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Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 Review – Smart Socket With USB Port

Having smart sockets in your house is one of the easiest ways to make your house smarter. You can remote control your lights, your TV or any other electric device. Sometimes, you can even measure the used power via a socket which can save you money at the end of the year! Lonsonho is a brand that I had never heard of before and I had to try it! Can the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 compete in the smart socket market?

Introduction & Specifications

This Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 is your standard smart plug and there are no specifications that stick out, maybe only the extra USB port at the bottom. Besides this, the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 is a normal socket. The size is a bit big and this potentially will block out a second socket. The app, Smart Life, is a great option and this is supported by different brands. With a unique design, the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 stands out, but can it stand out with its performance too?

Outlet Numbers:2
Rated Current:16A
USB Outlet:5V 2.1A
Rated Voltage:100-240V
Rated Power:3800W


The Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 comes in a very standard box. Just plain white with a picture on the front and some specifications and features on the back and the side. Inside the box, we only find a Quick Guide and the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 itself. Nothing more is needed to use and start with the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04.

Hardware & Design

We had very small and handy smart sockets from BlitzWolf, the BlitzWolf BW-SHP6 and the BlitzWolf BW-SHP2. The Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 is big! This makes it kind of annoying to use. If you just plug it into one socket and there are no other sockets around it, it is fine. When you are using it in an electric strip, it could block one of the other sockets. They should have made it smaller.

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The materials feel fine and solid and, even though it is big, I like the different design. At the bottom of the socket, we find a USB port so you can charge two devices at the same time. This is something that we don’t see that often and could explain the larger size of the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04.


If you want to use the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04, you need the Smart Life app. This is a universal app which is used by several brands. Personally, I like to use this app and it works well. The layout is easy, the options are clear and you can set up several users as your “Family Members”.

When you download the app, you can register yourself using your e-mail (which I did) or your smartphone number. Once you’ve activated your account you will go to the home page. The app will ask your permission for your location so it can give you accurate and relevant weather information. From the homepage, you have two more pages to go to. Smart and Me. In the Smart page, you can set up smart scenes and automation schedules. In the Me page, you can set up your profile, maintain your family, and go to the Settings of the Smart Life app.

Click Here to download Smart Life for Android.
Click Here to download Smart Life for iOS.

How to add the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04?

You can add the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 manually or let the Smart Life app search for a smart device. Since so many brands are supported, I recommend using the manual option. First, you click on the “+” on top of the home page. Here you select the Add Manually page and click on the first Socket (Wi-Fi) option. First, you have to reset the device to get it into pairing mode. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the light starts blinking. Connect to your wifi is the next step and when you click done, you just have to wait for maybe 30 seconds. It will automatically connect to the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04. That’s it! Change the name if needed or the room that it is in and start using the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04.

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Just turn it on and off via your smartphone is not enough. You must have additional features to succeed in the smart socket market. We already spoke about the software, the Smart Life app, which is a very good addition. Luckily the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 has some great additional features.

Smart Assistants

You can control the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT. This gives you the ability to turn on the lights with your Google Home or your Alexa Dot speakers. Also, you can create your own actions and triggers with IFTTT. It works great and it is easy to use.

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Voice Control

At the home page of the Smart Life app, you see a microphone icon on the top of the page. This is their own voice control option. If you click it, you will need to give microphone permissions to the Smart Life app. Once that is done, you can ask the Smart Life app to turn on or off the socket without clicking anything.

There is also the option to add this voice control options right to your home screen and give a command without opening the app.

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Extra USB Port

At the bottom of the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04, we find an extra USB port! This means that you can charge a device with a normal plug and attach a USB cable to the plug so you can charge two devices at the same time. Handy and definitely a great feature!


The Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 works good, the design is unique and maybe a bit too big. The Smart Life app has a lot of options. You can use the app with different brands and the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 is one of the supported devices. With the extra USB port, you can charge two devices at the same time. Super handy!

Overall, I’m satisfied with the Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04 even though the price might be a bit high for this product. There are some benefits like the multi-brand supported app and charging two devices at the same time.

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Lonsonho FLHS-ZN04




Product Size/Design









  • Extra USB port
  • Universal software app
  • Design is unique
  • Voice control
  • Smart Assistants and IFTTT


  • It is pretty big
  • Price