see them more and more and I just love them! BlitzWolf made some wireless earbuds before, the BlitzWolf BW-FYE1, now they made the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7! Is this version an improvement of the BlitzWolf BW-FYE1? Looking at the specifications I think it is. There is an IP-rating, they don’t weigh much and the looks are just great.

Wearing Type:In-ear
Materials:PC, ABS
Waterproof Rating:IPX4
Net Weight (g):Single Earbud 5g
Net Weight (g): Charging Case 55g
Dimensions Charging Box:70*33*35.5mm
Dimensions Earbud:26*13*30mm
Magnetic Absorption:Yes
Bluetooth Version:V5.0
Bluetooth Chip:AIROHA1526P
Supported Profiles:HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Transmission Distance:33 feet (10m)
Receive Sensitivity:97db±3db
Frequency Response:2.402GHz-2.480GHz, Class 2
Battery Capacity:Earbud - 50 mAh Ploymer Battery
Battery Capacity:Charging Case - 500 mAh Polymer Battery
Charging time (h):2 hours (Charging case and Earbuds)
Music Time (h):3-4 hours
Call Time (h):3 hours
Standby Time (h):120 hours
Package Content:1* Blitzwolf® BW-FYE7, 1* Micro USB Charging Cable, 3 pairs of eartips, 1* Manual


The BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 comes in the standard BlitzWolf colors and that makes it instantly recognizable. On the outside are no photos of the product, just the model name. On the back of the box, we find minor specifications and on the inside, we find, of course, the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 and the charging case. There is also a charger cable, which is a micro-USB cable. The standard manual is there and the smiley face paper with instructions on how to contact support and how to leave a review if you are happy with the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7.

Nothing special but I do notice that BlitzWolf does not overuse plastic. This is a good thing. The packaging is done perfectly, it looks good and there is no accessive plastic. Very well done!

Hardware & Design

There are many different designs and whether you like it or not is a personal matter. The BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 looks different than all the other models made by BlitzWolf. I personally like the design where you can see a bit of the inside, like the KZ ES4 or the KZ AS10. With the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7, you can see a little bit of the inside too. The longer earbud looks good and reminds me a bit of the Apple AirPods.

The charging case is quite heavy, but hold a lot of power too. Personally I don’t mind the weight, I rather have longer battery life. This charging case feels solid and the lid opens smoothly but not too easily. Design-wise, this is a great product. Is the performance good too?

Charging Case

Luckily the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 comes with a charging case. The case itself is pretty heavy but it feels very solid. The lid opens smoothly but again this feels very solid. There are four LED lights on the front which indicate the status where every LED light stands for 25%. Compared to other charging cases, this is a big case. The case is a bit heavier and the size is a bit bigger, but the battery life you win with it is definitely worth it.

BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 004

You can charge your earbuds in 2 hours and with the charging case, you can do that for 4 to 5 times! That is a good score if you ask us. Charging your earbuds that many times without charging the case is just great.

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Do They Fit?

In the box, there are two extra pairs of eartips, size L and S. On the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 are the M size eartips. The M size is a bit too big for me and they won’t fit perfectly. I had to change them to the S size and now they are very comfortable.

Pressing the button causes pressure in your inner-ear channel which could be painful. I hold the earbud with my thumb and middle finger and press the button with my index finger. This way there is no painful pressure on my inner-ear channel.


Just playing music without wires is not enough. The competitors, Xiaomi AirDots, GoComma i12, or the Alfawise HBQ-BX, are doing more and more! There is touch control, there is extensive battery life and IP ratings flying around. What can the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 bring to the battle? What makes it stand out? Let’s have a look at the features.

How To Connect?

Companies are doing a great job in simplifying the connection process and so is BlitzWolf. They made it super simple to connect the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 to your smartphone. All you have to do it turn them on by pressing the button on each earbud for 3 to 5 seconds and they will automatically make the connection with each other. Now, when that is done, all you have to do is navigate to your smartphones Bluetooth settings and connect to the “BW-FYE7 R”. That’s it! You are now connected and ready to go.

BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 009

Call Handeling

Calling with wireless earbuds is a must. A lot of earbuds only give audio during a phone call through one earbud. Luckily the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 does not have this and the conversation comes through both earbuds! So much better!

If you click once when you receive a call, you will answer the incoming call. If you are already in a call, you will hang up the call by pressing once.

When click and hold the button once, you will switch between your smartphone and the earbuds. Handy if there is a lot of wind for example.

If you receive a call that you don’t want to answer. Just click and hold while the call in still rining and you will decline the call.

Music Handeling

Even though there is just one button, you have full control over the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7. If you press the button once, you will play or pause the music you are listening too.

Press and hold the button for 2 to 3 seconds on the right side causes you to skip to the next song. If you press and hold for 2 to 3 seconds on the left side, you go to the beginning of the song and doing this at the beginning of a song, you go to the previous song.

Pressing the button on the right side twice will increase the volume. Pressing the button twice on the left side lowers the volume.

If you press the button 3 times, you will activate your AI Assistant. ( On Xiaomi Pocophone F1 I can choose between Google and Alexa).

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Power On/Off

When you take the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 out of the case for the first time, you have to turn them on by pressing the button for 3 to 5 seconds. They will connect to each other automatically. All you have to do is connect to “BW-FYE7 R” on your smartphone. Super easy!

Now, the second time you take them out of the case to use them, they turn on automatically and you don’t have to press the button to power the earbuds on or off. User-friendly? Absolutely!

BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 0010

AI Assistant

Yes! AI Assistant on wireless earbuds! BlitzWolf knows what we want and on the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7, you can activate your AI Assistant by pressing the button 3 times. On Android, I can choose between Alexa and Google and if you use these earbuds on an iPhone, you get Siri. Super handy and you can keep your phone in your pocket! Just ask Google.

Sound Quality

It is like I’m wearing over-ear headphones. The sound quality of the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 is really good! I like to listen to Eminem, NF, and other rap artists and the bass is just amazing. The songs sound really good and the overall quality is just amazing. Listening to other genres is fine too, the quality is very good and I like the tones.

Volume is good but not too loud. At the maximum volume, you won’t get a beep in your ears but the quality drops a little. I’m impressed.

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Call Quality

The phone call comes in over both earbuds! This makes the conversation so much better. There are numerous earbuds out there where a phone call just comes in over one earbud, but not with the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7! The quality of the conversation is good. You can hear the other person clearly and the microphone works very well too. Even when you walk outside, next to a busy road, the conversation is good.

Finally, there is an affordable pair of wireless earbuds which have it all! Battery life is good, sound quality is good, looks are good and calling is good. What else do you want? This will be my pair of earbuds for a while for sure!


There are a few musts if we look at wireless earbuds. The battery life must be good, the charging case must have a good battery life, you must have some controls over the music and the sound quality must be good. The BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 scores are good on all points!

BlitzWolf is a company that I know for a long time and they make quality products, like the BlitzWolf BW-FYE1, BlitzWolf BW-P5, or the BlitzWolf BW-BR4. The BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 is another example of a quality product they created. It feels solid, looks good and it work really well.

The battery life is great, the sound quality is amazing (especially if you like bass) and the charging case is solid and can charge the earbuds multiple times. Definitely recommend this pair of earbuds.

BlitzWolf BW-FYE7


Music Quality/Functions




Product Size/Design


Call Quality/Functions


Battery Life



  • Price
  • Battery life is amazing!
  • Sound and call quality is good
  • Product feels solid


  • None!