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BlitzWolf BW-P9 Review – Small in size, Great in power!

Running out of power always happens in the worst moments. When you are traveling, in a hurry or when you want to take some photos. With a good powerbank, you can enjoy your device without running out of power! The BlitzWolf BW-P9 has 10.000 mAh inside and you can charge multiple devices at the same! What else do you want?

Introduction & Specifications

Think about the last time your smartphone, GoPro or e-reader died on you. Probably at a moment you want to use the device! I hate it when a device runs out of power when I need or want it. doesn’t matter if this is my e-reader, my smartphone or GoPro. Luckily I always my BlitzWolf BW-P5 with me, but is the BlitzWolf BW-P9 better? Looking at the specifications of the BlitzWolf BW-P9 I’m curious! Let’s have a look!

Capacity:10.000 mAh
Battery Type:Lithium Polymer Battery
Power:18W (Max)
Ports:USB A + Type C + Micro USB Ports
Input:Type-C/Micro USB Input:5V=2A,9V=2A,12V=1.5A
Output:Type-C Output:5V=3A,9V=2A,12V=1.5A, USB A Output:5V=3A,9V=2A,12V=1.5A
Fast Charging Type-C:Compatible with PD3.0 PD2.0, Type-C Output: Compatible with QC3.0 QC2.0 PD3.0 PD2.0
Fast Charging USB-A:Compatible with QC3.0 QC2.0
Certifications:CE, FCC, RoHS
Size:139 x 70 x 15.5 mm


The packaging of the BlitzWolf BW-P9 is in the typical BlitzWolf style. I like the colors and the instant recognition of the packaging. The inside is the powerbank itself, a micro-USB cable, and a guide, that’s it! Again, no excessive use of plastic or any other material. Minimalistic design, but I love it. Keep it up, BlitzWolf!

On the front of the packaging, we have the product name and on the back, we have some minimal specifications.

Hardware & Design

In general, power banks all have the same form and design. There is no difference with the BlitzWolf BW-P9. It is not that heavy 200 to 230 grams. On the front, where the ports are, it is lighter than in the back where the batteries are. This might feel weird, but you get used to it quickly. This actually makes it lighter and more easy to handle if you ask me. Compared to the BlitzWolf BW-P5, it is much easier to handle and hold.

The button on the side to turn it on works well and clicks easily. Easy to turn it on when you plugged in your device and it is not charging. The ports (micro-USB, normal USB and USB-C) feel good and solid. No problems there at all. BlitzWolf knows how to make products and the quality of this powerbank is good too.

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With a size of 139 x 70 x 15.5 mm it is super easy to handle. The BlitzWolf BW-P9 is easy to hold, does not weigh that much and feels good in your hand. The size is a bit smaller than my Xiaomi Pocophone F1, which makes it possible to keep it in the pocket of your pants without becoming annoying too. I cannot complain about the size of the BlitzWolf BW-P9 at all.

LED Light

On the side of the BlitzWolf BW-P9, we find 4 LED lights. Each LED light stands for a 25% charge inside. If just 2 LEDs are burning, you have between 25% to 50% charge left in your BlitzWolf BW-P9. Even though this is a rough measure, 25% per LED light, this gives you a clear insight. It is also a very easy method that everybody understands, right?

BlitzWolf BW-P9 005


The performance is the most important thing for a powerbank, but good features are making the BlitzWolf BW-P9 stand out. Instead of putting the most mAh inside, BlitzWolf also paid attention to the safety of the user. There are multiple protections built-in into the BlitzWolf BW-P9 which makes it a very safe powerbank to use.

The performance is great and it charges super fast when you are using the USB-C with QC option. I have nothing to complain about the BlitzWolf BW-P9.


With a Quick Charger power adapter and a USB-C cable that supports QC, you can charge your BlitzWolf BW-P9 with 18W! This means your powerbank will be ready to go at 100% in just 4 hours! This is crazy fast for a powerbank and gives you the ability to charge and go without waiting too long. If you use a normal charger, this process takes 8 to 9 hours! What a difference…

With a fully charged BlitzWolf BW-P9, you are able to charge your device 3 to 4 times (depending on your device). I used it on my Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and it worked great. Overall, the scores are great. You can quickly recharge the powerbank and charge your device multiple times before the powerbank is empty. Great work, BlitzWolf!

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When you are charging your smartphone with the BlitzWolf BW-P9, you want to feel safe. If you are charging your smartphone while camping, you don’t want the powerbank to catch fire. BlitzWolf made the BW-P9 a safe product. You are protected against the following:

– Over-charge
– Over-current
– Temperature
– Short-circuit
– Over-discharge
– Voltage-drop

For me, it is good that BlitzWolf does not only invest in the biggest powerbank. With this powerbank, you might be able to charge fewer times, but you are safe while charging and that is worth more to me than the number of charges I get.

BlitzWolf BW-P9 004


Man, a powerbank with these performances, with this build quality, and with these looks for just €20! Where are you going to find that? The BlitzWolf BW-P9 is a great product. It is small, which makes it comfortable for travelers to use and with just 200 to 230 grams, the BlitzWolf BW-P9 is lightweight and I just love to take it with me on trips. The other model I used, the BlitzWolf BW-P5 was heavier and bigger.

You can safely charge your device due to multiple safety features built-in by BlitzWolf like over-charge and voltage-drop. Don’t worry about the powerbank or your device, they are in good hands. For this price, this might be the best bang for bug powerbank. Really happy with it!

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BlitzWolf BW-P9




Product Size/Design









  • Price
  • Battery life is amazing!
  • Safety is good
  • Materials makes it lightweight


  • Weight is distributed uneven

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